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Several weeks ago I received a message from Emily, informing me that my dear but distant friend, Heide was going to be visiting in New York.  Emily thought it would be wonderful to surprise Heide with a get-together with the four of us.  I whole-heartedly agreed and only had a few twinges of wondering why Heide herself didn’t let me know she was coming to New York.  I made a plan with Emily to meet for brunch on the day after we returned home from Florida.

We decided that brunch on Sunday would work if I could find a place within walking distance of Grand Central as they would be coming in from Westchester.  Cibo was the perfect choice!  I made the reservations and communicated the details to Emily through Facebook.

As it turned out, the night after Christmas Heide sent me an email telling me of her presence in town and hoping we could get together.  I didn’t see this email until we were on the train heading home.  Of course I never read it on Boxing Day because if you’ve been reading this blog you know that night turned out to be a major game night in Florida.  I thought about writing back and making up a story like we could be available Sunday evening and thereby throwing her off from any suspicion.  Emily had told her that they were going to have brunch with friends of hers but wouldn’t say who it was.  Peter advised me not to reply at all so I just ignored her email.

Peter and I arrived early at Cibo and picked out a large booth where  I knew we would be able to chat away with some privacy.  I was so excited, I hadn’t seen Heide in a couple of years and missed her.  When she lived in Ocean Grove, it was so easy to just drop by her house or have her over.  We had this great European tradition whereby if she ate with us and I sent something home with her, I could expect the dish or container returned with something special that she had cooked.  And vice versa!  

The hours flew by at the restaurant, some spent catching up and just picking up where we left off;  Time and distance does not affect true friendship.   Thank you Emily for sharing your visit with Heide with us, we loved seeing you both.

I understand I have a faithful follower who lives in California and Belgium and so this one’s for you, Heide!!

Heide and Emily

Heide and Emily

New Year - Old Friends  Brunch at Cibo

New Year – Old Friends
Brunch at Cibo

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Colum McCann at the International Forum on the...

Colum McCann

It’s Monday and therefore we have to really THINK about expressing ourselves, our lives, and whatever else in the way of theme I throw at you!  Last week I suggested that we use the holidays that were upon us as possible inspiration to summing up life in six words, no more, no less and this is what we’ve come up with:

Contemplating where we go from here – Susan Celtic Lady

Friends, fabulous Seder dinner, free haircut – Heide

Yellow peeps, purple chickens don’t exist – Spinny Liberal

Let’s be happy while we’re here. – Heather

Easter: Jesus and Peeps-Resurrect fertility – Spinny Liberal

Easter Parade: A mile of smiles – Me

Easter Sunday-Eggsactly what I expected! – Me

Well that was fun!  And while I’m thinking of a theme for next week, I want to share with you some more of the wonderful Six Word Memoirs from the book,   Not Quite What I  Was Planning-Six Word Memoirs by writers Famous & Obscure.

Study mathematics. Marry slut. Sum bad. – Don Robinson

Took scenic route, got in late – Will Blythe

Raised Jehovah’s Witness. Excommunicated at 22 – Kyria Abrahams

I like big butts, can’t lie – Dave Buss

I’m enjoying even this downward dance – Colum McCann

Without ideas, intelligence could not exist – Ornette Coleman

How about after we have all gorged on matzoh brie, brisket, ham, hot cross buns, and chocolate bunnies and surely DIET is a word being bandied about in many  a household – that we make next week’s theme about food or denial thereof.  If you’re blessed with a great metabolism and the personal conviction to work out to stay in shape or you love food, love to cook, love to eat or kvell when dieting- give it to us in SIX WORDS!  Maybe it’s a taste from your childhood, maybe it’s a gourmet meal in a top chef’s restaurant, maybe it’s just the smell of bread or cookies baking.  Whatever it is, please send it in Six Words, No More, No Less.

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Statue of Hemingway by José Villa Soberón, El ...

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It’s a new year full of resolutions, expectations and I hope a new wave of participation from my readers in the weekly Six Word Memoir challenge.  I’m very pleased to have a few faithful contributors and would welcome many more!!!

Think about your life in general, your dreams, wishes, past mistakes and best achievements.  Can you distill your thoughts into just six words, no more, no less.  Channel your Ernest Hemingway and see what happens.

Very grateful for so many things – Gail

Osterperose -Spread the word-FORTEO works – Heide

Well, let’s hope for the best – Weez

Cancer is not contagious, fear is – Me

And from the “book”:

College was fun, Damn student loans – Randy Boland

Semicolons; I use them to excess – Iris Page

God chose, Said no. Now what? – Adam Blackman

Time heals all wounds, not quite – Jonathan Miles


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Coat of arms of Munich

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With Christmas fast approaching and New Year‘s not far behind, the readers entries to our weekly Six Word Memoir challenge seem to be taking on a tone of the season.  And why not?

When I’m retired, I’ll have time! – Susan Celtic Lady

Oostende, Linz, Saltzburg, Munich; decisions, decisions – Heide

NEW YEAR welcomes four innovative seasons – Karen

My job made me physically ill – Weez

Oh Holy Night” makes me cry – Me

And to continue sharing excerpts from the book, Not Quite What I Was Planning Six Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure.

Wolf she cried. No one listenedMay Lee

All day I dream about sex – GuroTupchileshtoff

I still make coffee for two – Zak Nelson

I like girls. Girls like boys – Andrea Dela Cruz

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Illustration depicting thought.

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Thank you (you know who you are) for bailing me out after my whining last week!  Great response to my weekly request for contributions to the Six Word Project every Monday.  They are as always terrific to read and speculate what your thought process was to produce it.

Planning another royal wedding! Oh my!! – Heather

Holiday festivities get earlier and earlier – Gail

Any pictures of the new baby? Susan Celtic Lady

Really missing the sound of laughter – Weez

Economics rule-Emily decided on Florida – Heide

Talking to myself more these days – Me

And a few from the book, Not Quite What I Was Planning-Six Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure.

I asked. They answered. I wrote. – Sebastion Junger

Extremely responsible, secretly longed for spontaneity – Sabra Jennings

Joined army. Came out. Got booted. – Johan Baumeister

Almost a victim of my family – Chuck Sangster

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Six-Word Memoir book cover image

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Another great week of responses from readers across the country!  I’m wondering if anybody has gone to the Smith Magazine site and read about the genesis of The Six Word Project?

Victory! I got the sweetest house – Heide

Will this cold ever go away? – startingoveringermany

My flowers  still blooming in October – Gail

Buy, sell, hold? What to do? – Susan Celtic Lady

Mazel Tov to the Berti Family!  Weez

Francesca – 6lbs. 4oz. bundle of joy!

So I’m throwing down the gauntlet, issuing the challenge – let’s hear some more Six Word Memoirs! No more, no less – Your Life in Six Words

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DSC04059 Six-Word Memoir banners

Image by godutchbaby via Flickr

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I have a fall harvest of Six Word Memoirs from my readers to share with you all today.  Bountiful it is!

  1. Life is good. Live for today! – Heather
  2. Sh_ _ _ y bidding war against neighbor/friend – Heide
  3. Semi-retirement? Where did it go? – Gail
  4. Please keep your germs to yourself – startingoveringermany
  5. My hands hurt, love yard work – Esther
  6. Fueled by spunk, gumption and vodka – Weez
  7. 8 more working days till vacation – Susan Celtic Lady
  8. I miss you Art, come home! – Esther
  9. I’m a Gigi again – Helloooo Frankie – Me

I don’t want to say I told you so but see how easy it is!  Six words, no more, no less – One life – What’s yours?

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Most weekends in Ocean Grove follow a sort of pattern; there’s the opening of the house and putting away whatever we brought down. There’s the grocery shopping for two households, the Home Depot and Costco runs, the lawn care and blah blah blah you’ve heard it all before!

This weekend went a bit awry in both directions – the high road and the low road.  It was a BUSY weekend for sure and prior blogs Raise a Glass in Remembrance, Oh Dear, There’s a Deer Here reveal some of the adventures we had over the course of the three and a half days we were there.

We went to the first cook-out of the season on Saturday night.  The day was glorious and our friend Joe, celebrated his new terrace by purchasing a gas grill which Jim put together during the course of the afternoon.  Susan did the shopping,  I made a salad, Joe had weekend guests and as the preparations were underway and as other friends were casually encountered, each was invited and WOW it really was GREAT.  The Gaybors next door came laden with side dishes and grillers (sausages from the Amish market).  Monica who also lives next door arrived with wine and more food.  And the dogs…. Madison, the resident Yorkie was an accommodating host to Timmy who was a weekend guest and Monica’s Yorkie, Mickey who lives next door.

Saturday Night Cook Out
Garden Gnome, Joe's gnome
Joe’s Garden Gnome
corn on the cob, grillers, hot dogs, salad, barbeque, cook out, grill
And Grillers!!!

Oh yes, the Gnome came too.

One of the best ways to wind up a long weekend is to sit on a porch overlooking Wesley Lake.  Of course it’s best to be friends with Heide in order to do that.  Heide (pronounced Hi-deh) invited us to a Sunday night supper on her porch – yeah, we’re down for that! Although it was getting humid and sticky, the porch was cool as  a breeze wafted off the lake and we were in the shade.

Wesley Lake, Ocean Grove, red peppers and spinach dip, wine and cheese on the porch
Sweet Peppers and Spinach Dip
Ocean Grove, Wesley lake, cheese and crackers, grapes,
Tasty Bites on a Sunday Night
Susan Taylor, Taylored4U
Susan Enjoys the Evening

Susan and Jim were invited as well. As dusk descended, we all went inside and had a DELICIOUS salad with chicken.  AND fresh strawberries and cream and pizelles

pizelles, Italian cookies, dessert with strawberries and cream
Pizelles with Strawberries and Cream

NOW that was ALL FUN, indeed it was BUT, BUT – on Saturday night before the cookout, after killing all the weeds with a FULL container of Weed Be Gone and as I was putting it up on the shelf in the shed, the container hit a lantern hanging from the shed ceiling which fell and hit me on the bridge of my nose -” Peter, help, I think I broke my nose, omg, omg!”  As I am yelling and trying desperately to reach over a wagon, a bike, a bird seed container while bleeding, I CANNOT reach the container of weed killer which is now pumping all over the shed floor! Oh what a mess!!! Needless to say everything had to come out of the shed.  How do you mop up a gallon of weed poison that has mixed with dirt and dust from the floor? NOT easily!  It was  a disgusting job and since the weed killer got on so many things that I rinsed off the hose, it will be interesting to see how much grass I killed in the process 😦

Back track to last Sunday when Peter got a flat tire and by the time he could drive to a place where someone could change it, he had driven through the sidewall.  The Strauss Auto Store put the spare on and gave us a quote for 4 new tires and we drove back to NYC.  THIS Saturday I noticed that the left rear tire was really soft so I drove to the first place that had an air pump and asked them to help me – the guy put air in the tire and told me I needed new tires.  I got a quote from them too.  Yesterday, we looked at the tire and again it was soft!!! Of course it’s Sunday! So we went back to the first place  and asked them to repair the tire BUT they said it was against company policy to repair a tire with so little tread – Geezzzzzz  We begged and wheedled and fibbed and said we had to get back to NYC tonight and we would back next week to possibly put 4 new tires on the car – BUT their quote was $140 more than the second place. Oy Vey

So that wraps up the weekend except for the part where I bought so much stuff at Costco that I had to put half of the frozen items in the Lilligaard’s freezer.  Amen.

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Pecan Pie

And they call this Pot Luck? What a meal! Eight of us gathered Friday evening at the home of Trish & Ron who live on Main Avenue.  They have a big beautiful home with a fantastic dining room and a table large enough to seat eight comfortably and Editthat wasn’t even with all of the leaves.

Guests included Heide, who divides her time between Belgium, Ocean Grove and California, Carol, a full-time resident who runs The Ocean Grove Trading Post, Jim and Susan, full-time entrepreneurs (I’ll be doing a blog about their business in the near future)in Ocean Grove, and Peter and I, the Ocean Grove part-timers.

You had to know with this group, Pot Luck wouldn’t be your Ham & Bean, Macaroni & Cheese church supper type.  We started the evening off with liberal libations and small gourmet pizza slices – delicate and delightful.  Oh and I forgot to say right up front that our hostess is a baker of renown and when we walked in, the table was set beautifully and two enormous racks of individual pies were flanking the centerpiece of flowers and the aroma was mouth-watering.  And then we sat down to an array of delicious dishes.  While we were chatting away before dinner, Ron and his guest chef of the evening, Jim, were in the back yard grilling lamb chops that had been previously marinated in Ron’s own special marinade.  So rare, so beautifully charred on the edges,  a real treat.   We had a chicken dish that I truthfully have no idea how Heide made it or what was in it besides chicken.  What I can tell you is that I had two helpings and the flavor was so familiar, it took me to the second helping to remember where I had savored this kind of dish before – my Grandmother Schmidt used to make any meat delectable with the same kind of sauce and seasoning that Heide used, and I have had steak at Heide’s home and she did some similar magic with that too.  I think it’s some kind of Germanic thing that these great cooks do. Carol created an artful arugula salad that was crisp and fresh and chock full of good things.  Susan was on vegetable duty and she brought us seasonal vegetables (almost locivore) -they were roasted to perfection.  With 3 of the 5 woman having Italian ancestry, of course we had a pasta dish but no ordinary red sauce (a/k/a gravy to those who know) for this group.  I contributed a rigatoni and cannellini bean and broccoli dish and I thought it was very good.

And then the piece de resistance – the pies came out! Two big trays; mini pecan pies and apple pies.  Well anyone who knows Trish knows that her apple pies are not only to die for but we all tell her she should sell them – so I immediately said, “I’m only having apple and besides I don’t like pecan pie, it’s too sweet”.  WRONG – Jim, our N’awlins native proclaimed the pies to be perfect.  Was it curiosity, arm-twisting ( lol,lol) or an insatiable appetite for dessert, well maybe all of the above – even though I made the arm-twisting part up!  I took half of a mini pecan pie and the flavors just swirled around in my mouth. This was not the sticky, sweet, gooey glop that I always thought all pecan pies tasted like- Oh No, this was smooth, creamy, flavorful and not  too sweet. Trish let us in on her secret but unless given permission, far be it from this blogger (who wants to be invited back!) give away any culinary secrets.

And after many hours of laughter and even some after dinner cordials, we all went home and that ladies and gentlemen is Pot Luck in Ocean Grove.

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