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My beautiful daughter with her two daughters;  Finley Ray as Snow White this Halloween, Francesca artfully disguised as a Pumpkin although most people thought she was a Carrot!  Chiara in a Halloween Hoodie courtesy of Tia – I got one too!

halloween, Finley Ray Clark, Chiara Berti Clark, Francesca, Frankie, Snow White, halloween hoodie

Let the fun begin...

photo by Lori

We’re pretty used to seeing celebrities walking, talking and shopping in New York City; so many live here.  But they also work here and hardly a week goes by when you don’t see a film being shot on location here.   A few weeks ago look who was in town.  I just LOVE Ed Harris.

Man on a ledge

Ed Harris - Man on a Ledge

photo by Murray Head

And let’s not forget Sam Worthington (Avatar) who was also turning quite a few heads (the younger crowd).

Avatar, Man on a ledge, New york city, movie making,

Sam Worthington

photo by Murray Head

After seeing this photo, you might want to think twice about going to a Sleep Lab to get a cure for sleep apnea! My friend, Jim submitted himself to this tortuous event and as he said, “I failed the test”.

Jim Taylor,

"and you expect me to sleep like this?"

photo by Susan

Last week I had a special visit from our friend and adopted daughter, Luana.  She arrived with her husband (newly weds) Gustavo and spent a week in NYC.  Timing was perfect because she got to meet Finley too and lucky for Luana – Finny decided to spare one of her band-aids for Luana’s boo-boo!

Luana Teves, Finny, Finley ray, New York city, boo-boo,

Luana has a boo-boo but Finley took care of it

photo by Gustavo

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