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Count down to Christmas has begun…Cookie season is here.  There are LOTS of holiday cookie recipes to be had through the link below.  Think spicy little Gingerbread men, Praline-topped Blondies, Angeletti.

Have you ever been to a Holiday Cookie Swap?  I went to a couple in my other life in suburbia and it’s really great way to entertain your girlfriends.  I went to one held mid-morning and another one at night.  Both times, it was great fun.

If you’re not in the mood to swap, some of these delicious cookies would make a terrific dessert tier for Christmas Eve.  Enjoy!!

Best Holiday Cookies.

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It’s not just New York City folklore, there really is a secret train station located underneath the Waldorf-Astoria.  I’ve never seen it and you probably won’t either but here’s a chance to see some great photos of the station and the famous FDR train.  My friend Gail, sent me this article in The Gothamist:  Take a look!  http://gothamist.com/2011/11/07/photos.php#photo-1

secret train staion, Waldorf Astoria, Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The FDR Train

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A couple of weeks ago, NBC News ran a story about penguins in New Zealand after an oil spill in the area (makes you want to quote Sarah Palin doesn’t it? “Drill baby drill“).  Anyway the oil spilled and the penguins got soaked in it.  In order to prevent the penguins from ingesting toxic oil when they preen themselves, a dedicated group of knitters is providing sweaters for the little creatures!  Take a look – you will have to watch a 28 second ad first but even that is cute.

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Everyone knows the colors of Autumn are glorious.  Trips through New England are annual pilgrimage for hundreds, maybe thousands of people.  Here in New York City, the weather is warmer longer and we are south of the New England states.  The leaves are finally turning in the park and the season’s last flowers are in full bloom.  Take a look!

A Bee Bends Over

Yellow Daisies of Autumn

Carpet of Color in Central Park

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Here’s how it went down: Gail sent me an email with a link to a story about this woman Jane, who spent 22 years finding, purchasing and totally restoring a carousel.  It’s an amazing story of commitment, determination and ambition.  5 days ago, I sent the link to Murray, who commented that it was interesting!  THEN, he sent me an article written about Jane and her carousel that was published in CAROUSEL  April 2009.  THEN Murray went to DUMBO where under the Brooklyn Bridge, Jane’s dream and hard work had come true.  That was 7 days ago and the opening day of the carousel.  He took some FAB FOTOS (look for more on Friday’s blog), sent them to Jane herself and got a reply and then sent them to me and I’m passing a couple on to you today, just two because after all this is just an amuse-bouche.

Jane's carousel, Brooklyn

Spectacular Silver Stallion

Jane's carousel, Brooklyn

It’s in the lovingly restored details!

photos by Murray Head

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Well, well, and I thought I was SO ORIGINAL with my new little category of interesting tidbits, tasty morsels to whet your appetite for more and lo and behold look what my friend, Gail found online!!!  She came across the blog, Vaude_Visuals which used the term Amuse Bouche and features fantastic photography; not only of the New York Clown Theater Festival but is in fact devoted to photographing the eccentric, daring in the world of performing arts.  Here is the link to his site:   http://vaudevisuals.com/2011/09/flocked-clown-show-audrey-crabtree/

From that site I followed a couple of the links and came to The Brick, a theater and performing art space located in Brooklyn and the place where you can find the Clown Theater Festival of 2011.  Their link is below: The festival runs through September 25th, so you still have time to grab some chuckles and belly laughs- after all who doesn’t love a clown?


The Brick

A Tasty Tidbit

Image from The Brick website

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It’s Thursday night, well actually early Friday morning and as the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches… events, memorials, remembrances,  prayer services, concerts, readings, forums, panels, meetings, articles, press releases, books, dedications, stories, songs and gatherings are coming together to honor those who died that day.

So in a way, consider this the Amuse-Bouchedu jour and just a little insight into one of the many ways those who survived have managed to continue to survive, using their loss and grief to find within themselves a way to express the deep emotions roiling inside. 

Michele the painter, Michele DiSimone

One of Michele's many watercolors in her book

I have a new friend and her name is Michele;  Attached below is an article written by another new friend, Richard of the BPlot, a weekly feature in The Coaster, a local Jersey Shore newspaper. 


How are you honoring the 10th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center?  Where were you that day? Would you share some or all of your memories of that time and place in your life?   Please send in whatever comments you wish to make about 9/11 either then or now and I will post all.

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Ever wonder who designs the oftentimes exciting, creative way a movie’s title comes across the screen?  The graphics are fabulous, the font so unusual and the clever use of the film’s “logo” (think of the Pink Panther creeping along the screen, popping in and out of the text).  Well someone comes up with that and it isn’t the director, screenwriter or producer.

Saul Bass was a great designer, famous for his  incredible work in film,  corporate identity and  logos, as well as graphic design.  His posters for films such as The Anatomy of Murder and Vertigo are legendary.

The book pictured below will be published in November 2011 and will sell for around $75.00.   However, Amazon.com  is offering a pre-order discount of 39%  off – $49.84. THINK CHRISTMAS!

movie titles, graphic design

Saul Bass A Life in Film and Design

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And you are wondering…what’s this all about??  Well let’s start with the definition of the term amuse-boucheIt translates as mouth amuser.  And is used to describe a tiny tidbit of an hors d’oeuvre,  served as  a free extra to keep you happy as you wait for your first course and to give you an idea of the chef’s approach to cooking and the restaurant’s attention to your appetite.

pureed pear with smoked paprika


So I’m introducing a new category and in keeping with my blog’s title, pbenjay and my byline, I think amuse-bouche says it all.  You can expect a morsel, a tidbit, a hint of something more to come or just an itsy-bitsy piece of information or a small piece of news, or even a quick peek at some new, hot thing, place or person.

I hope you find it interesting and of course amusing!  The first offering, the amuse-bouche du jour comes to you from me by way of Gail, who encouraged me to add a kind of mini-bite blog post to my repertoire.  So thank you  Gail for the idea and the video (which I’ve watched 3 times already).

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