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The back story to this photograph is that my lovely daughter Chiara got married in June ’08 and although they were living in Boston, Tom and she got married in New York City.  So they weren’t really here much before or after the wedding.  They came in to get the license and left the day after the wedding for a two week honeymoon and returned directly to Boston.

Soooo, Chiara had a New York license from before when she lived here and it was in her maiden name;  It hadn’t expired so she kept it.  Time passes, one child is born, Finley Ray.  More time passes and another child is born, Francesca and still the license had not expired.  Chiara was still in Boston all this time.

This January they moved back to New York City, so she has been here for 3 full months, (can you see where this is going?).   She just had her 34th birthday last week and Tom bought her birthday cake.  I think the message is pretty clear – When the hell are you going to change your name?

Kiki's birthday cake, Chiara is 34, Chiara Berti Clark

Did You Get My Message?

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