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Well not really! A couple of readers treasure the sound of the ocean, however  in a different manner and form.  It was wonderful to receive the responses (of course always wish more had replied) and as promised I’m publishing their favorite sounds, so listen carefully.


shooting the curl, tube surfing

Surfing in the Tube

My mom wheezing when she laughs so hard that no sound comes out of her mouth.
My father’s cackle when he laughs so hard and then he also wheezes where no sound comes out! These are my 2 favorite sounds!

A very close 2nd is the sound inside of the tube of a wave. It’s the best white noise known to man. Not only is it the most beautiful site of all time, when that waves closes over you, there is a silence that is deafening!! Only a surfer would know!

Chiara and Joel’s laughter remind me of my childhood and so many amazing board games. Those 2 laughs are so contagious! Basically I love laughter!!


I love the sound of a baby breathing, my son, Christopher’s, voice, smacking of the ocean’s wave against the sand, children laughing, & most of all, my mother’s ghost telling me that I should feel guilting about something..


I agree with you about the thunder, ocean waves and purring! Also, the sound of a heavy rain banging against the window when you’re nice and warm and dry inside. Also, the sound of the first notes of songs that you love.


I am Taurus on the cusp of Gemini but I have one sound above all others that I love:  the sound of a constant rain on the roof/skylight/lanai/patio/deck/tent.  Nothing is more peaceful to me.  You got me with the sounds of being on a boat and hearing the sounds of water alongside and I do sleep peacefully with that BUT my ear is always awake listening for a deep engine too close, fog horns or waves on rocks (meaning the anchor has dragged and our boat is too close to shore!).  I can fall asleep in an instant sitting at the beach and listening to the gentle lapping of the waves and the sounds of seagulls but, again, not as good as rain.  Mind you, all these things have to do with water which, as you rightly suggested, is reminiscent of the womb. Nuff said.

Sooooo what do think or hear for that matter?  If you wish to express your thoughts on your own favorite sound, please send to me here in the blog or at pbenjaytoo@gmail.com

Footnote: The Christmas carol, “Do You Hear What I Hear” was written by a married couple who wrote it during the Cuban Missile Crisis as a plea for peace.

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Castro, in 2002, beneath a statue of José Martí

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Conspiracy Theory Wednesday

Cuba suffered greatly under the Kennedy Administration.  A cut-off in diplomatic relations had been followed by the Bay of Pigs invasion and terrorist acts by CIA-supported Cuban exilesCuban Premier Fidel Castro knew the CIA was trying to kill him, eventually counting 24 attempts.  CIA death devices included poison cigars, exploding seashells, and a toxic wetsuit.  But the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis resulted in Kennedy telling Soviet Premier Khrushchev that, in return for removal of Russian missiles from Cuba, the U.S. Would not invade the island.  Meanwhile, the U.S.  Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC) urged an end to the economic embargo.  In the Summer of 1063 Kennedy clamped down on CIA-exile groups that ignored his order to stop terrorist acts against Cuba, and that Fall he made secret diplomatic plans for U.S<  and Cuban representatives to meet, leaving Castro little motive to kill him.  A month before the assassination Castro said, “I believe Kennedy is sincere.  I consider him responsible for everything , but I will says this…in the last analysis I’m convinced that anyone else would be worse…I’m willing to declare Barry Goldwater my friend if it will guarantee Kennedy’s re-election.”  After Kennedy’s death, the agreed-upon secret talks were scrapped by Lyndon Johnson.

Oswald’s suspect FPCC membership connected him not to Castro, but to Cuban exile  handler Guy Banister.  CIA reports on “Oswald” in Mexico City and rumors of Oswald’s meetings with Cuban agents that circulated after the assassination seemed to link him to Castro, but they originated in the propaganda mills of CIA veterans David Phillips and E. Howard Hunt.

This conspiracy theory has been around a LONG long time.  Ask anyone old enough to remember the assassination if they REALLY believe Kennedy was shot and killed by ONE man, Lee Harvey Oswald.

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For some reason, I have become enamored with the idea that I should have some blog days that are designated to a topic.  And I am a bit hooked on Conspiracy Theory Wednesday because as I said I think it is a throwback to my Colin McEnroe radio listening days in Hartford, CT.

Since Dark Legacy stirred my deeply buried but not lost feelings about the Kennedy assassination, I came across, well actually Peter did, but this is my blog so… we have a deck of trading cards of all things, that expose and expound upon the conspiracy behind President Kennedy’s death.  I was really intrigued by the concept – can you imagine a company produced a deck of cards called Coup D’Etat?  You can’t? Believe me it exists and Conspiracy Theory Wednesday seems to be the perfect time to delve into this fascinating and complex conspiracy theory.  Think of it as jumping the gun (no pun intended) on the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination when surely there will be a new wave of books dealing with this 20th century haunting mystery.  The following is from the first card in the deck;

The Assassination

Politics brought John F. Kennedy to Texas in 1963.  The 35th president won the conservative state in the 1960 election largely for his tough stand on Cuba, his promised defense build-up, and his Texan running mate.   But Kennedy’s 1,026 days in office were characterized by increasingly liberal policies.  The failed 1961 Cuban Bay of Pigs invasion, the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, the 1963  Test Ban Treaty with the Soviets and the administration’s support of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement added to Kennedy’s growing unpopularity in right-wing circles.  In the nine months before the President’s visit to Dallas, the Secret Service had received more than 400 threats on his life.  On November 18 one of these caused the cancellation of a planned motorcade through Miami.  In Texas, a state dependent on the oil and defense industries, recent moves to repeal the sacrosanct 27.5% oil depletion allowance and plans to begin withdrawal of U.S. military “advisors” from Vietnam were viewed with particular alarm, nowhere more visibly than in Dallas, a hotbed of right wing fringe activity.  In October 1963, UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson had been shoved, spat on, and hit with a picket sign there.  When Kennedy read the Dallas morning news on Friday morning, November 22nd, he was greeted by a full page ad in bold, black type suggesting that he was a Communist and a traitor.  A few hours later, as he rode through downtown Dallas accompanied by Texas Governor, John Connally and Vice President Lyndon Johnson, the motorcade route was lined with posters picturing Kennedy with the words, “Wanted for Treason”.  The stage was set for assassination.

If you’re interested (and it only gets better) check back next Wednesday for the next segment.

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Welcome to Conspiracy Theory Wednesday

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