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Our Last Night in Guardia

The day had finally come, my last one in Guardia Sanframondi.  Over the the last two weeks, so many expats left;  Mike Simon went home today, Michael left two days ago, Sharon from Chicago left last week, Linda and Mike from Nova Scotia left,  Dan went back to England, Judith returned to Northern California, Marsha and Chris went home to NJ, Glen went back to Canada, Kelly headed to Rome,  I guess It  was time for me to leave too.  Many of those mentioned above will return in the fall for the harvest of the grapes and the olives,  I wish I could too!

I sorted out the food, some to Anna, some I could take to Pineto with me.  I had bought a lot of things while I was at Nonna’s House, things you need if you are going to live there because it is not a hotel and the kitchen really didn’t have a lot of  everyday items you need if you are going to cook.  I kept telling Peter I would ask Pasquale for the money although I kinda knew I wouldn’t. As I did discuss with him that I had made many purchases, he suggested he would put them all in a box with my name on it – a Lori box, it will be here for you when you return.  I thought that was so sweet as well as good salesmanship

Pasquale suggested we all go out for dinner that night to celebrate out last night. He would take us to a restaurant in Telese that served Florentine steak. I was up for that and hoping they really knew how to cook it and not over cook it like the veal I had that has to come from the cow not the calf. I cut it up and threw it to the dogs next door!

We are on our way…. First hugs and kisses with Anna, Pasquale’s mother just in case I don’t see her in the morning.


Anna and me in the BAR.

Dawn is driving me and Joel is on the back of Pasquale’s new motorcycle. I told Dawn to be prepared, I was pretty sure we were in for a real “ride”.  Sure enough just as we head out of town Pasquale makes a sharp left down a steep hill, and the road twists and turns.  This is a really old road, one that goes from the town all the way down the mountain to the river!  Pasquale and Joel were zipping along, you would have thought they were racing for gold.  We tried to stay with them but common sense prevailed.


They hardly enjoyed themselves as you can tell.


Prepping for the ride back

The restaurant was great looking, not like any we had come across so far. The decor was a fusion of country farmhouse and Italian rustica.  Pasquale picked out four cuts of steak for us and we added insalata, chips, escarole and wine. What a feast! Heartily enjoyed by all right down to gnawing on the bone to get that tender rare meat.  If you are not in Firenze, and you want a great Steak Florentine, you must go to IL FIASCO DI VINO a Telese Terme.


What a fun date!

The whole evening was wonderful and of course there is always room for gelato. AND Pasquale bought dessert, he took us to a special gelato place.  I love ice cream as any reader of my blog knows.  He remarked that all the Americans who come only want gelato for desert, why?  Perchce mangiare il gelato e come fare sesso!

To Be Continued….

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Like a lover beckoning you to his bed, you can feel the anticipation building.  Your thoughts are racing, imagination running wild.     What will it be this time?  The usual or will we try something more exotic this time?  As you get closer, your senses are sending urgent messages to your brain;  

Sight: Oh my but it looks so tempting!  The colors themselves are blinding you with their richness.  You blush and your cheeks are as pink as that one in the corner.  Quickly look away but only to be confronted with the deepest, darkest, warmest brown you’ve ever seen.  And there’s more than one of this breed;  The color of mud but with white specks peeking out from just beneath the surface.  There’s a rainbow array of colors all lined up for your viewing pleasure and each one is sending a wave of pleasure through your being.  Your eyes devour the whole scene while you salivate and realize you’ve already begun to lose control

Smell:  Like pheromones seducing you, there’s a cacophony of aromas assaulting your olfactory receptors.  Fruity, cool, sweet and aromatic, each in its own, all together now.  Intoxicated  by the mere presence of all these scents, you realize you’re taking deep breaths and perhaps your heart is beating just a bit faster.

Taste:  This is the BIG one!  Your willpower and self-respect are no match for this sense.  You know what will happen if you give in;  Every fiber in your being tingles as you approach, the first tentative touch with your lips only affirms the promise of pleasures to come.  Using your tongue to encompass the curves, the rush of intoxicating pleasure overcomes any last shred of resistance you may have had.  The full impact of that love bite is working its way through your mouth.  OMG it’s cold, it’s soft, it’s smooth, it’s creamy, it’s sweet and it’s trickling down your throat.  What’s happening to you?  Are your eyes rolling back in your head?

It’s Not Sex – It’s Ice Cream!!!               

Photo from Crazy-Frankenstein.com

Photo from Crazy-Frankenstein.com

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Harking back to my blog of a few days ago when I shared the wonderful news of the impending birth of my third grandchild, I was sent something I thought you all might get a kick out of.  For those of you who are mothers and grandmothers, I think you will be laughing till tears come to your eyes.  I know I was.  My friend, Sarajane sent this to me and I’m reposting it here for all to have a good laugh on this not-so-sunny Saturday.  It is about 10 minutes long and hilarious so sit yourself down and enjoy!  For all you new moms out there – watch, listen and learn – YOUR DAY WILL COME!

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