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They don’t call New York City the Capital of the World for nothing…Diversity is Manhattan.  When I first moved to the City, I was amazed at the foreign faces I saw and the myriad languages spoken everywhere.   Now, well I don’t even notice except when a foreign tourist is holding a guide-book or map.  After a while you come to know that (and these are somewhat generalized), most nail salons are run by Koreans, the news stands are manned by Pakistanis or Bangledehis,  the dry cleaners  seem to be Korean and tailors are often Chinese, not to mention the numerous coffee shops throughout the City owned by Greeks and Deli’s owned and run by Indians.  You can also visit the enclave neighborhoods of Jamaicans, Haitians, Italians, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Polish, German, Irish, Hispanic, Romanian, Russian, Thai, Indians and dine on the best  culinary offerings from those countries!

BUT what brings all the countries together in the City are the PARADES! There’s always a parade somewhere.  Today I’m featuring photos from an Indian Festival Parade.  The festival is HOLI;

Holi and the following day, Dhuleti, are known as the Indian Festival of Color. Playing Holi or sharing colors is a highlight of this holiday. Gifts of sweets or Holi colors are common and greeting cards are often sent.

The holiday is observed all over India and celebrates the harvest of the winter crops as it welcomes the beginning of Spring. Holi is called Dol Jatra or Dol Purnima in Bengal, Rangapanchami in Maharashtra, Kamavilas, Kaman Pandugai or Kaman-dahanam in South India.

In Northern India, the Raas-Lila dances celebrate love in the Spring and honor Radha and Krishna. In Southern India, Kamdev, the Love God, and his wife Rati are the focus of the stories and songs.

No matter which part of India the festivals are in or which gods are involved, they are feasts of color and usually involve sprinkling colored waters and gulal, brightly colored powders, on the gods and on the other revellers. Balloons filled with colored waters are splashed on friends and anyone else who happens to be near.

Holi Festival of colors, New York City, parade

Ready to Celebrate

HOLI, Festival of colors, Indian holiday, Indian parade, New York city

Even the drums are colorful

Holi,Dhuleti, New york city, parades in NY, Indian festival of colors

Incredible India

new york city, Indian parade, HOLI, Dhuleti, festival of colors


HOLI, Dhuleti, festival of colors, new york city, Indian parade

Colorful HOLI Dancers

Dhuleti, HOLI, festival of colors, New York city parade, Indian festival

Just Do What I Do

Festival of Colors

Dhuleti, Indian fesstival of colors, new york city

Jumping for Joy

All photos by Murray Head

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