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This image shows a whole and a cut lemon.

LEMONS-It Must Be Spring

We mostly called it macaroni, sometimes shells and sometimes spaghetti – today it seems it’s just pasta.  But whatever you call it, this dish is a delightfully different main or side dish for this season.

Coarse salt and ground pepper

1 lb linguine

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

2 shallots minced

1 cup heavy cream

1 tsp grated lemon zest, plus 2 TBS lemon juice (from 1 lemon)

In a large pot of boiling water, cook pasta according to package instructions.  Reserve 1 cup of pasta water; drain pasta and return to pot.  Meanwhile, in a small pot, heat oil over medium  Add shallots, season with salt and pepper, and cook, stirring, until tender, 4 minutes.  Add cream and lemon zest.  Bring to boil and cook until slightly thickened, 8 minutes.  Add lemon juice and season to taste with salt and paper. Pour cream sauce over pasta and toss, adding enough pasta water to create a thin sauce that coats pasta.

Recipe from Martha Stewart’s Every Day Food

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You can always learn something new, especially about food, cooking, baking and more.  It;s really a science, but of course you know that.

A Bunch of Bananas

  1. Take your bananas apart when you bring them home.  If you leave them all connected they ripen faster.
  2. Wrap your opened chunks in aluminum foil.  It will stay much fresher, longer and will not mold.
  3. Peppers with 3 bumps on the bottom are sweeter and better for eating; peppers with 4 bumps are firmer and better for cooking.
  4. To really make scrambled eggs or an omelet rich, add a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream, cream cheese or heavy cream, and then beat them up.
  5. For a cool brownie treat, bake brownies according to directions, then melt some Andes mints in a double boiler and pour over warm brownies.  Let set for a wonderful minty frosting.
  6. Add garlic immediately to a recipe if you want a light garlic flavor and at the end if you want a stronger flavor.
  7. Heat leftover pizza in a non-stick skillet on top of the stove on med-low.  This keeps the crust crisp, no more soggy microwave pizza
  8. Next time you buy frosting in a can, put in a bowl and beat it with an electric mixer.  It will practically double the amount of frosting, so you can frost more cupcakes  and eat less sugar.
  9. To warm biscuits or muffins that have been refrigerated, put them in the microwave with a cup of water.  This will keep them moist and they will reheat faster.
  10. Chop up some Snickers bars  and sprinkle over some pared, cored apple slices and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.   Serve alone or with some vanilla ice cream

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Those of you who are regular readers know that I am passionate about a few things; ice cream is one of them.  I just love the summer at the shore because ice cream is so available.  We have two great ice cream shops, each with a great history and better yet, delicious ice cream.  So what could be better than photos of ice cream cones in lots of flavors?  Tiffany’s current window dressings are BETTER.  Why? Because ice cream is one of the world’s best foods and last year I posted a blog practically swooning over the cold, the smoothness, the sensual coating on your tongue as sweet cream slips down your throat; check out https://pbenjay.wordpress.com/2010/06/27/so-many-flavors-so-little-time/ BUT look at these pictures!!  Ice Cream and Jewels!!!

ice cream cones, sassy sassafrass
I’ll have the Sassy Sassafrass

Sprinkles of course!

Make mine a double

Apple Atlas Pie

Strawberry is a perfect flavor for the Spring.

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

A special thank you to Gail for informing me that the Tiffany windows “were so you” and to Murray who went “on assignment” for me.  Without these two, this just wouldn’t be.

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A bowl of Strawberries.
Luscious Red Strawberries

May and June and early July are the best months to get local strawberries! Sweet, luscious, juicy red strawberries and what better time than the upcoming holiday weekend to have real strawberry shortcake?  There’s a twist or two in this old standby dessert  and I think it will make a world of difference and bring a level of sophistication and delight to the dish.

Depending on when you plan to serve, read the recipe carefully because the cream is prepared at least 5 hours prior to serving.  Good to do first thing in the morning for an afternoon or evening picnic or barbeque.

2  1/4 cups cold heavy cream, plus 2 TBS for brushing

20 large basil leaves plus 1/2 cup small or torn basil leaves

1/4 cup sugar

4  1/2 cups strawberries (1 lb 4 oz) sliced

3 TBS  confectioner’s sugar

Bring 1  1/2 cups of cream to a gentle simmer in a small saucepan over medium heat.  Bruise the large basil leaves by hitting repeatedly with the dull side of a knife and stir into the cream.  Remove from heat, cover tightly with plastic wrap and let steep for 25 minutes.  Strain through a fine sieve, pressing solids to extract liquid.  Refrigerate till very cold at least 5 hours.

Macerate strawberries with 1/4 cup sugar, plus more if needed, depending on sweetness of berries. Stir occasionally, for at least an hour.  Toss the berries with small basil leaves.

Whisk basil cream with confectioner’s sugar in the chilled bowl of a mixer on high speed until soft peaks form.

Mound basil cream on shortcake.  Spoon berries with juice on top

Recipe from Martha Stewar

I never thought of putting the whipped cream on the shortcake before the berries!  Which just goes to show you that you are never too old to learn a new trick.  This recipe is from Martha Stewart and I purposefully omitted her recipe for shortcake because I figure at least 75% of the people will buy those ready-made sponge cakes and maybe 10% will make their own short bread and I and the other 15% will make shortcakes from Bisquick.  And if you do use Bisquick, their recipe suggests you split the shortcake, fill with berries and top off with cream.  I’m going to sort of lightly break my shortcakes apart, then put the cream on and then the berries.  Can’t wait till this weekend.

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Now there’s a crazy phrase! Let’s see how do you bake a tornado, or souffle a hurricane? Well look for this one sometime in the future in another blog.  Today is really about cooking;  what’s in the crock pot right now is Slow-Cooked Collard Greens with Smoked Turkey and it smells so good, the whole house is filled with the aroma.  I started on Saturday morning cooking;  Into the crock pot went the makings of Slow-Cooked Beef Minestrone see previous blog for recipe:

https://pbenjay.wordpress.com/2010/09/29/slow-cooked-beef-minestrone/. And while that was simmering all day, I decided to make some Roasted Chicken and Butternut Squash Soup also published in a previous blog: https://pbenjay.wordpress.com/2010/10/05/roasted-chicken-and-butternut-squash-soup. It wasn’t really that cold this weekend so I’m not sure where the urge to soup-things-up came from but nonetheless, I love soups and am glad I now have a few containers of Minestrone in the freezer.

Last night’s dinner was the Roasted Chicken and Butternut Squash soup and when asked by you know who,“what’s for dinner”? and I told him, I got a less than enthusiastic reply.  I was informed that soup didn’t sound like much of a meal.  First of all I had to remind him that he has had it before and has remarked that “its a meal all by itself” because this soup is chunky, thick and full of chicken too.  So I thought about it and had recently seen a pasta recipe that I considered light- so why not make that as well.  Linguine with Lemon Cream Sauce was delightful, I loved it and I never really told you know who that it had cream in it.

Linguine with Lemon Cream Sauce

Coarse salt and ground pepper

1# Linguine

1 tsp. Olive Oil

2 Shallots, minced

1 cup of Heavy Cream

1 TBSP Lemon Zest (1 lemon)

2 TBSP Lemon juice

Cook pasta and reserve 2 cups of  pasta water.  Drain and return to pot.  Cook shallots in oil in small pot over MEDIUM heat till tender (4 min).  Add cream and lemon zest and bring to boil and cook until slightly thickened ( I stirred almost constantly) about 8 minutes.  Add lemon juice, salt, pepper.  I added some pasta water at that point, judging the consistency as I like it.  I also sprinkled some grated cheese over the top also.

Recipe from Martha Stewart’s Every Day Food

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