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I was rooting around for a conspiracy theory tonight on the internet and look what I found!  A site that proclaims to be the be all end all place to go to read about Obama Conspiracy theories, in fact the title of the blog is Obama Conspiracy Theories.

Gotta give credit where credit is due and this blog has a great post about the latest lawsuit initiated by none other than Orly Taitz and what is she suing and pursuing?  Why she wants to see a certified copy of Obama’s birth certificate.  And I thought this half -ass, half-baked theory had been laid to rest.  Guess the major newspapers are not delivered in Moldova.  Well there’s no reason for me to reconstruct this information, I’m going to re-post it here.

Queen Birther, Lady Liberty or bat-**** crazy, Orly Taitz (pictured right) can still draw a crowd.

Her antics yesterday in Hawaii generated enough traffic at The Fogbow to take the site down, as well as spawn some brief outages here at Obama Conspiracy Theories. The number of visits here doubled from the day before, and what is more significant, “new visitors” achieved pre-long form levels of 50% of total traffic.

Local Honolulu TV station KHON2 even gave a short mention of Taitz on its web site under the “most popular story” section. The station quotes Taitz:

We were able to get to the bottom of Watergate and it’s time to get to the bottom of Obama forgery-gate, or Obama fraud-gate – it’s time,

and Hawaii Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine from a letter:

You are seeking disclosure of privileged or other protected matter, and there is no exception that applies to allow disclosure to you.

Visit Dr. Conspiracy at http://www.obamaconspiracy.org/

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Scanned image of Barack Obama's Birth Certific...

Scanned Copy Released During Campaign

At long last the President’s long form Birth Certificate has been found, created, copied, exposed, revealed -WHATEVER!! So my God, what will Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin harp on now?  Never two to leave much to your own imagination, it took a few hours but sure enough here it is!

The only reason President Obama showed the world his Birth Certificate is….are you ready?? Because if you saw it published then you would be distracted from really hearing the news of the day which came from Ben Bernanke!!

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke held a press conference today to discuss interest rates. And what did we learn today once we got over the SHOCK of seeing the birther conspiracy evaporate into thin air?  Well apparently, the Feds are going to keep interest rates low because although the economy grew by 3% and unemployment rates dropped, the rate of inflation rose 2.7%.  YES, omg, this is just AWFUL and it SO awful that President Obama was able to time the release of his Birth Certificate AND arrange for the Federal Reserve to make this stunning announcement. 

And better yet, guess who was behind this all?  Well in a way, Donald Trump – at least according to Sarah Palin who is quite sure that the Donald bringing up the birther issue forced the President’s hand.  Wowie!  I’ll bet even the puffed up, side-swept head of Trump himself never really believed that HE would be the ONE.  Actually I thought Keanu was The One!  Amazing isn’t it that after all the rallies, the speeches, the harangues, the signs, the chanting about this birth certificate, that it was our (New York’s very own) Donald who brought the house down.  Oh Sarah, you half-term Governor, Vice President wannabee, how sad, how sad you are!

As for the idiot who escaped from his village, Glenn Beck, well I expect nothing less than the mad ravings of a certifiable lunatic.  Let’s see just how far this one can go.

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The "Second Revolution" flag, first ...

The Second Revolution Flag

I am continuing with the format of exposing and/or bringing to light some of the myriad conspiracy theories that abound – most especially within the Tea Party movement.   They (the Tea Party) make it so easy for me – there are lots of articles out there about their conspiracy theories and most recently about the distancing between that fringe group and the core membership of the Republican Party.

I’ve copied and pasted the first paragraph of the article written in The Atlantic Wire and below that is the link to the entire article.

“The Tea Party movement proudly boasts an anti-establishment, anti-incumbent, small-government worldview. But, as a movement, it continues to struggle with its conspiracy-minded roots. Andrew Breitbart and other conservatives recently rejected a high-profile birther speech at the first Tea Party convention in Nashville. There, the tension between the Tea Party’s mainstream political ambitions and its vocal, conspiracy-theorist fringe was on full display. Clearly, the conspiracy theorists do not make up the whole of the Tea Party, but they are just as clearly a force within the movement. Why is this strain so strong?”

The rest of the article is below:

Probing the Tea Party’s Conspiracy Theorist Fringe – The Atlantic Wire.

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