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A box of Junior Mints

Even Seniors Like Them

Does anyone out there remember when going to the movies was a cheap date?  I mean seriously, the price of a movie ticket is so high I’m happy to pass my self off as an almost senior!  In New York City, the price of an adult movie ticket ranges from $12.50 at The Film Forum, an art and vintage movie theater, $13.50 at AMC theaters and a whopping $19.50 to see a movie at IMAX.

So who wouldn’t want some gift certificates to their local movie house or a gift card from Fandango?

Not an original idea for sure, BUT this year let’s get creative with the packaging.

You can get an open striped carton favor box online or a store like The Container Store sells many various creative containers.  A popcorn box or container would be great and I bet if you go to your favorite movie theater’s concession stand and ask for an empty popcorn holder, you’ll get one or two!  Fill it with favorite movie-watching munchies like Good & Plenty, Junior Mints, Sugar Babies and of course the certificates or gift card. Tie a ribbon around it and you have the makings of a perfect (not too expensive) gift.  And it can be given to just about anyone on your list.

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