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Several weeks ago I received a message from Emily, informing me that my dear but distant friend, Heide was going to be visiting in New York.  Emily thought it would be wonderful to surprise Heide with a get-together with the four of us.  I whole-heartedly agreed and only had a few twinges of wondering why Heide herself didn’t let me know she was coming to New York.  I made a plan with Emily to meet for brunch on the day after we returned home from Florida.

We decided that brunch on Sunday would work if I could find a place within walking distance of Grand Central as they would be coming in from Westchester.  Cibo was the perfect choice!  I made the reservations and communicated the details to Emily through Facebook.

As it turned out, the night after Christmas Heide sent me an email telling me of her presence in town and hoping we could get together.  I didn’t see this email until we were on the train heading home.  Of course I never read it on Boxing Day because if you’ve been reading this blog you know that night turned out to be a major game night in Florida.  I thought about writing back and making up a story like we could be available Sunday evening and thereby throwing her off from any suspicion.  Emily had told her that they were going to have brunch with friends of hers but wouldn’t say who it was.  Peter advised me not to reply at all so I just ignored her email.

Peter and I arrived early at Cibo and picked out a large booth where  I knew we would be able to chat away with some privacy.  I was so excited, I hadn’t seen Heide in a couple of years and missed her.  When she lived in Ocean Grove, it was so easy to just drop by her house or have her over.  We had this great European tradition whereby if she ate with us and I sent something home with her, I could expect the dish or container returned with something special that she had cooked.  And vice versa!  

The hours flew by at the restaurant, some spent catching up and just picking up where we left off;  Time and distance does not affect true friendship.   Thank you Emily for sharing your visit with Heide with us, we loved seeing you both.

I understand I have a faithful follower who lives in California and Belgium and so this one’s for you, Heide!!

Heide and Emily

Heide and Emily

New Year - Old Friends  Brunch at Cibo

New Year – Old Friends
Brunch at Cibo

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