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Well, well, and I thought I was SO ORIGINAL with my new little category of interesting tidbits, tasty morsels to whet your appetite for more and lo and behold look what my friend, Gail found online!!!  She came across the blog, Vaude_Visuals which used the term Amuse Bouche and features fantastic photography; not only of the New York Clown Theater Festival but is in fact devoted to photographing the eccentric, daring in the world of performing arts.  Here is the link to his site:   http://vaudevisuals.com/2011/09/flocked-clown-show-audrey-crabtree/

From that site I followed a couple of the links and came to The Brick, a theater and performing art space located in Brooklyn and the place where you can find the Clown Theater Festival of 2011.  Their link is below: The festival runs through September 25th, so you still have time to grab some chuckles and belly laughs- after all who doesn’t love a clown?


The Brick

A Tasty Tidbit

Image from The Brick website

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Castor and Pollux

The Gemini Twins

Last week I told you I had discovered an Hors D’Oeuvre Cookbook written in the “80’s and it listed 52 reasons to hold a party or celebration.  At first I thought it was meant to be the 52 weeks of the year but I was wrong – It’s just 52 reasons to celebrate and not weeks because of course some holidays fall close together, duh!

So here is reason #11 – Starting A Diet Tomorrow We all eat and drink like it’s our last meal!  Big portions, comfort food served family style.   Count me in.

Here’s a little personal anecdote;  I used to blame it on my astrological sign, Castor and Pollux – those souls of opposing views and ultimate indecision because sit me down in front of  a menu especially a large one and I just can’t make  up my mind as to what I want.  This could go on for 15 minutes until my husband would say, “This probably isn’t your last meal”.

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