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From the title of this blog you might not think that things are winding down, but today it does seem like they are.  Of course not having to start the day with the hectic madness of school clothes, hair brushing, breakfast and off to school, does make a difference.   When I went to bed last night which was REALLY early for me, I was looking forward to sleeping in this morning.   First of all , I figured the girls would sleep late because we didn’t return from the Ocean Club till about 9:00pm.

Last night we went to a Friday night buffet and pool party.  The kids had a blast jumping in and out and swimming and jumping off the diving board.  I wish I could have taken a picture of Francesca jumping off the diving board.  Unbelievable!  And this was not one of those diving boards that you step onto, this was one you had to climb up to.  I have never seen a child that small actually jump off a diving board and she didn’t even hold her nose.  Anyway, the party was a throwback in time for me. OMG it was retro to the old GCA; Golf Club of Avon.  Even the characters were the same.  We sat under the stars and brightly lit half moon that just hung in the sky over us all.  The weather was warm, the drinks were cold and the food was plentiful.  So familiar…even Chiara said, “I’m living your life all over again”.

So I didn’t think it was too far-fetched to think that after hours of swimming and eating (a lot of sugar), those kids would sleep late and so would I.  And that Daddy was home so he would entertain them in the morning.  At 7:20am Francesca came into my room.  She climbed up to be with me, but not for long because the purpose of her visit was really to get me out of bed and into the living room where Daddy was laying down on the couch to watch cartoons with them.  I saw that there was little to no chance of me remaining in bed so I got up.  Tom proposed we go out to breakfast and then pick up Tia who was arriving this morning.     I didn’t think we had that much time; Tom thought she was arriving at 10:30 but I knew it was 9:30.  So Tom and girls headed  out to the airport and I stayed behind to make Chiara a really good breakfast, something she has been sort of skimping on this week due to Fletch’s feeding schedule.  I’m going to post the recipe which came from Confessions of a Pioneer WomanRee Drummond‘s famous blog.

We spent the afternoon at the Ocean Club, hence the SUN and SAND which was plentiful.  Lunch at poolside and once again I was taken back in time to Avon.  The kids spent time in the pool and then we went to the ocean.  The sun was glorious, Tom signed up for a surf board and Finley and two friends spent 2 hours getting up and falling off the board!  Finley did stay up long enough to float into shore – Uncle Joel and Uncle Justin take note!  SURFERS in the making.  We wound up the afternoon at the pool with a SANGRIA Blanco, NICE!

Tonight we are going to have a mini-birthday party for Francesca who turns 3 on Tuesday.  Since I’m leaving tomorrow, Chiara decided we could celebrate with dinner and invited her best friend who has 2 children fairly close in age to Finley and Francesca and so we had 4 kids plus Fletcher and 6 adults (you can get the picture).   The kids had pizza and we had SALMON!  And cake of course! Francesca had a ball opening gifts.  It wasn’t the gift that actually seemed to thrill her but rather the opening of the gift.  We had to hold off the older kids who so desperately wanted to help her.  Several threats of no dessert, a time out and the possibility of going to bed NOW were all invoked to keep the other 3 away from the presents.  Tia came through for them all;  She had assembled Halloween goodie bags for all 4 kids which amused them and held their attention for all of 2 minutes.

Well as you can see, things really have wound down.  There wasn’t any high drama today, there wasn’t anything too unusual going on around here, it was simply SATURDAY!  There was a very funny moment this evening when Chiara was discussing with Tom what Halloween costume would they wear when they went to a party with the theme:  Enchanted Halloween.  Ki has been online searching for appropriate attire and came up with a fairy-like outfit adorned with leaves.  Since they want to match somewhat, what does that leave (no pun intended) Tom to dress as?  The suggestion of stump came up but that was quickly withdrawn.  Chiara found a sort of shawl and hat that looked medieval and after ALL of the laughter died down, we all began firing out suggestions;  Maybe he could be a wizard, or a gnome or The Grim Reaper which put Chiara into hysterics, not to mention Tom who was more hysterical at the thought!  How about a Leprechaun? 

Pasha was quite evident tonight.  Wherever Mommy went or the baby, Pasha was soon to follow. Did you know that in Egypt Siamese cats were used to guard the throne of the King of Siam?  Pasha stands watch over our Prince.

Pasha Guards Fletcher

Pasha Guards Fletcher

Mommy, baby Fletch and Pasha

Mommy, baby Fletch and Pasha

It’s a wrap tomorrow morning!  I’m flying home, Peter will pick me up in Newark and we’ll head down to the shore.  LIfe just won’t be as exciting or as interesting to read about as it has been these past few days!  Oh well….

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Red is everywhere, such a perennial color. Red sunsets in the summer, red tulips in the spring, red noses in the winter, red leaves in the fall. RED is everywhere and if you’re new to this blog you can expect to see red once in a while because in my Fab Foto Fridays I like to post photos of Art is Where You Find It and Red is Where You Find It is  sort of a  sub-category.  Today’s RED is here and there in NYC, mostly in Central Park.

central park, nyc, street performer

Street performers

His and Mine?

One Happy Red Bow

Japanese flag

Here a red, there a red....

The Red Princess

STOP the Pigeon

All photos by Murray Head




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I had a birthday last weekend and I decided that a Bowling Party would be great fun.  I actually had one many years ago so the idea to do it again has been on my mind for the last couple of years.  So much so in fact, that I have been collecting bowling trophies since then.  Whenever I came across a bowling trophy or prize I would buy it.  So for several years there has been a shoe box in a closet containing an odd assortment of trophies and treasures abandoned by their original winners.   Well, this was the year!  Check out the vintage bowling shirts!!

I gathered some friends, reserved the lanes using a party plan they offered that included two hours of bowling, shoes and pizza and wings and soda.    So  much for the soda…I bought drinks from the lounge.  I had hoped that the beer would loosen up my stiff joints and I might even get a strike!   LOL – other than our friend, Ron, strikes were pretty scarce all around.  But hey I figured most of us hadn’t bowled in YEARS so what could you expect?  Well, I for one, was hoping muscle memory would take over once I stopped trying – It didn’t!

Sea Girt lanes, bowling, birthday party

Happy Birthday Bowling Party

photo by Trish

bowling party, sea girt lanes, Heide Ron Peter

Peter, Ron and Heide " Oooh is it a strike?"

photo by Trish

beer, Jim, sea girt lanes, birthday party, Lori

Hey Jim, I think beer will help us win!

photo by Trish

Ragin' Cajun

Barb and Heide at Ragin' Cajun

photo by Trish

Birthday party, Ragin' Cajun

Susan, Jim and Heide "raging" at the Cajun

photo by Trish

Sea Girt lanes, Ragin' Cajun, bowling party

Trish was the Women's High Scorer

photo with Trish’s camera lol.

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Blue grass, bourbon and branch water, Mint Juleps, silks, jockeys, thoroughbreds, on the rail, wreath of roses and the Winner’s Circle – This is the stuff of The Kentucky Derby!!  NOT QUITE!

True, watching the pounding hooves, sleek spectacular horseflesh, hearts pumping, binoculars moving in unison following the race is fun BUT really, it’s all about the HATS! Take a look at some of the best of the best Kentucky Derby Day creations.

Kentucky Derby, original creation by Dee

Pink Hat with Huge Gray Flower

Kentucky Derby hat, Dee's hats

Yellow Hat with Red-Orange Flowers

Kentucky Derby hat by Dee, peacock feathers

Peacock Feathers

Kentucky Derby hats by Dee

White Broad Brim with Lime Green Bow

Kentucky Derby, polka dot bow

Pink Broad Brim with Polka Dot Bow

Kentucky Derby hat, Dee's hats

Black Hat with Yellow Flower

Dee's hats, Kentucky Derby Day

Pale Blue with White Cabbage Rose

All these beautiful hats were created by Dee’s Crafts except for one and I bet you can guess which one.

Kentucky Derby Day,

I Love My Hat!

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