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I am loving the replies and responses I’m getting from a couple of faithful followers!  This is such a good brain game – although I believe Smith Magazine does not consider this project a game!  Their (Smith Magazine) website is an encyclopedia of Six Word Memoirs.  They have categories, contests, archives and more.  After I publish our reader’s memoirs, I thought I would post a few from their Best Six Word Memoirs of the Week.

Falling Leaves

1. Falling leaves make for slippery roads – Susan

2. Ghost!? Kidding!….Ummm What was thaaat? – Laura

3.  Guests brought pot, hostess couldn’t stir – Me

4. Enough with the campaign adverts already! – Susan

5. I am addicted to my I-Pad – Lynne

6. Trying to empty freezer for cookies – Susan

7. Beginning to look lots like Halloween – Susan

8.  High last night, hung over today – Me


And so from the experts (their contributors) at Smith Magazine, here are some of the memoirs deemed best of the week:

1. Let toddler take you for a walk

2. Give all grudges a proper burial

3. Seeing familiar milestones in changing landscapes

4. Inhaling this moment : My favorite drug!

5. Practice being bored, it builds character

Aren’t those great?  I strongly suggest visiting the web site, people from all over the world sign in and send in Memoirs!  

Our challenge for next week is HALLOWEN HORROR STORIES IN SIX WORDS!  But of course if you’d rather send in a random thought or act or anything else, you know it’s fine with me and will be published the following week!

Oh Horrors!

Oh Horrors!

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Hey it’s Monday and therefore, we should be posting some Six Word Memoirs.  A BIG BIG thank you to Susan and Heather who sent in a Six Word Memoir.  As you can see, it’s really easy-just think about life, love, kids, work, whatever and sum it up in six words, no more, no less.

1. Planning to make a transatlantic crossing. – Heather

2. And that’s my 6 word memoir!!! – Heather

3. Where in the world is summer? – Susan

4.Snowed in, soup’s on, staying warm – Me

5. Me versus MAC vs Printer-LOSER – Me

6. Mah Jongg tonight, come home Jokers! – me

Come to me tonight!

Come to me tonight!

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Six-Word Memoir at 92YTribeca, 7/25/11

Image by 92YTribeca via Flickr

Every week I seem to have an excuse as to why I never got around to writing Monday’s blog, so hmmm what’s mine this week? Other than exhausted from staying up most of the weekend on Irene watch which threw the household and me into a tizzy not to mention total disorder, I don’t have one.

However, clearly interest in this mental exercise has waned.  I’m lucky if I get one contribution a week these days!  However, having said that, I am very pleased by the one I did receive  because I know it comes from someone who can and does write articulately and am hoping to receive some more from that reader.

Last week I asked for work-related Six Word Memoirs.

I’m off the couch, life blooms – Rachel


I only work for the money – me

And as weekly inspiration here are some Six Word Memoirs from Writers Famous & Obscure by the eponymous book:

Xenophile escapist tumbleweed globetrots, finds self. – Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli

The shit invariably hits the fan – Ashleva Nielsen

Blogging is easy. Writing is hard. – Jennifer Shreve

Quit Uni, have baby, now bored – Sumantha Ng

I fell in love with Charlie – Kristine Allouchery

And he nerded as never before. – Jon Thysell

Well my least favorite weekend of the year is upon us.  Labor Day weekend never held any joy for me as it signals the end of summer.  I’m sure there are Mommies everywhere thankful that soon the daily structure of a school day will bring some order back into their households.  But for me, I just hate to think that the carefree, sun-filled days of July and August are coming to an end.  Honestly you’d think I was going back to school or at least to a 9-5 office job and neither of those are true, so I guess these are residual feelings left over from childhood.

Next Monday is the holiday and if you’re all not hot dogging or beaching it up, please send me your thoughts in six words, no more, no less.

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Could this be the Holy Grail?

See how easy it is to talk and think in six words or less?  And if only all Mondays were a day late just think how much better the weekend would be.  So I did receive one reply last week to my request that we do a Six Word Memoir on some aspect of our work life, which I’m going to publish today.  And then I went to the source, the Holy Grail of Six Word Memoirs – Smith Magazine, which is an online magazine and the home of the Six Word Memoir.  Right now and for the next few days the magazine is running a contest.  This time it is on Lessons  I learned at work.  You should go and read some, they are great and of course an inspiration.  I want to try this work theme again.  I know many of my readers do not have 9-5 jobs and I say Hurray hurray!!! But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some aspect to our work life or lack thereof that couldn’t be put into six words.  Won’t you please try?

Very tired, need a vacation…NOW! – Lorraine

Grow up, show up, shut up – Me

Work? Who me? Get real man! – Anonymous

Less hours, less money, more fun – Me










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Six-Word Memoir book cover image

Image via Wikipedia

“When Ernest Hemingway famously wrote, “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn”, he proved that an entire story can be told using a half-dozen words.  When the online storytelling magazine SMITH asked readers to submit six word memoirs, they proved a whole, real life can be told this way too.  The results are fascinating, hilarious, shocking, and moving.

From small sages of bittersweet romance (“Found true love, married someone else”) to proud achievements and stinging regrets (“After Harvard, had baby with crackhead”) these terse true tales relate the diversity of human experience in tasty bite-size pieces.”  This is an excerpt from the inside cover of the book, NOT QUITE WHAT I WAS PLANNING Six Word Memoirs By Writers Famous & Obscure.

I thought perhaps a little inspiration/explanation might spur some readers to participate in the Six Word Memoir challenge.  Each Monday, I try to post Six Word Memoirs sent in by readers of this blog.  I also post 5 or 6 quotes from the above-referenced book.  This Six Word Memoir “thing” is really quite popular.  There are gatherings around the country where people present their own six word memoir similar to a poetry slam.  There have been articles in the New Yorker magazine and today (well right now it IS after midnight) there is a great article on the front page of the Business section of The New York Times!!! Jump on the bandwagon and send your six words.

Creative and destructive in many ways – Meghan DeRoma

I sell hamburgers and french friesRichard Maurer

Coffee junkie journalist seeks trendy nerd – Jackie Olson

Fight. like hell. for. the. living – Susie Bright

On her birthday, my life began – Lisa Parrack

A door closed, proverbial window opened – Me

Another crossroads, which way to go?? – Me

I look forward to hearing from some of you.  I know it’s summer but really!!!

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Keyhole Sand Dollar (Mellita quinquiesperforata)

Sand Dollar

I think it’s because it’s summer.  You know those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.  My brain must be on vacation, I’m not able to keep on schedule.  However, I don’t receive any irate emails asking me why I have abandoned the Six Word Memoir Project, and this week I received only one reader contribution – SOOOOOoooo I’m thinking it’s like everyone else is on vacation too!

Thanks to Gail, we have the following:

Hot Town Summer in the CityGail

Searching the shore for sand dollarsMe

Kitchen heat, I am lobster meat – Me

In spite of lack of reader response, I shall endeavor to go forward –  now doesn’t that sound lofty?  And try to stay on track.

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How the heck can I post Six Word Memoir Monday on a Wednesday?  Not easily. I’m so far behind now that I don’t see how I’m going to play catch up unless I write tonight!!!

I really thought the SUMMER was going to be the inspiration for the week but alas, only one reader responded to that BUT another reader, (one who I count on to send in  bon mots)  did send me a little quip this week.

Summer’s humidity makes Fall even better – Susan Celtic Lady

In Syracuse now – the adventure continues – Weez

Summer – half left or half gone? – Me

Salty air, sea spray, sand – SUMMER! – Me

The heat wave fried my brain – Me

So shall we try one more week to describe summer in six words, no more, no less??? It’s up  to you!

It's Like a Heat Wave !

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The High Line in Manhattan, New York City at W...

The High Line

Well I suppose the answer lies within me, since it’s my blog.  The Fourth of July holiday falling on a Monday was one problem, I didn’t have “the book” with me for the last couple of weeks and maybe we need a great, hot, sweet, summer theme.  Duh, that’s it!  We are halfway through the summer, it’s time to pay tribute to this wonderful time of the year.

Yes! it’s too hot some days.  Yes! It’s humid and you feel sticky all over. Yes, even though it’s vacation time, there are days when you are happy to be working in an air-condtioned office.  Yes, the traffic getting out of the City on a Friday night is wretched and yes the beaches are crowded.  BUT, the days are long and dining al fresco can be a nightly event.  The sun comes up so early JUST so we can enjoy another summer day to the fullest.

Sooooo…I would love to hear from you dear readers.  Summer is or means what to you?  Summer brings on….?  Memories from summers past, whatever – send it in and I will publish it next week.

And for inspiration, I visited the Smith Magazine  website to see if I could find some Six Word Memoirs relating to summer and post them for your review.

Sultry summer, sundresses, sandals and shades –  notjustagirlintheworld

Cicadas’  trilling making summer aurally thrilling –  Level1

I’m chasing summer downhill, no brakes –  lisamoans

Picture perfect summer High Line sunset – notjustagirlintheworld

And from yours truly

Fireflies, flashlights of a summer night – Me

The scent of low tide lingers – Me

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I took photo on July 4, 2010, of table arrange...

It's America's Birthday Party

I was looking forward to receiving some Fourth of July memoirs and by the way, it’s certainly NOT too late since next Monday is the day we are going to celebrate;  Fireworks, picnics, cook-outs, pool parties, ice cream sundaes, parades, floats, marching bands…whatever!

Anyway it is Monday and these Six Word Memoirs have come in this week and I’m happy to present them to you.

My old hometown is practically unrecognizable – Weez

We had better weather in April – Susan Celtic Lady

Five grandchildren get better each year – Heather

6 words; Six more working days Susan Celtic Lady

Is there really a beach here? – Me

Sanding, scraping, painting, mowing, trimming, deadheading – Me

This is short post this Monday, as you can tell I have a myriad amount of chores and tasks to do, somewhat never ending and I don’t have “the book” with me so I can’t inspire you further for next week.   I think celebration of the national holiday along with perhaps your thoughts and feelings about America or your own state or hometown might just be the seed of a Six Word Memoir.  Till then…

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Father's Day Cake 2009

Image by Jim, the Photographer via Flickr

Last week I asked everyone to try and think about the upcoming (now past) Father’s Day and perhaps share some thoughts and feelings about dear old Dad, that very important person in all of our lives!  For me, some flood gate of emotion opened up over the weekend and I wrote from my heart many of the memories I have of my Dad and I doing things together.

BUT, we are never locked into just one theme here on pbenjay so I am glad to have received some memoirs dealing with different subjects.

Leonard was the best Dad ever – Gail

Road trip over.  Long road ahead. – Weez

Please, PLEASE let the fires stop! – Lorraine

Birthday looming, now I’m really old – Gail

60 years is a long friendship – Susan Celtic Lady

Can you  hear me Dad ? Thanks! – Me

Ray’s gone. Bill you’re looking good! – Me


So what shall we think/write/send in next week?  Do you need a theme? Next week is the official start of Summer, 4th of July is looming around the corner.  It’s the time of the year when I immediately revert back to my “school’s out, it’s summer” state of mind.  And what does that exactly mean anyway?  I don’t want to think/work or I envision long days at the shore soaking up sunshine and reading?  Well we’ll see as the season unfolds.

For this week, here’s a few more Six Word Memoirs from Writers Both Obscure and Famous from “the book”.

Being a monk stunk. Better gay – Bob Redman

Quiet guy; please pay closer attention – Jonathan Lesser

Oklahoma girl meets world. Regrets it. – Gretchen Wahl

Life was but a dream, merrily – Paul W. Morris

Happiness is a warm salami sandwich – Stanley Bing



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