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Today is Gail’s birthday and although this is pretty late in the day, as long as I post this before midnight, I figure it counts.

My friend, Gail, who I have referred to in so many blogs has been a terrific supporter of Pbenjay as well as a consistent commenter.  I’ve asked her a couple of times to actually contribute a blog post, however, so far she has declined.  Maybe if you all write in and yell Gail, Gail…, she will!!

Besides dispensing invaluable advice and guidance in this venture as well as my other endeavor, PRESSents (more about that later), Gail sends me a variety of articles and ideas for blog posts, gift ideas and more.  I have a personal clipping service – and that’s pretty neat.

She is always encouraging me to stretch, go forward and take this to the next step-although we’re not quite sure what that next step would be, but we’re working on it, especially over a glass of wine.

I received some of the best and cleverest birthday cards from her and since I haven’t been in a decent card shop in ages, clearly she did not receive the same.  So Gail, when you read this, please know this is my very special birthday card to you


Gail's birthday cake

Happy Birthday Gail


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