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Today as compared to yesterday was fairly calm.  This morning Chiara, Fletcher and I drove the girls to school and then Fletcher went to the doctor’s office for his one week old check in.  He gained 10 ounces!  That’s a lot of nursing going on here!  Pediatrician said, take him outside, let him get some Vitamin D and he skillfully removed the last of belly button thing, you know it’s part of the umbilical  cord!  I’ve had two babies but I never wanted to deal with that and was fortunate enough to have my Grandma Schmidt stay with me once the babies were born and she took care of “that”.  When the doctor asked Chiara if she wanted that piece, I looked at him as if he were crazy.  However, it must be me who is so out of the loop!   I asked: “What do they do with it”? He said they put it in the baby book!  Ay yi yi!  A dark brown dried-up body part in the baby book!

By the time we got home, the first visitor of the day was in the driveway.  She’s the one who baked the delicious cake.  While Chiara chatted, Frankie decided sitting on my lap with Mommy’s iPad was a grand idea.  The fact that I was trying to type the previous blog seemed to be of absolutely no concern of hers.  

I have been trying for two days to get Belle’s recipe for Quinoa written down.  It has proven to be impossible even with the Translate app and the Voice Search app.  Many times the Voice Search does not hear my words correctly and you can’t believe what comes out!  Shallots came back in Spanish as a shower. Pretty much the way the auto-fill auto-complete feature on my cell phone sends messages complete with non-sequitors (if I don’t read what I wrote before I hit send).  So finally Belle went to the cabinet, grabbed the bag of quinoa and motioned for me to come and watch her so I would know how to make this dish.   It worked!  I wrote down what she was doing and hopefully I got it all right so I can recreate this tasty side dish.  Once I am home and I make it, if it comes out right, I’ll post the recipe.

 When Finley arrived home, she came with 3 kids and another Mom.  The decibel level rose at least 10 degrees!  One of the many gifts that arrived today was a box with two Princess costumes!  They were so pretty and it was very thoughtful of Tara to include the girls with presents because she sent Fletcher gifts.  As soon as the girls saw them they wanted to  put their own  on and the other’s.  You know where this is going,,,,pretty soon two girls are crying and the dresses gp upstairs to their bedroom and their 3 friends are playing and running around in the midst of it all.   

It’s now 9:00pm;  Tom has yet to come home from work.  The girls ate dinner before we did and had baths and books and went to bed.  Fletcher had his first bath tonight.  Belle bathed him talking and cooing to him in Spanish the whole time while she washed him.  By then Chiara laid down on the bed holding him in her arms to settle him down and of course she was the one who settled down, exhausted from getting up during the night and on the go since 7am this morning.  So as I write this she’s been sleeping for over an hour now.  That left Belle and I – so I said let’s eat.  The two of sat at the table enjoying her lentils with some rice and the quinoa.  It was so peaceful at the table, just two adults trying to talk in two different languages.  

It must be time for me to play a little Scrabble online and maybe Words of Wonder (don’t ask) ! 


Quinoa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I considered posting a picture of a baby with the “stump” still on the belly button but I was grossing myself out!


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Wi-Fi Signal logo

Wi-Fi Signal logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I consider myself to be pretty well-versed in computer technology considering my age (which means it’s possible Finley is better at it than me lol).  BUT today, OMG, what a freakin’ nightmare.  Here’s how it went down…

I opened up my new MAC PRO and attempted to log onto the WiFi in the apartment.  I tried at least 15 times to access it and each time I got an error message telling me the password or the WEP whatever that is was incorrect.  What to do?  I  had brought my new MAC PRO to New York so I could look at the screen  on my pc desktop and read the directions on how to install my company’s remote connection.  I did this because I thought it would be easier than trying to read the PDF on my ‘Droid.  I mean every time I try to widen and enlarge the screen on the phone, it either goes bonkers big or expands and contracts at will all the time moving around the page!  Geez, what a pain that is.  But aha, I have my very own personal IT support person!  I contacted him through  Skype on the DELL to see if he could walk me through the dilemma.  I have TeamViewer on my DELL and also had it on my old laptop which meant he could access my computer remotely and fix any problem I had.   Well of course I don’t have that program on the MAC yet and as he reminded me, I needed to be on the internet in order to install TeamViewer, duh!!! Finally, and I have no idea what I did differently on the 16th try, the MAC picked up the WiFi network.  

When I opened up the desktop  to look at the PDF,  I knew right away this was going to be a problem.  I had come back to New York last week and discovered that my screen had the shakes!  I had left the computer in sleep mode for several weeks and apparently something happened to it. With the screen blurring due to the wiggling pixels it was impossible to read some of the instructions – most specifically the last 3 characters of the website I needed to access.  How ridiculous!  I even tried using  a magnifying glass to discern the words – all to no avail.

OK, thinking that there is more than one way to skin a cat (What a horrible idea!), I thanked God that I had brought my iPad home also and could connect to the company through it.  I was able to access the company files and proceeded to spend 20 minutes trying to retrieve the email sent to me by our IT support person which had the PDF in it.  For some reason, I couldn’t get the side slide bar to move easily up and down the list of emails while trying to find that one.  Maybe I am so used to using a mouse that I couldn’t finesse the electronic touch pad.  Finally, yes finally I found the email and opened the PDF.  Now at least I had the website where the instruction were supposed to be.  How MANY times do you think I typed in those 25 or more characters, underscores, forward slashes and dots?  I don’t know!!!! I called the company IT support person and left a whiny message about how the web address he gave me didn’t work.  I can’t believe I did that because I KNOW it’s never the computer, it’s always the operator.  Sure enough after re-typing it for umpteenth time, I got it right – apparently the address was auto-filling in a lot of the wrong characters I entered earlier and in the end, I realized it was missing the http:// OMG! I had to make a second phone call asking IT to disregard my previous message 😦 (read embarrassed).

I now had 3 computers open in a triangle of about 2 feet AND a large Starbucks Americano.  Well of course the inevitable happened- I knocked it over, screamed and scared the cat right out of the chair and quickly tossed the red-light-flashing mouse out of danger.  After that fiasco, I was able to download and install the remote connection program.  I had this cute little open box icon on my screen and when I clicked on it, the installation directions came up again. Ai yi yi.   I went back to the iPad and managed to move the cursor down enough to get to page 3 and 4 of the instructions and there it was – a picture of the program’s icon not just the box it arrived in.  I looked down at my task bar and there it was.  Needless to say I had already looked there and in the Finder and Mission Control (oh god, I love these MAC terms lol) and never recognized it!

Finally I was able to open the program to make sure it was working and it was.  Time to close the pc, turn off the iPad, pick up the ‘Droid and shut down the MAC and leave!!!! It felt good to get out of the jungle and see the light again.

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And who isn’t a bit of a “techie” nowadays?  I know I am with what being a woman of a certain age and owning and using a Droid, an iPad, an iPod, a computer, a lap top, a digital camera, and a Kindle….well enough said.  My husband is NOT.   So no gift on this list for him- he who doesn’t even answer or for that matter look at his email, lol.

This first gift just cracked me up! It has twenty-something, thirty-something (or otherwise known as the kids born in the digital generation) written all over it.

Digits, gloves, texting, typing

DigitsNothing–not even the bitter cold–will keep you from commenting on your friends’ Facebook posts. Simply attach these small electronic pads to the fingertips of your gloves and you’ll be able to send those urgent (or not so much) messages fast.To buy: $20 for eight, quirky.com.Digits

Are cameras going the way of snail mail?  Personally I hope not because this blog would sorely miss Murray’s photos.  However, for the less than professional photographer who uses his or her cell phone camera for shooting just about everything, take a look at this! Now you can carry these around with you as well as the extra batteries you will need to keep your Smartphone charged!!!

Smartphone camera lens, photojojo.com

Smartphone Camera Lens

Smartphone Camera Lenses

Take high-quality photos by simply attaching these mini-lenses to your camera’s phone. Made of high-clarity glass, they bring amazing pictures to life. The set includes macro/wide angle, fisheye, and telephoto lenses (all lenses also sold individually).

To buy: $49, photojojo.com.


iPad Stand

Blue Lounge Nest iPad Stand and Desk-Tidy

Colorful rubber lining cushions and cradles your iPad while also providing a stashing spot for your phone, keys, spare change, you name it.

To buy: $15, bluelounge.com.

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