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Yes I am a Grey’s Anatomy groupie and not that ashamed to say so.  Every Thursday night is a problem in our house because I have to make sure dinner is over with or that I’m home on time (even though it is be ing DVRd).  Peter does not want to be in the same room when it’s on and for the life of him, he can’t understand my fascination/obsession/addiction to it.  Yeah well, me and few other million viewers!

1. Will Kerev take in more than one room-mate/sub-letter?

2. Will Derek ever perform surgery again?

3. Can April REALLY re-virginize herself?

4. Can Owen win back Dr. Yang – Does he really want to?

5. Is Arizona ready to come back to the hospital?

6. Will Dr. Yang give a few more of the interns dwarf nicknames?

7. Can Kerev keep it zipped up for at least one more episode?

8. Will Dr. Avery (the cute one) marry April?

9. Will Richard divorce his wife to be with Katherine Avery or will they just continue to hook up?

10. When will Meredith be able to sleep with lights off?


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