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And who isn’t a bit of a “techie” nowadays?  I know I am with what being a woman of a certain age and owning and using a Droid, an iPad, an iPod, a computer, a lap top, a digital camera, and a Kindle….well enough said.  My husband is NOT.   So no gift on this list for him- he who doesn’t even answer or for that matter look at his email, lol.

This first gift just cracked me up! It has twenty-something, thirty-something (or otherwise known as the kids born in the digital generation) written all over it.

Digits, gloves, texting, typing

DigitsNothing–not even the bitter cold–will keep you from commenting on your friends’ Facebook posts. Simply attach these small electronic pads to the fingertips of your gloves and you’ll be able to send those urgent (or not so much) messages fast.To buy: $20 for eight, quirky.com.Digits

Are cameras going the way of snail mail?  Personally I hope not because this blog would sorely miss Murray’s photos.  However, for the less than professional photographer who uses his or her cell phone camera for shooting just about everything, take a look at this! Now you can carry these around with you as well as the extra batteries you will need to keep your Smartphone charged!!!

Smartphone camera lens, photojojo.com

Smartphone Camera Lens

Smartphone Camera Lenses

Take high-quality photos by simply attaching these mini-lenses to your camera’s phone. Made of high-clarity glass, they bring amazing pictures to life. The set includes macro/wide angle, fisheye, and telephoto lenses (all lenses also sold individually).

To buy: $49, photojojo.com.


iPad Stand

Blue Lounge Nest iPad Stand and Desk-Tidy

Colorful rubber lining cushions and cradles your iPad while also providing a stashing spot for your phone, keys, spare change, you name it.

To buy: $15, bluelounge.com.

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