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Just like the TV station, USA, New York City could have the same slogan, “Characters Welcome”.  If ever there was one place in the world where anything and anyone and everyone and everything goes – this is it.  Everybody does their own thing here, whether they be human, animal or even plant.  The fact that all of this diversity and individuality and sometimes quirkiness is contained in the 22.7 square miles that Manhattan is made of, only serves to intensify the total impact.  Here are a just a few of the characters spotted in The City yesterday!

Siesta in the Park

Siesta in the Park

New Construction Underway

New Construction Underway

Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward

"What's that you say"?

“What’s that you say”?

One Must Always Dress For Croquet

One Must Always Dress For Croquet

A Regiment Of Turtles

A Regiment Of Turtles

Decked Out In Spring Colors

Decked Out In Spring Colors

"Up To My Knees In ...."

“Up To My Knees In ….”

"Goin' My Way"?

“Goin’ My Way”?



All photos courtesy of Murray Head


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What a city this is!! New York speaks loud and clear and in many language, it’s just one ginormous kaleidoscope of humanity.  You just never know what or who you’re going to come across in an afternoon.

green market, cyclists, backpack

Green Market Greenies
ice skater, Bryant Park, Central Park

Practice, practice, practice

central park

Two Tourists in Central Park

ICONIC Still Life-A girl, a dog and two birds

stretching, warm up,

Cirque du Soleil here I come!


central park, squirrel

Burying A Nut

A Nuthatch Seeking Insects

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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If you live in New York City, you have seen this!  A ginormous blow up rat squatting in the middle of the sidewalk or on the street (taking up a parking space!).

I saw this photo and comments from my friend, Greg Moore on Facebook.  I asked for permission to reprint it because first of all, I wish I had thought of posting a blog about it myself and secondly, it seemed so perfect a contribution to my ONLY IN NEW YORK category.  Now here’s my question, does this only happen in New York City?  Please comment and let us know if the RAT has relatives in other cities.

union rat, Greg Moore, New York city, contractors

I’m the City Mouse!

This thing is about as “New York” as the Statue of Liberty…or the Empire State Building! I have a feeling this is one of those “only-in-New-York” kinda things! It’s the giant, inflatable “strike rat”! Whenever there’s a labor dispute or a strike where they feel that a business is hiring workers unfairly, they (I guess) call “Rent-a-Rat”, this huge, hideously ugly, inflatable rat, which they park on the sidewalk in front of the offending business. This guy has been outside my office building all week. I’m DYING to interview this guy who sits next to the rat all day long. I have so many QUESTIONS for him: What is your job title? What do you tell your family you do? What do you put on your resume? What is the rat’s name? What would differentiate a “good” day from a “bad” one? I saw him pack it in, right at 5PM. He deflated his rat, shoved it in a bag along with his folding chair and headed toward the subway. (this one, by the way is the SMALLER one! They also have one that’s about 3-stories high! I know that, because the apartment building next to mine apparently hired non-union doormen and they hauled out the HUGE rat…and its head appeared right outside my third-story window for about a week! Rather alarming…but very New York!).

Thanks to Greg Moore for his astute observation and comments.

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But if you can’t find it or don’t want to hunt, just stick around for a few minutes because Murray discovered some great RED last weekend.  For the past couple of years, he has been photographing an annual event in New York City known as the Dragon Races.  Since this is a Chinese festival event, you can count on seeing red and I don’t mean the angry kind of red.  No, this is the good luck, good fortune red and fortunate we are to have these wonderful photos.  Thank you Murray for sharing!

Dragon race, dragon,

“Oh my what a big mouth you have”

captain, Dragon races

I Don’t Think His Team Won!

Dragon race, New York city

You GO girl!

Dragon races, captain

Do NOT Mess With This Guy

Good luck, dragon, dragon races

And the Dragon Wins!

All photos courtesy of Murray Head





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Central Park is New York City’s largest and best playground!  Adults have as much fun here as kids do and certainly tourists.  On any given day (but especially on weekends) you can watch jugglers, mimes, break dancers, listen to music, play tennis, roller blade, bird watch, dog walk, jog, bike, eat, read in a quiet glade, explore a castle, visit an old dairy, meander through Strawberry Fields, sail a toy boat, ice skate in the winter – need I say more?

A mild and sunny Sunday in January brought out hundreds of visitors to the park.  Some came to watch and some came to…….

central park

Spin A Frisbee in the Park

central park

Skateboard (sort of) in the Park

central park Make Music in the Park

Roller Blade in the Park

Do Frisbee Tricks in the Park

Paint in the Park

cental park

Inspecting One's Kingdom in the Park

Blow Bubbles in the Park

Show Off in the Park

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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A while ago I said I was introducing a new category; it is a combination of Only in New York and the subcategory of FAB FOTOS – AIWYFI a/k/a Art Is Where You Find It.  And in New York, art takes many forms.  Sometimes it’s in the architecture, sometimes the people, and sometimes it’s a slice, a snippet, an angle of something, someplace or someone that Murray has captured in his lens.

I hope you enjoy these Postcards from the City

New York City

Two Buildings For The Price Of One

New York City, grate

I Call It "Oozing Grate"

New York City, taxi cabs

Advancing Forces

Roosevelt Island tram

Heading to Roosevelt Island

Bridge to Roosevelt Island

Or You Can Take The Bridge

All Photos Courtesy of Murray Head


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The back story to this photograph is that my lovely daughter Chiara got married in June ’08 and although they were living in Boston, Tom and she got married in New York City.  So they weren’t really here much before or after the wedding.  They came in to get the license and left the day after the wedding for a two week honeymoon and returned directly to Boston.

Soooo, Chiara had a New York license from before when she lived here and it was in her maiden name;  It hadn’t expired so she kept it.  Time passes, one child is born, Finley Ray.  More time passes and another child is born, Francesca and still the license had not expired.  Chiara was still in Boston all this time.

This January they moved back to New York City, so she has been here for 3 full months, (can you see where this is going?).   She just had her 34th birthday last week and Tom bought her birthday cake.  I think the message is pretty clear – When the hell are you going to change your name?

Kiki's birthday cake, Chiara is 34, Chiara Berti Clark

Did You Get My Message?

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I know, I know, it’s just soooooo New York! BUT hey Central Park IS New York AND it is a treasure trove for a photographer!  The wildlife alone provides numerous opportunities to capture the habits and habitats of the wild things that inhabit its 843 acres right smack in the middle of New York City.  Of course the animals, birds and flora are only one area of interest to the man with the camera;  There are playgrounds where the City kids can be found frolicking,  the Children’s Zoo, or the Carousel.  Or the tennis courts, basketball courts, roller skating area, bike paths, walking trails, bridle paths and baseball fields where one can snap photos of urban athletes.  There are dozens of statues of iconic figures, an Obelisk which is the oldest public monument in North America, Belvidere Castle, Bethesda Fountain (where you can always find street performers) and the Great Lawn and Strawberry Fields.  NEED I SAY MORE?

Central Park, Murray Head, bubbles,stone arch

Bubble Floating Thru the Archway


photo by Murray Head

Big bubbles, Central Park, rainbow prism,

The Big Bubble

photo by Murray Head

autumn, fall foliage, Central Park, stone bridge

Stone Bridge in Central Park

photo by Murray Head

Central Park

Painter in the Park

photo by Murray Head


Central Park, The great lawn,

Do NOT Mess With Me

photo by Murray Head


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I Love New York logo

Image via Wikipedia

I JUST had to share this article with you.  True to form, the Village Voice consistently features well-written, sometime tongue in cheek, clever articles.  I just LOVE IT and I heart New York!

50 Reasons to Be Pretty Damn Euphoric You Live in New York City – New York News – Runnin’ Scared.

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