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Blue grass, bourbon and branch water, Mint Juleps, silks, jockeys, thoroughbreds, on the rail, wreath of roses and the Winner’s Circle – This is the stuff of The Kentucky Derby!!  NOT QUITE!

True, watching the pounding hooves, sleek spectacular horseflesh, hearts pumping, binoculars moving in unison following the race is fun BUT really, it’s all about the HATS! Take a look at some of the best of the best Kentucky Derby Day creations.

Kentucky Derby, original creation by Dee

Pink Hat with Huge Gray Flower

Kentucky Derby hat, Dee's hats

Yellow Hat with Red-Orange Flowers

Kentucky Derby hat by Dee, peacock feathers

Peacock Feathers

Kentucky Derby hats by Dee

White Broad Brim with Lime Green Bow

Kentucky Derby, polka dot bow

Pink Broad Brim with Polka Dot Bow

Kentucky Derby hat, Dee's hats

Black Hat with Yellow Flower

Dee's hats, Kentucky Derby Day

Pale Blue with White Cabbage Rose

All these beautiful hats were created by Dee’s Crafts except for one and I bet you can guess which one.

Kentucky Derby Day,

I Love My Hat!

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