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I have found a book, well rather Peter had this book squirreled away in the archives of our apartment and when I saw it I knew immediately it was a great source for blog posts.  I think I’ll go through the alphabet; so here are 10 crazy-who-ever-heard-of-these words!

  1. abbey-lubber:  a lazy monk pretending to be ascetic; any loafer.
  2. abscotchalaterone in hiding from the police (slang).
  3. absquatulate:  to leave hurriedly, suddenly, or secretly
  4. abuccinate:  to proclaim, like a fanfare
  5. abrosia:  fasting.
  6. abulic:  pertaining to a lack of will power; also aboulic
  7. abligurition:  extravagance in cooking and serving.
  8. abigeus:  a cattle rustler.
  9. abbozzo:  a rough draft or sketch.
  10. abacinate:  to blind by putting a red-hot copper basin near the eyes.

Now, I mean really, did you know any of those words?  OMG we only touched on the A’s as far as “ab” , can you see how far we can go with this???

Leonard Da Vinci Abbozzo

A Leonardo Da Vinci Abbozzo

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