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What a city this is!! New York speaks loud and clear and in many language, it’s just one ginormous kaleidoscope of humanity.  You just never know what or who you’re going to come across in an afternoon.

green market, cyclists, backpack

Green Market Greenies
ice skater, Bryant Park, Central Park

Practice, practice, practice

central park

Two Tourists in Central Park

ICONIC Still Life-A girl, a dog and two birds

stretching, warm up,

Cirque du Soleil here I come!


central park, squirrel

Burying A Nut

A Nuthatch Seeking Insects

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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Talk about air time, yesterday was the Mayor Mike/Guv Christie show all day long!! Mike Bloomberg was determined that New York City under his watch would be prepared for the impending disaster.  By and large, most New Yorkers followed his lead.  Murray took the photos of Grand Central Terminal just before it was shut down (nobody’s leavin’ this town) – https://pbenjay.wordpress.com/2011/08/27/high-noon-in-new-york-city-irene-is-on-her-way/ and some other pre-Irene photos.  Today he went out and captured some great photos of Irene’s aftermath.  Here they are for your pleasure.

new york city, hurricane Irene

Cut the Red Tape, Use the Blue

new york city

Armed and Ready for Action

hurricane Irene, Apple store

We ARE Open 24/7

apple store new york city

Except When Irene's in Town

hurricane Irene

Park Avenue

A Fly Amid the Rain Drops

Some diid not survive the storm

new york city

The Mayor said "Stay Home"

purple flower

Fragile BUT A Survivor

Storm Sewer Detritus

hurricane Irene

Whew! What A Storm!

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So that was Friday in Ocean Grove and now it’s Saturday and I have some interesting photos from Grand Central Terminal.  Murray got to GCT just before it was closed down by Mayor Bloomberg.  Official close time was to be 12:20pm today.  If you are at all familiar with Grand Central Terminal, you know the only time you ever see it empty is on a post card!  Take a look at what Irene has done to our City, (and she’s not even here yet).

Hurricane Irene, Grand Central Terminal,

High Noon in GCT

Grand Central Terminal, Hurricane Irene

Time To Get Out Of Town

metro north, Grand Central Terminal, Hurricane Irene

Metro North Comes To A Halt

Grand Central Terminal, hurricane Irene

All Alone Am I

All photos by Murray Head


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The Northeast is getting slammed this winter with snow storms, blizzards, snow lightning , you name it and we’ve gotten it.  This past Wednesday night we had yet another snow storm.  By morning 19 inches had fallen in Central Park.  Central Park is Manhattan’s emerald jewel in the summer  and alternatively a sparkly diamond and an iridescent opal in the winter.

As my regular readers know, many many of my Fab Foto Friday photos are taken in Central Park.  There’s just so much to see at any time of the year.  The birds, the flowers, the trees, the ponds, the landmarks, the bridges, the kids, the artists, the playgrounds, the picnicker, the runners, the skaters, the mimes, the jugglers, the acrobats, the break dancers, the gardens, the sculpture, the boats and ever so much more!

This Friday (and yes I am once again a day late) our Fab Fotos are from Central Park in all its beauty enhanced by 19″ of snow! This is what life in the City is when it snows!!!

Central Park, Bethesda Fountain, blizzard Jan 2th New york city
Bethesda Fountain Stands Alone

Photo by Murray Head

Central Park, San Remo, bow bridge, new york city, snow storm Jan 27th

The San Remo Bow Bridge Central Park

Photo by Murray Head

snow storm, central park, new york city,

Footsteps in Freshly Fallen Snow

Photo by Murray Head

Central Park, new york city, sculpture, snow mantle

Bundled Up Against the Storm

Photo by Murray Head

escape, going over the wall, Central Park, New York city, red coat doggie, snow storm

Escape! Going Over the Wall

Photo by Murray Head

central park, new york city, snow storm snow man, January 27th

A City Slicker

Photo by Murray Head


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Sundays in the Park with Murray could be a whole photo series unto itself…but for today I selected a few that make up a Fourth of July celebration in the middle of January.  Central Park, as you know, is a photographer’s canvas for all seasons.  Well if you read this blog, of course you know because I publish Murray’s photos depicting Central Park and its flora and fauna all through the year.  Our most recent snow fall provided a great backdrop and an integral component of this RED WHITE and BLUE  series.

Central Park, NYC, Murray Head, cardinal, snow storm

Knee Deep in Snow

photo by Murray Head

Central Park, New York City,

Blue on White Quite a Site

Photo by Murray Head

snowy branch, Central Park, New YOrk City, Murray Head

Cardinal Contemplating the Snow Situation

photo by Murray Head

Central Park New York city, Murray Head, snow storm,

Struggling Through the Snow

photo by Murray Head

bull dog, snow storm Central Park New York city, Murray head, snow saucer

Look Ma No Hands!

photo by Murray Head

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If you don’t live in New York , maybe you’ve read about how our Mayor Bloomberg is cleaning up the City, we don’t smoke, we don’t eat transfats…he has pedestrian malls in two of Manhattan’s busiest squares; Times Square and Union Square and he would like to eliminate most of the cars.  Take away the cars, the MTA keeps increasing their fares and what’s left?

Take a look at the Signs of the Time.

bicycle rental, New York Athletic Club

Taking a break at 1927

photo by Murray Head

Manhattan bike rentals

Wheels in the Wheels

photo by Murray Head

red high tops,

RED High Tops

photo by Murray Head

Manhattan, bike rental

Flower Power bermuda shorts

photo by Murray Head

Manhattan bike rentals

Please Rent a Bike

photo by Murray Head

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