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If you have a holiday party invite in the next two weeks, I’ve got an idea for you!  Simple, creative, useful and it will last a whole lot longer than that bottle of red wine.  This one you will need to make ahead of time and by that I mean you just can’t throw it together the day of the party like my other quickie solution to last minute gift dilemma;  Hostess Gift with a Punch! December 8th-Count Down To Christmas 17 Days to Go

Scented Sugars

What a sweet treat!

What a sweet treat!

This gift requires a couple of Mason jars or glass containers which can be purchased at stores like The Container Store, Marshall’s Home Goods or Michael’s.  Of course I think using vintage mason jars (think yard/garage sale) would be really great.     Scented sugars can be used in coffee, tea, batter mixes, well just about anything you put sugar on.  You can use aromatic edibles such as geranium leaves, rose petals, vanilla beans and orange and lemon peel.  When using the lemons or oranges, wash the skin thoroughly, peel the skin and leave it out on a paper towel to dry out a bit for at least a day.

To create these pretty jars layer granulated sugar with the leaves or peel.  Seal in an airtight containers for a few days while the sugars absorbs the scents.  A gift of one or three in various sizes is sure to please and make a very, very sweet remembrance.

Scented Sugars recipe from Martha Stewart Living December/January-1993/1994

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A box of Junior Mints

Even Seniors Like Them

Does anyone out there remember when going to the movies was a cheap date?  I mean seriously, the price of a movie ticket is so high I’m happy to pass my self off as an almost senior!  In New York City, the price of an adult movie ticket ranges from $12.50 at The Film Forum, an art and vintage movie theater, $13.50 at AMC theaters and a whopping $19.50 to see a movie at IMAX.

So who wouldn’t want some gift certificates to their local movie house or a gift card from Fandango?

Not an original idea for sure, BUT this year let’s get creative with the packaging.

You can get an open striped carton favor box online or a store like The Container Store sells many various creative containers.  A popcorn box or container would be great and I bet if you go to your favorite movie theater’s concession stand and ask for an empty popcorn holder, you’ll get one or two!  Fill it with favorite movie-watching munchies like Good & Plenty, Junior Mints, Sugar Babies and of course the certificates or gift card. Tie a ribbon around it and you have the makings of a perfect (not too expensive) gift.  And it can be given to just about anyone on your list.

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It seems as if every year, Christmas and holiday wrapping paper gets more and more sophisticated.  One store in particular is a particular favorite of mine for wrapping paper, The Container Store.  I love how they showcase the papers by grouping them in various color categories and they have tons to pick from.

I like this particular choice of wrapping paper because it is a slightly-off-Christmas color and deer are so ecumenical!  Ha, ha, this from a Catholic wife of a Jewish husband.

Wrap the gift and tie it up with a piece of grosgrain ribbon with a couple of jingle bells on top and you can “jingle all the way” through the holiday!

Christmas wrapping paper,

Dashing Deer

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