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Two days ago I saw a Robin and thought “wow, is that really a Robin in the tree”?  Uh yes it was and then today I saw another Robin out in front of our building.  I’m wondering if this is a major screw up on Mother Nature‘s part or could it be that winter is over and here is our harbinger of Spring?  Or maybe it just hasn’t been  cold enough for the Robins to realize that winter is here and they should have left a couple of months ago.  

Well it’s cold enough now!  11 degrees today and possibly going down lower tonight.   I hope those Robins still have intact nests, although this would be night to bunk in with a warm furry squirrel.

Global warming anyone????

Go South NOW!

Go South NOW!


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I‘m so excited for my friend, Murray!  His photographs are featured in a forthcoming book for children ages 2yr-6yr and those of us young at heart! The book is available as a pre-order now from Amazon.com

http://www.amazon.com/Frisky-Brisky-Hippity-Alexina-White/dp/0823424103/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1324253499&sr=1-1  or readily available at the end of February.

I am so fortunate to have him as a dear friend, family actually and that he graciously allows me to post his photos for my pleasure and yours.  Many of you have commented over the past couple of years on how much you enjoy his artistry and talent.  ME TOO!

Madison Square park, squirrels, Frisky Brisky Hippity HOp

Frisky Brisky Hippity Hop

Photo by Murray Head

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This is a book you will love to give to a younger person on your gift list. It’s hard to really say what the age range is for a Shel Silverstein book – they have such wide appeal and the adults reading them to kids enjoy the life lessons contained within as much as the kids enjoy the precious drawings.

I read the Giving Tree to my kids so many times, I think we all had it memorized.  Silverstein’s newest book is Every Thing On It.  It’s a compilation of previously unpublished poems and drawings by Shel. It will capture the hearts of the young and not-so-young for years to come.

Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree,

Every Thing On It

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Six-Word Memoir book cover image

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“When Ernest Hemingway famously wrote, “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn”, he proved that an entire story can be told using a half-dozen words.  When the online storytelling magazine SMITH asked readers to submit six word memoirs, they proved a whole, real life can be told this way too.  The results are fascinating, hilarious, shocking, and moving.

From small sages of bittersweet romance (“Found true love, married someone else”) to proud achievements and stinging regrets (“After Harvard, had baby with crackhead”) these terse true tales relate the diversity of human experience in tasty bite-size pieces.”  This is an excerpt from the inside cover of the book, NOT QUITE WHAT I WAS PLANNING Six Word Memoirs By Writers Famous & Obscure.

I thought perhaps a little inspiration/explanation might spur some readers to participate in the Six Word Memoir challenge.  Each Monday, I try to post Six Word Memoirs sent in by readers of this blog.  I also post 5 or 6 quotes from the above-referenced book.  This Six Word Memoir “thing” is really quite popular.  There are gatherings around the country where people present their own six word memoir similar to a poetry slam.  There have been articles in the New Yorker magazine and today (well right now it IS after midnight) there is a great article on the front page of the Business section of The New York Times!!! Jump on the bandwagon and send your six words.

Creative and destructive in many ways – Meghan DeRoma

I sell hamburgers and french friesRichard Maurer

Coffee junkie journalist seeks trendy nerd – Jackie Olson

Fight. like hell. for. the. living – Susie Bright

On her birthday, my life began – Lisa Parrack

A door closed, proverbial window opened – Me

Another crossroads, which way to go?? – Me

I look forward to hearing from some of you.  I know it’s summer but really!!!

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