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eFinley, Papa Pete, Finny

Finny and Papa Pete

The old glasses in the eye trick sent Finley into spasms of giggles.   The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because her mother used to crack up every time Peter did this for her at the dinner table.  Generational fun.

Finley, making brownies with Gigi, licking the bowl

Scraping the bowl

One afternoon I had Finley over so we could make brownies together.  She really got into it;  she poured all of the dry ingredients, put the egg in and did some mixing too!

Finny, Finley Ray, licking the spoon, making brownies, Gigi

Licking the spoon

Looking at this photo brings back memories of my own childhood.  I remember getting to lick the spoon or beaters after my mother made cookies or a cake.  More generational fun!

Starbucks, blackberry, Finley Ray, Finny

"I have to take this call"

I took Finley to Starbucks and she took my blackberry.  We often go together to Starbucks where it’s chocolate milk for her and a grandé Americano for me.

Papa Pete,Finley ray, Finny, reading

Let's Pick Another One to Read

Finley loves her booksshe reads to herself, has her favorites and of course loves to be read to by Papa Pete.

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