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Well not really! A couple of readers treasure the sound of the ocean, however  in a different manner and form.  It was wonderful to receive the responses (of course always wish more had replied) and as promised I’m publishing their favorite sounds, so listen carefully.


shooting the curl, tube surfing

Surfing in the Tube

My mom wheezing when she laughs so hard that no sound comes out of her mouth.
My father’s cackle when he laughs so hard and then he also wheezes where no sound comes out! These are my 2 favorite sounds!

A very close 2nd is the sound inside of the tube of a wave. It’s the best white noise known to man. Not only is it the most beautiful site of all time, when that waves closes over you, there is a silence that is deafening!! Only a surfer would know!

Chiara and Joel’s laughter remind me of my childhood and so many amazing board games. Those 2 laughs are so contagious! Basically I love laughter!!


I love the sound of a baby breathing, my son, Christopher’s, voice, smacking of the ocean’s wave against the sand, children laughing, & most of all, my mother’s ghost telling me that I should feel guilting about something..


I agree with you about the thunder, ocean waves and purring! Also, the sound of a heavy rain banging against the window when you’re nice and warm and dry inside. Also, the sound of the first notes of songs that you love.


I am Taurus on the cusp of Gemini but I have one sound above all others that I love:  the sound of a constant rain on the roof/skylight/lanai/patio/deck/tent.  Nothing is more peaceful to me.  You got me with the sounds of being on a boat and hearing the sounds of water alongside and I do sleep peacefully with that BUT my ear is always awake listening for a deep engine too close, fog horns or waves on rocks (meaning the anchor has dragged and our boat is too close to shore!).  I can fall asleep in an instant sitting at the beach and listening to the gentle lapping of the waves and the sounds of seagulls but, again, not as good as rain.  Mind you, all these things have to do with water which, as you rightly suggested, is reminiscent of the womb. Nuff said.

Sooooo what do think or hear for that matter?  If you wish to express your thoughts on your own favorite sound, please send to me here in the blog or at pbenjaytoo@gmail.com

Footnote: The Christmas carol, “Do You Hear What I Hear” was written by a married couple who wrote it during the Cuban Missile Crisis as a plea for peace.

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I don’t know why I ever try to define anything that is my favorite.  It goes so against my Gemini twin-like indecision!  Like I could ever pick ONE movie that was my all time favorite.  Noooo I am the poster-child, er in my case, woman of Variety is the Spice of Life. I can’t make up my mind quickly when I’m in my favorite ice cream shop so I always get two scoops in two different flavors.

I don’t think I have a favorite song, I have a couple.  And now this??  What is your favorite sound? This is an attempt, an avenue, an opportunity to get more readers more involved in the blog postings.  Blatant? Maybe, but I’m pretty up front about it!.

So please send me your favorite sound or sounds because honestly I have more than one and I’m going to tell you all of them, so you can do the same.  I would love to post them and you can leave them here on the blog or email me at pbenjaytoo@gmail.com.

And how does someone choose a favorite sound?  Is it because that particular sound engenders a nostalgic memory or feeling?  Does the sound serve some need of yours?  Well let me tell you about my favorite sounds and maybe you can relate to them or you’ll get to thinking about the sounds in your life and what they mean to you.

I love the sound of ocean, the crashing of waves and the gentle lapping of waves on the shore.  However best of all I like the sound of the water splashing up against a bell buoy when you’re sleeping on board a boat.  That sound along with the gentle rocking and rolling of the boat surely must be a memory embedded from the womb.

I love the sound of thunder!  The rolling, rumbling gathering of nature’s forces that climax in a vibrating thunderclap really excites me.  There is a majestic power in this lightning-charged explosion of air and the booming, banging, cracking and crashing of thunder puts me ever in awe of Mother Nature.

I love the sound of silence. The deep, dark, thick silence that surrounds the cottage on a winter night.   The stillness is secure, safe and cozy to me.  Peter hates it-well, born and bred in the City, this kind of silence is totally foreign to him.  He can’t fall asleep, he says it’s too quiet.  I say, “that’s how it’s supposed to be”.  I can snuggle my head into my down pillow and let the darkness and silence envelope me and drift into sleep…the sound of the silence filling my head until dreams replace it.

And I love the  sound of a cat purring! As an adjunct to my love of the  sound of silence, when in the City, I love to have Nora sleep on top of my pillow and purr and purr.  She is my very own sound machine.  All I have to do is rub her belly or stroke her head and she is off and running on another round of a fairly loud purrrrring.  Sometimes she purrs herself to sleep before me!

And so I ask you again, What Is Your Favorite Sound? Please share them with us.


purring, Nora


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