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Six years ago today my world completely changed.  I used to think that my friends who became grandmothers quickly turned into gushing, obsessive, photo flashing ninnies.  And I quickly joined the club.  FRC  was born August  2008 and I became Gigi.  In case you’re wondering what Gigi stands for, it’s Glam Gram – as you can see, I wanted to be grandmother but I didn’t want to become a Grandma.  Certainly not.  I may be a woman of a certain age but I’m not a Granny.

Look who turned my world upside down and I am so grateful she did. I’ve said it before, Finley is my heart!

Sweet baby Finley Ray

Sweet Baby

Finley Is In The Pink

This cutie Is In The Pink

St. Patrick's Day Baby

St. Patrick’s Day Baby

Finley's First Visit To Ocean Grove

Finny’s First Visit To Shore

Finley Finally Baptized

Finally Baptized

Finley Celebrates Her 2nd Birthday with Snow White

Princess Celebrates Her 2nd Birthday with Snow White

A Snow White Tutu

A Snow White Tutu

She Inherited The Cleaning Gene

She Inherited The Cleaning Gene

A Yankee Fan in Boston!

A Yankee Fan

Pinkalicious Turns 3

Pinkalicious Turns 3

Finley in her Nurse Costume

 Playing Nurse

Garden House Pre School

Little Orphan Annie is 4

Little Orphan Annie is 4

Jamaica Girl

Jamaica Girl

Finley in San Diego

 San Diego

Visiting Gigi in Ocean Grove

Visiting Gigi at the Jersey Shore

She's A Beauty

She’s A Beauty

Soccer Player Just Like Mommy

Soccer Player Just Like Mommy

And A Ballerina Too

And A Ballerina Too

Finley Ray Clark

My precious!

Happy Birthday Princess!

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When you’re born in the middle of August and your mother (and your Gigi) have a penchant for throwing elaborate theme parties, it’s often necessary to postpone the major celebration of your birthday till September.  That way, all your friends are back from camp and vacation and in town.  So this year Finley Ray’s fourth birthday party was on September 23rd even though her birthday is August 13th. Can you imagine the patience of such a young one waiting with great anticipation for the big day to arrive?   Luckily she was quite distracted by the endless summer days in the Hamptons, a weekend with Gigi in early September, starting school and of course the fact that I don’t think she can really quite grasp the whole calendar concept!

Last Sunday we attended her fourth birthday party and it was as usual a gala affair.  If you’ve been a faithful blog follower then you know that each year of this precious little girl’s life has been marked with an all out balls to the wall party!  There was the Ladybug party at age one.  By the time she was two, she already had a voice and opinion as to the theme of her annual celebration and that year it was Snow White.  There are some great photos in the blog of that party; see link; https://pbenjay.wordpress.com/2010/09/18/its-p-day-in-boston

Then Francesca came along and her birthday is in October, so between August and October, once again September seemed the perfect month to celebrate both their birthdays at once!  It was a great idea until the time came to get the presents back home – I swear they needed  a separate cab to get just the gifts home!  Anyway, that year to honor the pretty Clark girls, the theme was the ever-popular Pinkalicious! OMG not one but two little cuties all decked in pink fluffy dresses AND every guest wore pink as well.  I have a friend, Louise who would have JUST LOVED it! Everyone was in the pink, both in clothes and wine! The tables were laden with various bowls and containers of pink candy and Pinkalicious and friends made an appearance.  

Pinkalicious party , Finley is 3

Finley and the Floppy Magic Wand

Pinkalicious party

Dancing Girl

See what I mean?

So that brings us to this year;  Finley originally wanted a  Minnie Mouse party which she would announce every few weeks throughout the year but in the end, Minnie was hard to pin down so Little Orphan Annie to the rescue! See for yourself what a lovely time it was.

Finley Ray 4 yr old birthday party

I’m Annie!

photo courtesy of Diana Delucia

Finley Ray 4 years old

Annie and Pooch

Photo courtesy of Diana Delucia

Finley Ray

Tomorrow! The sun will come out tomorrow!

Photo courtesy of Diana Delucia

Happy Birthday Finley Ray

” I wish, I wish…”

photo courtesy of Diana Delucia

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OK clearly this question is limited to those of us who are of either a certain age or are collectors.

Unfortunately I fall into both categories although admittedly an avid collector, records is not one of my collection addictions.  No, I leave that one up to Peter.  Yesterday was a sweet example of making a collection work for you;  Finley came over for a visit and since we know she is fascinated by all media we thought we would expose her to kiddie records from the 40’s and 50’s. We happen to have an extensive library of kiddie records because Peter’s father was a partner in Record Guild of America, a leading manufacturer of wonderful laminated and illustrated cardboard records for kids to play on their very own phonographs.   I had a really cute red and white record player like a little suitcase.  Anyway, we finally found an old one in good condition and couldn’t wait to introduce little Finny to this particular pleasure.  We thought she would be fascinated by the fact that there was sound but no moving pictures.  And she did love it!  After showing her how it worked, Peter let her put her own records on and move the needle arm and play the records.  NOW, I know I sound just like a proud grandmother, but really, she is only 2 yr. 8mo old and she quickly grasped the concept and knew to move the arm gently.  It was quite a treat for us and we hope she enjoyed it as well.

kiddie records, phonograph, child's record player, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, Record Guild of America

The picture goes round 'n round!

Now here’s the good part;  Mommy showed up with little Francesca for a short visit and the first thing Finley said to her was, “see my DVD‘s”  – oh well…..

So back to the first album you ever bought.  The first album I ever purchased was “Only Love Can Break A Heart” by Gene Pitney. First of all, I thought the song was great and I also liked The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence – what can I tell you – I was a strange teenager I guess.  The reason it was probably my first album purchase was because by the time it came out, I had some of my own money to spend, whether it was from babysitting or my weekend work at The Cenacle (that’s a whole other blog).  I was a rabid Elvis Presley fan but when he was really at his height I only owned his 45 rpm records, probably my father bought them for me.

So I’m throwing out this question in hopes of getting some interesting replies from everyone.  It will be fun to see just what was the first album you bought?

Only Love Can Break A Heart, the man who shot Liberty Valence

Gene Pitney

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My beautiful daughter with her two daughters;  Finley Ray as Snow White this Halloween, Francesca artfully disguised as a Pumpkin although most people thought she was a Carrot!  Chiara in a Halloween Hoodie courtesy of Tia – I got one too!

halloween, Finley Ray Clark, Chiara Berti Clark, Francesca, Frankie, Snow White, halloween hoodie

Let the fun begin...

photo by Lori

We’re pretty used to seeing celebrities walking, talking and shopping in New York City; so many live here.  But they also work here and hardly a week goes by when you don’t see a film being shot on location here.   A few weeks ago look who was in town.  I just LOVE Ed Harris.

Man on a ledge

Ed Harris - Man on a Ledge

photo by Murray Head

And let’s not forget Sam Worthington (Avatar) who was also turning quite a few heads (the younger crowd).

Avatar, Man on a ledge, New york city, movie making,

Sam Worthington

photo by Murray Head

After seeing this photo, you might want to think twice about going to a Sleep Lab to get a cure for sleep apnea! My friend, Jim submitted himself to this tortuous event and as he said, “I failed the test”.

Jim Taylor,

"and you expect me to sleep like this?"

photo by Susan

Last week I had a special visit from our friend and adopted daughter, Luana.  She arrived with her husband (newly weds) Gustavo and spent a week in NYC.  Timing was perfect because she got to meet Finley too and lucky for Luana – Finny decided to spare one of her band-aids for Luana’s boo-boo!

Luana Teves, Finny, Finley ray, New York city, boo-boo,

Luana has a boo-boo but Finley took care of it

photo by Gustavo

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Snow White, Finley Ray Clark, two year old birthday party

All Ready for Snow White

Oh boy- we are all ready for Snow White .  The sun is out so we will hang the pinnate on the terrace.  Saint Carol just popped over and said she was a little nervous, I don’t blame her, the photo above used to be her living room!!!

poison apples, Snow White, party decorations

Apples are everywhere!

The cake has arrived!

Snow White birthday cake, Finley's birthday cake

Snow White Birthday Cake

The table was set for the guests.

Finley Ray's birthday party

Party Food

Finley is dressed and ready for her party.

tutu, Finley Ray Clark, Finny's birthday party, Snow White party

Look At Me in My Snow White Birthday Outfit

YAY!  Snow White is here!

Finley Ray Clark, Snow White,

Snow White and Me

Snow White Paints Finny’s Face with a Butterfly

Snow White party, butterfly tattoo, face painting, Finny, Finley Ray

Snow White Paints a Butterfly for Finley Ray

And Finley and Snow White Dance

Finley's birthday party

Come Dance With Me

Snow White Poses for a Family Photo

Tom & Chiara Clark, Snow White, Finley Ray Clark, Finny's birthday party
Chiara, Tom & Finley Clark and Snow White

Looks like the party is pretty much over.

flower face painting, Snow White party,
Finley Ponders Her Flower Face Paint

A great time was had by all and even Gigi got her face painted too!

Snow White party, butterfly tattoo, face painting

Gigi Gets a Butterfly Tattoo

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Seven Dwarfs, Snow White, Finny, Finley Ray Clark, Dopey

Hugging Dopey

We started our morning together watching Pinnochio in bed and after breakfast Finny watched Snow White while she clung to Dopey.

Snow White, book, Finny, Finley Ray
Papa Pete and Finny Read Snow White

Papa Pete and Finny spend some time reading before it’s nap time.  After a nap and lunch we were off to Central Park and the playground.   By the time we got home, Gigi was pretty tired so Fin had a quick bath which for some reason she does not like at our house.  I made her dinner, gave her some milk and she kept asking for a “movie” – oh  how quickly they learn who is the soft touch – why it’s Papa Pete of course.  So this is Finley Ray totally enthralled with Cinderella. BUT I did not let her watch the whole movie – we’ll finish it in the morning.

Cinderelli, Cinderella.Walt Disney classic, Finny

A bedtime story and it’s good night  to you sweet Finny!

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