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Maybe We Should Take The Bus

Maybe We Should Take The Bus

I’m not sure that this is the best title for this blog but I was at a loss probably due to the fact that I haven’t had my Starbucks today!  Hopefully Peter will brave the cold and snowy trip to Starbucks and bring back some hot steaming Americano.  

I saw this and the timing was perfect to post it today.  Hope it puts a smile on your face and then you can think twice about leaving home.  Personally I think I’m staying in.   THANK GOD (and IBM and the Japanese and Steve Jobs) for computers so I can work from home on my MAC.  Or I can play Scrabble or bid on eBay or test my brain with Lumosity!

Enjoy!  Click the link below!

Make It A “Snow Day”

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Last year’s blog of the same name see “Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one”  drew  a LOT of hits, so I thought I should write an updated version.  This is not my original quote, although I wish I had said it.  Brad Paisley, country song-writer and singer is the author of that wonderful phrase.  It says so much, implies so much and inspires much.

2013 brought the usual  delights, disappointments, thrills, chills and surprises that seem to come along every year,  It was a very good year in that we were blessed with a new grandson, Thomas Fletcher, known as Fletch.  Business was better than last year and that’s always good.  I do love to travel although we haven’t done much since we bought the cottage at the shore,  we did take a trip to Old Quebec with Stacey and Matt (Peter’s sister and hubby).  That was delightful, however we really didn’t expect snow in April!

The One about Stephen R. Covey

The One about Stephen R. Covey (Photo credit: kndynt2099)

With each New Year comes the resolution to lose weight, eat healthier,  and exercise more – they’re practically universal these days.  I’m going to try to learn some Italian, perhaps switch my blog to my own domain name, work smarter and not harder which may mean delving back into Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Effective People.  And on the other hand, I’d like to win more at Mah Jongg and Scrabble lol, lol.

I’m hoping all of above is not contingent on just luck because I don’t have any black eye peas in the house and if we don’t eat them tomorrow, well you never know….and I don’t like to tempt fate!

Your book starts tomorrow (even though it’s already today) and I wish you all plenty of ink to write long and happy chapters.  Happy New Year to all my readers and followers.  Thank you for sticking around and your comments are always welcome and so very appreciated.


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I have just found the perfect Foodie gift for my Mah Jongg group or your Bridge Club or your Book Club gang.  When we play Mah Jongg it is usually on a card table and there is hardly room for the racks and the tiles let alone the glasses of wine and nibbles on the table.  I often hope that I might be able to reach another surface with my wine glass because I’m always afraid the glass of red wine will get knocked over and Oy what a mess!

In my group we set up the snacks in a convenient location but not on the table; Of course everyone wants to bring their  carrot sticks, cheese and crackers and chips to the table with them and again we have this cramped situation with either people eating off of napkins or the possibility of a dish falling to the floor. 

Well, I’ve got the solution!!! Nibble Coasters!!

Two In ONE!

Two In ONE!

Isn’t this a fantastic idea?  I love it.  It was being offered at URBAN OUTFITTERS but they’re sold out.  You can find it on Ebay  or Convenient Gadgets.  This ceramic coaster works just as well with a coffee mug and a cookie.  Fantastic!!

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TBT seems to be the rage on Instagram so I thought I would post a few “oldies” here.  Actually these pics have been posted before a couple of years ago.  But what the hey!

Kiki Berti

Little Chiara

Lori Press, Lyndhurst NJ

Little Me

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Wikipedia defines DROODLES:  The trademarked name “Droodle” is a nonsense word suggesting “doodle”, “drawing” and “riddle.” Their general form is minimal: a square box containing a few abstract pictorial elements with a caption (or several) giving a humorous explanation of the picture’s subject. 

Droodles are (or were) purely a form of entertainment like any other nonsense cartoon and appeared in pretty much the same places (newspapers, paperback collections, bathroom walls) during their heyday in the 1950s and 1960s

The following definition is in the book, DROODLES by Roger Price:  A Droodle is a borkley looking sort of drawing that doesn’t make any sense until you know the correct title.  For instance, here are some classic Drooles.

This is a clever Droodle or something from the mind of a crazy person! What do you think this is a picture of???  Please post your answer in comments.  Answer tomorrow!

Photo from Droodles by Roger Price

Photo from Droodles by Roger Price

This is NOT Two Palm Trees on a Dessert Island

This is NOT Two Palm Trees on a Dessert Island

See in the second Droodle I have helped you discern the subject by telling you what it is NOT!

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Hey it’s Monday and therefore, we should be posting some Six Word Memoirs.  A BIG BIG thank you to Susan and Heather who sent in a Six Word Memoir.  As you can see, it’s really easy-just think about life, love, kids, work, whatever and sum it up in six words, no more, no less.

1. Planning to make a transatlantic crossing. – Heather

2. And that’s my 6 word memoir!!! – Heather

3. Where in the world is summer? – Susan

4.Snowed in, soup’s on, staying warm – Me

5. Me versus MAC vs Printer-LOSER – Me

6. Mah Jongg tonight, come home Jokers! – me

Come to me tonight!

Come to me tonight!

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And it goes like this:  ” One is nice, two makes a pair and three makes a collection!  And then some…. I think we have collections that have collections!.  Some people come in and marvel at the sheer number of things we’ve managed to have, hold, and display in one apartment!  Most others always ask, “How do you dust all this stuff”?  I never answer them.

I have a category in this blog called Peter Coddles and it is supposed to be about antiques, collectibles, nostalgia and to  feature some of the many collections Peter and I have.  I’ve been really derelict about posting in this area and not sure why.  I LOVE my collections and I LOVE the stuff Peter collects, or well most of it anyway but that’s another story. Peter Coddles is also the name of our antique business.

Anyway, Murray came over the house the other day to photograph Peter’s collection of Peter Coddles Trip to New York vintage games.  This is a collection I’m particularly fond of because when I met Peter 20 years ago, he had ONE game and over the years   I bought him many various versions as presents.  We believe  he has the complete collection because for years now, we’ve not seen or found one that he doesn’t already own.  It’s really hard to display everything and especially vintage games.  We do have a few in a frame but most of the others are in drawers and boxes so by having Murray photograph them all, Peter is going to make a book.  Great idea!

 The game itself is an early 19th century parlor game.  It’s kind of the prequel to Mad Libs.  There are a lot of cards with random words on them and as the storyteller reads aloud from a booklet, whenever there is a blank in the sentence, one of the other players draws a card and reads the word to complete the sentence.  Peter Coddles is a farmer, country boy, a hick and he has decided to take a trip to the big City!  He runs into all sorts of things and predicaments. Of course you know the story can never makes any sense and induces gales of giggles all around.  Being a boomer from the last century, it just occurred to me that this game might be hysterical if everyone was stoned.  Oh well, that was certainly not the idea behind the original  innocence of this game, but it is something to consider.

Peter Coddle’s Trip to New York

St. Nicholas Series-Peter Coddles

Peter Coddles Trip to New York

Peter Coddles Trip to New York

Peter Coddles – This ONE was the first in the collection

Peter Codles Trip to New York-later edition

Peter Coddles & His Trip to New York

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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Could this be the Holy Grail?

See how easy it is to talk and think in six words or less?  And if only all Mondays were a day late just think how much better the weekend would be.  So I did receive one reply last week to my request that we do a Six Word Memoir on some aspect of our work life, which I’m going to publish today.  And then I went to the source, the Holy Grail of Six Word Memoirs – Smith Magazine, which is an online magazine and the home of the Six Word Memoir.  Right now and for the next few days the magazine is running a contest.  This time it is on Lessons  I learned at work.  You should go and read some, they are great and of course an inspiration.  I want to try this work theme again.  I know many of my readers do not have 9-5 jobs and I say Hurray hurray!!! But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some aspect to our work life or lack thereof that couldn’t be put into six words.  Won’t you please try?

Very tired, need a vacation…NOW! – Lorraine

Grow up, show up, shut up – Me

Work? Who me? Get real man! – Anonymous

Less hours, less money, more fun – Me










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Location within Hartford County, Connecticut

That Was Then

You know there are a lot of people who complain that we have become a society of keyboard krazies, communicating only thru email, texting in 3 letter abbreviations, sending emoticons to let another person know whether we’re  happy or sad.  There’s some truth to that BUT, on the other hand, the internet has opened up a world of social networking and a way for even us baby boomers to stay in touch with family and friends.  I can skype with my grandchildren, I can blog AND I can play scrabble online with a dear friend who lives 1000 miles south of me  during the winter and sails off the coast of Maine summer BUT who through the miracle of microchips and cell towers continues to play with me while even on board. Just think, she can be online on board.

Heather and I became friends when we both worked at Compass Realty in Connecticut, a hundred years ago. We were Sales Associates then and life was good “in the Valley” .  She lived in Simsbury and I lived in Avon.  We never became “couple” friends possibly because of who I was married to at the time but we shared ideas and anecdotes, kid advice and even did  a couple of deals together.  Besides the fact that she was always smiling, I have one outstanding memory of Heather.  I had to move out of my house after my divorce and moving out and cleaning up turned out to be a major chore.  I can still see Heather on her hands and knees cleaning the laundry room floor where the washer and dryer had been.  I was so touched by her help to begin with and the fact that she was tackling one of the dirtiest jobs in the house just floored me!  This wasn’t my best friend, this wasn’t family, and she came over to help and pitched in to ease the burden of a very painful day.  I know I thanked you then, but let me do so again….Thank you , Mrs. Smith!

Now why do I bring this up today? Well the story continues…. I leave my life in CT behind and eventually move to New York City.  Heather and I had exchanged a few emails over time and her daughter moved to Brooklyn.  One day about 10 years ago ( I think) she came to the City and we had a brief lunch.  It was so nice to see a familiar face in town.  Then along came My  Space and Facebook and Heather and I connected again.  She loves to play Scrabble as I do and so for the past couple of years (literally) we have been playing Scrabble online thru Facebook.  Our games would go on for weeks at a time….in the beginning we would have to postpone our games during sailing season, but now that has all changed – YAY!

Yesterday, I was helping a friend out in her Tea Room when word came to me in the kitchen that a Heather and her husband were in the Dining Room and wanted to talk to me – I thought someone wanted to make a reservation.  OMG, it was Heather, that Heather and her husband, Jeff. WOWIE! They were heading south along the Jersey Shore to meet up with one of their kids and because I’ve written so many blogs and posted so many photos of Ocean Grove, they took the time to get off the Parkway and check out the town and me. 

It was quite amazing to find Heather and Jeff standing in front of me in Ocean Grove.  They got themselves in the Grove and then called Peter at home in NYC. He told her where I was and where our little cottage was and it turned out that they were practically two doors away.  I know it gives me great pleasure to surprise someone in the hopes that my visit is going to not only surprise but please.  They were grinning from ear to ear and YES, guys your visit was so damn cool!!!

Thank you for taking the time for a detour that brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart. You are very special! 

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Love & Heartbreak Cover


And better yet what are you saying in six words, no more, no less?

Well I have only a couple of reader contributions to share with you this week:

So scared of making wrong decision – Heide

Disruptions to daily life are good – Heather

My tax return equals accountant’s fee! – me

Not very many responses this week so here’s a few from the book, Not Quite What I Was Planning-Six Word Memoirs by Writers FAMOUS & OBSCURE

Wanted world, got world plus lupus. – Liz Futrell

Yes to every date, met mate – Maria Dahvana Headley

The Hustle: turn champion into sucker. – Amarillo Slim

I was born some assembly required. – Eric Jordan

I drank too much last night. – Mary McIntyre

How about a theme for next week? As an inspiration to send in a Six Word Memoir or Story or whatever you want to call it…let’s do LOVE and relationships.  We’ve all had one or two or more…some won, some lost, some we should have never been in that game at all lol.  You can be ANONYMOUS if you choose!  As further inspiration I am posting an article that was in the NY Times last month and it is chock full of six word gems!!

What’s Your Six-Word Love Story?


Can you sum up a relationship in six words?

The readers of the Web site Smith Magazine are doing just that, offering six-word memoirs to describe both love and loss. Some examples:

Love hurts. Choose vodka or valium.

You lost me at hello “ma’am.”

Life’s like chocolates. Picked, processed, pooped.

Hearts clubbed by diamonds in spades.

Passion, fireworks, good loving. He’s gay.

But our domestic partnership was notarized….

Your new wife is too friendly.

There’s nothing sex can not fix.

Finally found love, at age 41.

Note to self: avoid head cases.

He wasn’t worth the panic attacks.

Chocolate is the coward’s bad apology.

Pet-sitting for ex-husband describes amicable divorce.

Loved her madly — then went mad.

Warning, love: I blog my breakups.

What do you think? Do you have six words to share about love, marriage and relationships? Please post your own six-word memoir below. And be sure to check out the Smith Magazine Web site for more six-word memoirs on happiness, teenagers, food and other topics.

There you have it! Please put your abbreviated succinct head and put fingers to keyboard and send it in – PLEASE!

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