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Daylight savings time world

Daylight savings time world (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the montra you used to use when you were invited to a cocktail party and didn’t know anyone except the hostess.  This is what your mother told you should begin polite conversation with the opposite sex. Talking about the weather is what you do when you go into the Post Office or the hardware store.  Talking about the weather is what comes up between strangers on a bus or train.  Often, when you walk into any store, the owner/clerk/salesperson opens up a conversation with you about what – THE WEATHER!

We didn’t have any snow or ice storms all winter!  Without the inches/feet of snow in our yards, what reason did we have to call our cousins in Florida or relatives in CaliforniaWinter on the East Coast is a treasure trove of gossip, factoids and is in the news every day, often as the lead story.  I mean weathermen in New England have risen to stardom when we had a couple of severe (as they like to say) winters.  Just think  of the lost career opportunities this past season!

Alright so we did talk about the weather, or rather, we just sort of talked about the lack thereof.   When conversation lagged or out of sheer boredom or better yet the desire to be the one who captures everyone’s attention with a new tidbit, well then you could always drag out September’s hurricane and October’s freak snow fall.  I rode out the hurricane through the night as the wind howled and the rain poured but at the shore in October we only had a very light snowfall so not much to complain about.

Luckily we had a weird Spring or rather a warm extended Winter!  Everybody was screwed up!  The daffodils were blooming in March, the forsythia bushes which are planted along our property burst into a bright yellow line of sentries.  Small talk was revived! Who had early tulips, whose hyacinths were already past, my oh my, chatter again. NOT to mention I for one am still not quite used to this early change date to Daylight Savings Time.  Growing up it was always Spring Forward in April and Fall Back in October. Now we are leaping ahead before St. Patrick’s Day!  Well and that gave a few people something to talk about anyway.

And NOW, we are in the midst of a blistering heat wave.  95++ degrees, God knows how high the humidity is but it feels like about 90%.  Every day the newscasters and weather men are all about the heat!.  Mayor Bloomberg has opened up over 400 cooling centers where you can cool down BUT there’s no smoking and you can’t get a 16oz soda!!  This would probably be the time to stay in my apartment with the blinds down, the air conditioner on high and watch movies….but ah no! We are at the shore where we have been mowing, weeding and watering early in the morning so as not to expire in the heat and so our plants won’t wilt and die.   The cottage is not centrally air-conditioned and our poor little room units are on most of the day – however not all rooms at once because of course this is an old house with old wiring!!!  So it’s like turn off the living room a/c unit and run upstairs and turn on the bedroom a/c.  I think that’s worthy of some casual remarks at the very least.

So as you see, it’s so easy to talk about the weather!  I just did!!

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So that was Friday in Ocean Grove and now it’s Saturday and I have some interesting photos from Grand Central Terminal.  Murray got to GCT just before it was closed down by Mayor Bloomberg.  Official close time was to be 12:20pm today.  If you are at all familiar with Grand Central Terminal, you know the only time you ever see it empty is on a post card!  Take a look at what Irene has done to our City, (and she’s not even here yet).

Hurricane Irene, Grand Central Terminal,

High Noon in GCT

Grand Central Terminal, Hurricane Irene

Time To Get Out Of Town

metro north, Grand Central Terminal, Hurricane Irene

Metro North Comes To A Halt

Grand Central Terminal, hurricane Irene

All Alone Am I

All photos by Murray Head


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SSSsssss, well it may be a stretch but I just thought that the S sound was a twisty title for this blog post. And how apropos since there seems to be snow in the forecast every couple of days.  Either it’s impending or we’re told about storms forming in the Gulf or Canada or wherever but they all seem determined to touch down on the East Coast.  If New York City isn’t getting sleet or snow, then surely our little cottage on the Jersey Shore is getting slammed with several inches of snow!

But kids everywhere even big ones, will be kids, and kids and snow go together like rum and coca cola – I know – that’s a weird analogy considering rum and coca cola is usually a summer cocktail.

Central park, snow saucer, sliding in Central Park, New York City

Flying High Above the Snow

Photo by Murray Head

Central Park, New York City, saucer, sliding, wipe out

Smile and Say Cheese

photo by Murray Head

Central Park, New York City, snow, sliding, saucer

Way To Go!!!

photo by Murray Head

Central park, New York city, saucer, sliding, snow

I Must Have Taken A Wrong Turn Back There

photo by Murray Head

snow, saucer, New York city, Central Park

UH OH! Wipe Out!!!

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