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DSC04059 Six-Word Memoir banners

Six Word Banners

Well that’s me and sorry that my six word title had nothing to do with today’s (OK yesterday’s) Six Word Memoir theme which if you recall was about love and relationships (of all kinds).   So first let’s get to those clever gems sent in by some of my readers:

Rich is coming home. Thank goodness! – Susan Celtic Lady

She better be the last one! – Spinny Liberal

I loved. I lost. Leaving Vegas. – Weez

Listen to gut when wavering – Heide

Can’t wait till tomorrow. Maya Thursday! – Anonymous

Second marriage – my best friend forever. – Me

Since last Monday, a couple of other events have occurred;  First off, we had April15th, the dreaded Income Tax Due Day come and go with a blessed 3 day extension, Passover began and Spring showed itself for maybe 2 of the last 7 days.  Here are some Six Word Memoirs reflecting this past week.

Tax day, Ocean Grove, no line! – Heide

No more pancakes. Thank you Passover! – Lauren

Tennis, lunch, read, nap, dinner, bed –Heather

I do think themes are a good way to get you thinking about summing up an experience in just six words, no more, no less.  This week is a continuation of Passover and ends in Easter, not to mention some people are on Spring break.  Let’s try to come up with something along those lines.  AND remember there REALLY IS A SIX WORD PROJECT  online at Smith Magazine.  The editor and publisher ACTUALLY stopped by the blog one Monday and read what we have been doing and encouraged all of you to visit the site and post your own Six Word Memoir.  www.smithmag.net

See you all in the blogasphere.

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