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Picture is worth a thousand words…..


Corso Umberto A Study in Stone and Greenery


Mountains and Mountains and More Mountains. View from Guardia


A Curious, Cautious, Camouflaged Lizard on the Wall


Looking Down Down Down


View From My Window Bells in the Morning


Grape Vines, Planted Rows Mountains – This is Guardia


A Cloud Painting



Corso Umberto Roadside


Rising From A Rock BELIEVE




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It took a few more twists and turns but eventually the road widened and was paved. ¬† ¬† ¬†We saw the sign informing us we were entering Guardia and I quickly entered the address of La Tana dell ‘Orso into the GPS¬†where we would meet up with Pasquale. ¬†I was fairly sure that the main street in Guardia was also known as Corso Umberto and that the Bed & Breakfast was located on that main road. ¬†

We slowly climbed the slight hill of the main road and I didn’t see a sign for the inn nor the the name of the wine bar above which we would find our apartment. ¬† The road narrowed and I mean really narrowed to the point where we came upon a red light. ¬†It was an alternating stop light. ¬†We stopped, they came down, they stopped, we continued up. ¬†And once past the stop light the buildings looked really old and gray. ¬†We kept on driving along the road while the house numbers grew higher. ¬†We need to turn around but this is not East 86th Street¬†where Peter can easily make a U-Turn or a K-Turn, we have to practically go to the end of the village before we can turn around easily. ¬†So now we’re heading down¬†the street, stopping at the light to let the other vehicles go by. ¬†I noticed all the other cars were really small compared to our Ford Focus (which I thought was at least a compact car). ¬†We did this ridiculous redundant¬†routine at least 3 more times. ¬†By the way, our Italian GPS kept telling us we had arrived but where? ¬†I said,” stop the car and let me out to ask someone”, ¬†someone who only spoke Italian where the B & B was. ¬†I made myself understood and she pointed down the street to a large yellow building. We drove down past it and turned around again this time as we passed it a small group of people were all waving to us. ¬†I waved back and once again we had to get to the other end of town to turn around and head back to them. ¬†We discovered parking was only on¬†the other side of the¬†street and made no difference what direction your car was facing!

Corso Umberto

Stay On The Straight (NOT) And Narrow

The whole famiglia plus some patrons of¬†the bar greeted us with hugs and kisses. ¬†Finally we are here! ¬†I had a present for Pasquale’s mother, Anna and I tried really hard to explain what it was to her. ¬†I enlisted Pasquale’s translation but I truly believe she¬†didn’t get it. ¬†I had purchased a clever Joseph Joseph hand soap dispenser. ¬†It was encased in some metal and¬†the purpose of this gadget was that when you¬†have been peeling and chopping garlic or onion, the metal would work some molecular magic and remove the odor from your hands.

Joseph Joseph
A Very Clever Device

We had no idea what New York item to bring to Pasquale, so in the end we opted for several take-out menus from Italian restaurants in our neighborhood.  We thought he might find interesting to compare to what he served in his small cafe.

Pasquale took us to our apartment so we could¬†rest a bit; we have been up for a very long time. ¬†The apartment is wonderful! ¬†It is bright and light with skylights, the kitchen is open to the great room with a large TV screen and also a dining room table that easily sat 6. ¬†The bedroom was certainly fine with a¬†queen size bed and huge closet and another TV. ¬†The bathroom was clearly new and very European, meaning the shower stall was the size of a phone booth with door that closed magnetically at a right angle and there was a bidet. ¬† I couldn’t keep my OCD need to¬†unpack in check so while Peter laid on the bed, I unpacked EVERYTHING and set up my toiletries.

Thinking ahead to what I hoped would be a late morning, I knew we needed to go to the grocery store and get at least milk, cereal,orange juice and bananas and some cheese and crackers. Pasquale told us to come to the cafe any morning we wanted to for breakfast, all included. ¬†We found the DECO Supermarket and with carriage in tote I walked in and went to the left because that’s the way I have always shopped in ¬†Wegman’s. ¬†The few aisles ( I think 2 1/2) were narrow, and of course I had to go back and forth looking for a few things and mulling over¬†every decision. ¬†When I checked out the manager said something to me and pointed to a clearly visible arrow sign that said¬†Entrada. ¬†Not even in town for 2 hours and already I’m an ugly American. ¬†Next time I say,¬†la prossimo volta.

It’s time to go to B&B to get a glass of homemade wine, (it seems everyone grows grapes) and some dinner. ¬†Peter wants to go to a restaurant across the street from our apartment but I think I might fall asleep at the table. ¬†We hadn’t eaten all day and on the small front porch of the B&B was a tall metal roaster with chickens slow cooking for hours. ¬†God, does that chicken look good! ¬†Pasquale served us a salad, the chicken and the most delicious chewy Italian bread. ¬†The wine was spectacular with a clear flavor, slightly redolent fruit taste and so smooth it was like drinking ice cream. ¬†I know that seems like a weird analogy but if you know me,¬†you know my¬†favorite food is ice cream and how I feel about it is aptly described in the post linked here:¬†¬†https://pbenjay.wordpress.com/2014/07/15/its-not-sex/ .¬†I loved the wine so much I had to photograph it and send to my friend, Alice with whom I share a love of Pinot Noir. ¬†BUT THIS, this is¬†exquisite! ¬†


                                                        Un Bicchiere di vino rosso locale


to be continued….

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