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Like a lover beckoning you to his bed, you can feel the anticipation building.  Your thoughts are racing, imagination running wild.     What will it be this time?  The usual or will we try something more exotic this time?  As you get closer, your senses are sending urgent messages to your brain;  

Sight: Oh my but it looks so tempting!  The colors themselves are blinding you with their richness.  You blush and your cheeks are as pink as that one in the corner.  Quickly look away but only to be confronted with the deepest, darkest, warmest brown you’ve ever seen.  And there’s more than one of this breed;  The color of mud but with white specks peeking out from just beneath the surface.  There’s a rainbow array of colors all lined up for your viewing pleasure and each one is sending a wave of pleasure through your being.  Your eyes devour the whole scene while you salivate and realize you’ve already begun to lose control

Smell:  Like pheromones seducing you, there’s a cacophony of aromas assaulting your olfactory receptors.  Fruity, cool, sweet and aromatic, each in its own, all together now.  Intoxicated  by the mere presence of all these scents, you realize you’re taking deep breaths and perhaps your heart is beating just a bit faster.

Taste:  This is the BIG one!  Your willpower and self-respect are no match for this sense.  You know what will happen if you give in;  Every fiber in your being tingles as you approach, the first tentative touch with your lips only affirms the promise of pleasures to come.  Using your tongue to encompass the curves, the rush of intoxicating pleasure overcomes any last shred of resistance you may have had.  The full impact of that love bite is working its way through your mouth.  OMG it’s cold, it’s soft, it’s smooth, it’s creamy, it’s sweet and it’s trickling down your throat.  What’s happening to you?  Are your eyes rolling back in your head?

It’s Not Sex – It’s Ice Cream!!!               

Photo from Crazy-Frankenstein.com

Photo from Crazy-Frankenstein.com

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