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Well, last night was quite an evening….I started at 8:00PM insisting we watch the 2 hour special of Kitchen Nightmares.  I love Gordon Ramsey and make no apologies for saying so!  I watch Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef and Kitchen Nightmares.  Last night my husband watched it with me and whether he did so out of love or reluctance to get up off the couch is up for debate.  Actually he wanted to see this episode because we had seen the original show of Amy’s Bakery and we, like apparently hundreds of other watchers were both fascinated and appalled by the goings on in Scottsdale!  If you didn’t see the show and are at all curious I understand that YouTube has many clips.  Amy  and her husband George (aka The Gangster) run a restaurant and while they are at it, they run a lot of their customers out of the dining room and run all of their wait staff out the door!  This morning, Peter wanted to discuss just how fascinating a personality Amy is and I sort of dismissed her by remarking “I don’t find narcissism and neurotic behavior all that fascinating”.  Probably the rigid Germanic side of my ancestry!

Anyway this blog was not intended to go on and on about that show but seriously I could….Which makes those two characters and Gordon Ramsey interesting and fascinating after all!

Next I checked out my DVR to find what else I may have recorded for my own personal viewing;  I say that because Peter hates to watch commercial TV and usually only watched movies (the black and white kind of course) so I tape many of the “dumb” shows I want to see and I watch them way into the wee hours of the night.  I told him I was going to watch The Millionaire Matchmaker which I thought would surely drive him into the bedroom but no, he stayed.  This particular episode was about this shallow, disgusting and fat (yes I said fat) NY publicist and I figured if he was going to watch one of these shows, he would find this one interesting.  NOTE: the word interesting doesn’t alway connote something clever or good.  She was so disgusting I refuse to give her any more verbiage in my blog!

I think Peter left the room after that because I announced I was going to watch Grey’s Anatomy.  I knew he would scoot out of the den before that was on.  He hates doctor/hospital shows and this one is a soap too.  I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy since its beginning but wonder if it is readying itself for a swan song ending.  I read somewhere that Sandra Oh is leaving and now it looks like Karev will be off making some real money in private practice!  Peter just loves it when I talk about these characters as if they were real people lol.

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I’ve been under A LOT OF STRESS lately and sitting alone on the couch last night, remote firmly in my hand  was lovely!  After my Grey’s fix, I watched the last Hell’s Kitchen episode that I missed this week.  Yes, it was time for Mike to go.  Nobody on the blue team liked him and they would never let him help out so he always ended up looking inept.  

It was now about 1:00 AM and too late to watch the scary episode of CSI since even the commercials warned you to be prepared.  I couldn’t watch anything that might involve cannibalism and then go to bed.  Luckily for me, The Millionaire Matchmaker  is running re-runs as well as new episodes and they seem to  be back to back.  I stayed up until 2:00 AM watching more mindless matchmaking.  Well, let me say that Patti isn’t doing her job mindlessly lol, it’s me watching her show mindlessly.

And that’s how it took me 6 hours to unwind from a week of terrible stress.  None of the issues and problems that are causing the stress are resolved but by 2 AM, I couldn’t care less!

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Yes I am a Grey’s Anatomy groupie and not that ashamed to say so.  Every Thursday night is a problem in our house because I have to make sure dinner is over with or that I’m home on time (even though it is be ing DVRd).  Peter does not want to be in the same room when it’s on and for the life of him, he can’t understand my fascination/obsession/addiction to it.  Yeah well, me and few other million viewers!

1. Will Kerev take in more than one room-mate/sub-letter?

2. Will Derek ever perform surgery again?

3. Can April REALLY re-virginize herself?

4. Can Owen win back Dr. Yang – Does he really want to?

5. Is Arizona ready to come back to the hospital?

6. Will Dr. Yang give a few more of the interns dwarf nicknames?

7. Can Kerev keep it zipped up for at least one more episode?

8. Will Dr. Avery (the cute one) marry April?

9. Will Richard divorce his wife to be with Katherine Avery or will they just continue to hook up?

10. When will Meredith be able to sleep with lights off?


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My Funny Valentine

Learning or rather re-learning for the 4th or 5th time to knit (European style)- many many thanks to Susan! A quick sortie onto Facebook and wow – on for 2 minutes and 3 friends found me to chat. I have got to go there more often. Had fun doing arts and crafts – this Grandma/Gigi “made/created” two fantastic Valentine cards. Do you remember how much fun it was to paste doilies, stickers and cut up construction paper – OH YEAH! Almost completely packed to go to Boston and can’t wait to see little Miss Finny. We may even bake Valentine cookies! What’s the best way to get to Boston from New York? Take the Bolt Bus, they are clean, not too big, basically always on time and have electrical outlets for electronic devices. The prices aren’t as good as they used to be – I once made the round trip for $12 and then took a cab from Penn Station home to the UES and the ride cost over $20!!!!! Just hope the impending snow storm is not going to hamper this trip. And along the lines of banal remarks – I made delicious Beef Ministrone in the crock pot today, sooooo gooood.
And now to watch 3 episodes of DVR’d Grey’s Anatomy (I told you I was an addict).

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