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Well we are now in week 19 of the exploration of a n elaborate conspiracy theory  about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  The title of this theory is COUP D’ETAT and as we get further into it, the title will ring true. Remember every conspiracy is not a theory!!


The “Wanted for Treason” leaflets posted in Dallas on Nov. 21,1963, were produced by an aide to retired General Edwin Walker, who had been removed from command of the Army’s 24th Division in Munich in 1961 for indoctrinating his troops with fascist propaganda.  In 1962 he was arrested and held in a mental hospital on orders  from Attorney General Robert Kennedy for leading a violent mob that tried to keep black student James Meredith from enrolling at the University of Mississippi.  Walker was visited several times in 1962-3 by Jack Ruby.  He was a leader of the John Birch Society and the Minutemen, a paramilitary group that armed and trained anti-Castro Cubans.  Two of his Cuban  contacts were Carlos Bringuier , a fellow director of the Christian Anti-Communist Youth University, and Felipe Vidal, a member of the anti-Castro terrorist group Alpha 66  who later worked in Oliver North’s illegal Contra aid network.

Walker was on a flight from New Orleans to Dallas when Kennedy’s death was announced.  He told fellow passengers they were his alibi.  The next day he phoned a neo-Nazi newspaper in Munich to report that Oswald had tried to kill him the previous April, predating Marina’s mention of this by 10 days.  Later, he posted a sign by his house reading:  “Cuba: Oswald won, Kennedy lost.”  There is no hard evidence that Oswald shot at Walker, but his name and number were in Oswald’s address book, and Oswald had a photo of his house (in which appears 1957 Chevy, possibly Felipe Vidal’s).  A further link between the two is a roll of film shot in 1963 by an acquaintance of Walker, showing the General in his Dallas home and Oswald handing out pro-Castro leaflets in New Orleans.

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We are in the 18th week of exploring the conspiracy theory of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.  There are literally millions of Americans that DO NOT BELIEVE Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in this deadly mission.

Lone assassins are on a mission and are proud of their accomplishment – they do not deny their actions.  Lee Harvey Oswald claimed he was innocent.


The FBI‘s interest in Oswald had begun in June 1960, while he was in the Soviet Union, when a memo from the FBI to the  State Department warned of the “possibility that an impostor is using Oswald’s birth certificate”.  His mother told the FBI that he had taken it with him, but he returned without it, and the document has never surfaced.  When questioned by Ft. Worth FBI agent Fain, Oswald offered to report any contacts with suspicious Soviets.  The FBI’s links to Oswald continued in New Orleans, where at his own request, he was interviewed by Agent  Quigley while under arrest for the street scuffle with Cuban exile Carlos Bringuier.  He was released shortly after paying a ten-dollar fine.  Guy Banister, with whom Oswald worked, was an ex-FBI agent said by some to have been secretly working for the FBI’s counter intelligence Division 5.

An hour after Oswald’s arrest, James Hosty, the Dallas FBI agent who monitored local Cuban-exile activities, burst into Police Headquarters with the news that Oswald was a “communist…capable of committing the assassination…”.  Though Hosty knew where Oswald worked, he had not warned the Secret Service or Dallas Police of the presence of this “dangerous” man along the motorcade route.  Strangely, Hosty’s name and phone number were found in Oswald’s address book; Texas justice officials alleged to the Warren Commission that the FBI   $200 a month for over a year as “Confidential Informant 179”.  In 1975 Hosty said Oswald had brought a note to his office weeks before the assassination asking him to leave Marina alone, but on the order of his superior, Gordon Shanklin , he had  destroyed it immediately after Oswald’s  death.

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For thirteen (13) weeks we have been unraveling a well-known and much ascribed-to conspiracy theory of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  As I have said before there isn’t a baby boomer alive who doesn’t know where they were or what they were doing when the horrific news that our young President had been shot and killed.   This time in history was the Generation X’s Challenger explosion and Generation Y’s 9/11 WTC.  I mention this because if you are in the latter two categories and think that this theory doesn’t concern you and it’s ancient history anyway – THINK AGAIN!  This theory known as COUP D’ETAT, because in fact it was engineered by others in the government who sought power, is only an example, a lesson of what could and may have already occurred again.  The question is: Do You Believe Everything the Government Tells You?


In April 1963, Oswald began a bewildering 5-month stay in the city of his youth, New Orleans.  There he started and was the only member of a chapter of the pro-Castro Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC) and began passing  out leaflets at various locations.   On August 9 he was arrested after a street scuffle with anti-Castro activist Carlos Bringuier.  A week later, Oswald and Bringuier were joined in a radio debate by Ed Butler, director of the  CIA-backed information Council of the Americas.  Butler “exposed” Oswald’s Soviet defection, smeared the  FPCC as a Kremlin front, and made a “truth tape” of the debate for distribution in Latin America.  Was Oswald really pro-Castro, or was he an agent-provocateur?

One clue is the address stamped on the back of some of Oswald’s FPCC materials: 544 Camp Street.  Other tenants recall Oswald working in an office on the 2nd floor.  Not only was this the former HQ of the Cuban Revolutionary Council, a CIA-created government-in-exile with which Bringuier was involved, it was the address of Guy Banister Associates, a private detective agency fronting o the CIA’s anti-Castro activities in New Orleans.  Guy Banister former head of the FBI’s Chicago office, with ties to Naval Intelligence dating back to WWII, was a member of the John Birch Society and the paramilitary Minutemen, and published racist materials.  Although his files were confiscated shortly after his 1964 death, index cards were found revealing that the subjects of the files included Ammunition and Arms, the CIA, Anti-Soviet Underground, the Civil Rights Program of Kennedy, the International Trade Mart- and the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

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