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Every year I make some time to stroll along Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue and gaze (read gawk) and admire the beautiful holiday window displays in The City’s famous department stores.  This is a real annual Christmas tradition in the Big Apple.  Velvet ropes guide the long lines past the amazing, creative dioramas and mechanical scenes.  The competition for the BEST display windows is always intense, but during Christmas time, it’s fierce.  The themes are varied;  Some stores like Macy’s and Lord & Taylor  often gear their windows to appeal to children.  Bloomingdales and Saks seem to blend child-like appeal with current events and yet add enough sophistication to charm adults.  When you get to Bergdorf Goodman’s, be prepared to be dazzled!  The tall windows of Bergdorf’s are usually spectacular, over the top and definitely designed for their clientele.  That goes for Tiffany’s also – this year their windows are literally dazzling – think diamonds!

While many of my readers live in the Tri-State area and many make the seasonal trek to the big City to shop, look at The Tree and ice skaters in Rockefeller Center and take in the Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall, and check out the windows, many of you cannot.   So if you can’t come to the Windows, the windows will come to you.   Check out this short video featuring just a few of the  splendorific holiday displays.


Saks Fifth Avenue is bringing fairy tale princesses to life with the likes of Cinderella and Rapunzel.

Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair

Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair

Lord & Taylor is featuring  an enchanted mansion replete with fairies and butterflies.

Enchanted Christmas

Enchanted Christmas

Bloomingdales  wasn’t in that video, so here’s a peek at their artful design. If you log onto their mobile site, using your smartphone you can play interactive games with the window display and win prizes!

Bloomingdales - You Can Play Too!

Bloomingdales – You Can Play Too!

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It’s Sunday and FAB FOTO FRIDAY didn’t take place on time (again!) BUT YET I DO have some fantastic photos to share with everyone.  Murray, Pbenjay’s Blog’s resident photographer went to Central Park and visited The Conservatory Gardens which are located in the northern end of the park between East 104th St to 106th St.  The grand entrance to this part of Manhattan’s verdant jewel is framed by a gate which was part of the former Vanderbilt mansion that stood on present site of Bergdorf Goodman, the width of which stretched from East 57th to 58th St.  The gates, then as now, guarded the entrance to a beautiful garden.  Step into The Conservatory Gardens with me and through the magical macro lens of Murray’s camera, we’ll see Mother Nature up close and personal.

hornet, bumble bee, pink rose, Central Park, Conservatory Gardens

Honey Bee perched on a rose petal

butterfly, Central Park, Conservatory Garden

Madame Butterfly

bumble bee, bee, Central Park, Conservatory  Garden

Bee Cosying Up to a Yellow Flower

green fly, leaf, Central Park, Conservatory Gardens

Monochromatic Mother Nature

yellow-jackete wasp, flower stem

Yellow-Jacketed Wasp Scaling A Stem

snow pearl butterfly, Central Park, Conservatory Gardens

Snow Pearl Butterfly

lady bug, Central Park,

Lady Bug on a Leaf

Bumble bee, purple flower, rapid bee wings

Bzzz bzzz bzzz

Central Park,  hornet, bee

Hornet Wating to be Seated for Dinner

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

Aren’t these just amazing pictures?  It was hard to pick just a few to show you, so I hope to be publish more in a future blog.  I tried to think of which one I liked the best and couldn’t begin to decide.  Even if I had to pick only from this bunch, I’m not sure, but I might say the Bzz Bzzz bzzz really did it for me with the wings caught in motion to the point where for a moment you think you are watching a video!! And then this last photo was just magnificent;  I had about 4 tag lines for it and couldn’t decide what sounded better.  Soooo I’m offering everyone a chance to send in a new caption for the bee inside the purple flower.  Please send as a comment to this post or send me an email.  I’ll publish the entries next week.

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