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voting day in a small town

voting day in a small town (Photo credit: Muffet)

It has been a long time coming, 18 months to be exact.  18 months, about 77.5 weeks and approximately 542.5 days AND 13,020 hours!!!! That’s how long we’ve been listening to ads on the radio, reading columns in the newspaper, watching tv commercials, accosted by pamphlet-bearing party workers on the sidewalks, harassed  by  repeated robo calls, invited to rallies and fund-raisers, bombarded by daily emails from political organizations, and lastly not to mention the postcards, newsletters and solicitation fund-raising letters – ALL in the name of democracy, all in the pursuit of the most powerful office in the country.  Oh yeah, I was only referring to the presidential campaign you can quadruple the intensity when you factor in the local representatives, state senators, sheriffs and on infinitum.

And tonight it will FINALLY  be over – or will it?  Ohhhh,  I think the results of this year’s election will be immediately called into question!  Accusations of voter fraud are just waiting behind the curtain, recounts ordered and then further analyzed.  Absentee ballots scrutinized and possibly discarded;  Remember the hanging chads in Florida!  This year a secondary campaign was waged, to disenfranchise thousands of voters and prevent them from exercising their constitutional right.  In New Jersey, a state crippled by Hurricane Sandy, throwing the means to conduct proper voting in to chaos and confusion has instituted (can you believe this?) voting by fax!  Where states like Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky and Georgia passed highly restrictive voter ID laws, New Jersey went all out in trying to encourage voter participation where their residents lacking heat, electricity and water are understandably  disheartened  and dissuaded from making the effort to get out and vote.  This puts another nuance on the state’s unofficial slogan “Jersey Strong”.

Personally, I will be beyond thrilled to have it over.  I hope, I pray my man wins because I don’t like the person I’ve become when the other guy is on TV.  The defaming, the libel, the lies, the slander, it has got to STOP.  Fact-checkers be damned?  Are you kidding me?  I’m living in a world where the word Christian has taken on a new meaning and certainly not one that I care for or can espouse.  Let it be over please!

The polls close in my state at 9:00 – I hope everyone gets to vote. I waited about an hour and a half this morning – they said the scanners weren’t working.  I really liked the old voting machines and wish they would bring them back. If you haven’t voted yet – PLEASE DO SO NOW!

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Governor Chris Christie has ordered that all flags in New Jersey be flown at half-mast the day of Whitney Houston’s funeral! OMG! Are you kidding me?  

I believe flags should be flown half-mast for heroes and very important public officials of the state.  I think Whitney Houston was beautiful, talented, probably a kind and loving person BUT I do not want my grandchildren to think  she was a hero! She was a drug addict and you can call it a disease and that’s fine with me BUT it is not a disease that you contract like polio or cancer!  It is a self-induced, self-inflicted affliction and the sick person has to own that.  I tried to teach my own children to be responsible for their own actions and that every action has a consequence (good or bad).

So Governor Christie thinks she’s an icon of the state;  That’s interesting, I never even knew she was from New Jersey and I have lived in the tri-state area my whole life.  Sadly, more people associate Snooki from the show Jersey Shore as an icon and she doesn’t even come from New Jersey.  I know Frank Sinatra came from New Jersey and that Bruce Springsteen comes from New Jersey.  I loved

Governor of New Jersey at a town hall in Hills...

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songs, I loved that he was Italian (as I am) and that he came from Hoboken, like my grandmother did but he was certainly no hero!  Whitney Houston is NOT a hero;  She was a fantastic singer/entertainer with a remarkable God-given gift and unfortunately for her and us, she took her own life and has robbed us of her gift.

I certainly hope no other celebrity dies soon, as I cherish their talents more and more each year as yet another and another slips away.  New Jersey has been the birthplace of so much talent that if we were to fly the flags at half-mast each time one of them died, we would hardly have full mast flown flags.  Here’s just a handful of New Jersey born celebrities:

Bruce Sprinsteen: 1949

Jon Bon Jovi: 1962

Kevin Spacey: 1959

Meryl Streep: 1949

Judy Blume: 1938

Joe Piscapo: 1951

David Copperfield: 1956

Dionne Warwick: 1940

Ray Liotta: 1954

Jerry Lewis: 1926

Ice-T: 1958

Jack Nicholson: 1937

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