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I have a collection (okay you’re not surprised) of vintage Valentine cards.  My boyfriend and then husband has been buying them for me over the years.  I LOVE vintage Valentines;  I treasure the ones from the turn of the century, however, the funny and clever cards we exchanged in grammar (yes grammar not elementary) school are among my favorites.  Two years ago I posted some of those from the 50’s in a blog post: Valentine’s Day Cards – A Look Back in Time and last year was a mix of both eras: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Happy Valentine’s Day To You!

Today I received this adorable card…

AND he personalized it too!

AND he personalized it too!

I have a few of the famous “Tuck” cards.  These cards are highly-valued and come from Germany.  The are articulated with arms and legs movable.  A couple of them still have the string hanging that  moves their limbs.

Look he's holding a pretzel and a bratwurst!

Look he’s holding a pretzel and a bratwurst!

A German Brown Bear

A German Brown Bear

Love the stockings!

Love the stockings!


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English: Two New Year's Resolutions postcards

Two New Year’s Resolutions postcards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does everyone make New Year’s Resolutions? Do you announce them to the world? Do you write them down or post them to Facebook or your blog?  Do you keep them to yourself and hope you will be able to follow through?

WCTV ran a report on the Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions.  I’ll bet you can guess at least 7 of them.  If that’s the case and they are so obvious, doesn’t that mean that these resolutions are the ones most often broken and not kept?  Otherwise the list wouldn’t be so common and universal.  

Here they are and if your’s are among them you are probably just about the average American, whether that’s good or bad is for you to decide!

1. Lose Weight

2. Get Organized

3. Spend less, Save more

4. Enjoy life to the fullest

5. Stay fit and healthy

6. Learn something new

7. Quit smoking

8. Help others realize their dreams

9. Fall in love

10. Spend more time with my family

Please take a few moments and share one or more of your resolutions;  If you are not making them public, then just sign in as Anonymous.  Perhaps you’ll inspire someone else.

Happy New Year to all!!

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Last year’s blog of the same name see “Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one”  drew  a LOT of hits, so I thought I should write an updated version.  This is not my original quote, although I wish I had said it.  Brad Paisley, country song-writer and singer is the author of that wonderful phrase.  It says so much, implies so much and inspires much.

2013 brought the usual  delights, disappointments, thrills, chills and surprises that seem to come along every year,  It was a very good year in that we were blessed with a new grandson, Thomas Fletcher, known as Fletch.  Business was better than last year and that’s always good.  I do love to travel although we haven’t done much since we bought the cottage at the shore,  we did take a trip to Old Quebec with Stacey and Matt (Peter’s sister and hubby).  That was delightful, however we really didn’t expect snow in April!

The One about Stephen R. Covey

The One about Stephen R. Covey (Photo credit: kndynt2099)

With each New Year comes the resolution to lose weight, eat healthier,  and exercise more – they’re practically universal these days.  I’m going to try to learn some Italian, perhaps switch my blog to my own domain name, work smarter and not harder which may mean delving back into Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Effective People.  And on the other hand, I’d like to win more at Mah Jongg and Scrabble lol, lol.

I’m hoping all of above is not contingent on just luck because I don’t have any black eye peas in the house and if we don’t eat them tomorrow, well you never know….and I don’t like to tempt fate!

Your book starts tomorrow (even though it’s already today) and I wish you all plenty of ink to write long and happy chapters.  Happy New Year to all my readers and followers.  Thank you for sticking around and your comments are always welcome and so very appreciated.


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God, I hope not!  It is still really dark outside and I hear the pitter patter of little feet approaching my room.  You know even without opening your eyes that there is someone in your presence;  Sure enough, Francesca is looking at me!  I say, “What are you doing up? Is the owl green?” She just looks at me…There is an owl light in the girl’s bedroom and all night the light is yellow but it’s set for 7am and the rule is you don’t get up until the owl is green!  (of course you can get up but you have to stay in your room till 7am) So I suggest that it’s quite possible that since it’s still dark,  Santa might be still putting presents downstairs under the tree.  Still no response just an adorable smile which is hard to see because it IS still dark.  I look at my phone and it’s 6:30. “Frankie, c’mon I’ll take you back to your room and then in a little while we can go downstairs”

I figured we had maybe another 15 minutes to rest before Christmas mayhem began.  I had been hoping to give the girls some of their presents on Christmas Eve so they wouldn’t be lost in the mound of treasures  left by Santa, but that didn’t work out.  Finley can read and we thought it would nice if she distributed gifts.  That lasted about 2 minutes and then the mad cap ripping began with me periodically shouting, “Check the name on the box first”.  That was followed with “How come she gets two books?  How come she has gel pens and I don’t ?”

Ruthie Wearing Her New Silk Pajamas

Ruthie Wearing Her New Silk Pajamas

Eventually all the Hello Kitty paraphernalia  was uncovered, the American Girl dolls now had a bed of their own along with new clothes.  Best of all Frankie and Rebecca had matching pj’s and Finley and Ruthie had matching dresses with leggings.  There were books, and more princess dresses  (Really! How many Disney princesses are there?) bean bag chairs with each girl’s name and a teepee.  Well if your tent is shaped like a teepee but it is made from pale pink striped cotton duck, is it still a teepee?  I gave Frankie a book which I thought she would enjoy and she took one look at it and said, ” I don’t like this book”.  I asked her why and her answer was, “I only like Princess books”. Francesca always speaks her mind;  Earlier, the girls emptied their stockings and discovered candy cane holders filled with M&M’s.  For days, there has been MUCH discussion about healthy eating, what’s nutritious, should we cook everything in coconut oil and on and on  So Frankie wants to open her candy and eat some before we open presents.  Justin is horrified and tells her “No, no we have to breakfast first” .  Frankie states the facts as she sees them, “I LOVE CANDY”.

At about this time, in rolled the rest of the gang.  Of course our whole entourage could not fit in one house so Chiara and Tom rented a house nearby for the overflow of guests.  We’re leaving tomorrow, some are leaving on Saturday, some are staying longer and the guest room sheets have been changed every couple of days.  First to arrive for the opening of the gifts were Dennis, Brad and Tom Sr. and Lisa.  Linda and Ed were expected shortly;  They were flying in from Long Island.  

More gifts…oh no roller blades.  And who thinks that the girls should put them on right now and try them out?  Well I’ll tell you it wasn’t any of the mothers.  It was the two bachelors and Tom!  Sometimes it’s hard to tell who the kids are and who the adults are.  We got everybody back into the house and just as I thought we might have breakfast, there was open more present to be had – the girls were ushered to the garage where they came upon not a midnight clear but rather a battery-operated  car! It seats 2 and with Finley at the wheel, the girls were tooling around the yard.  Everybody thought they were so cute until Finley stepped on the speed pedal and veered toward the pool! At least 3 of the grandparents screamed.  “BREAKFAST IS SERVED”

Egg casseroles, bagels, croissants, fruit salad, and muffins and by God we are in Florida because half the people are eating outside.  The mimosas are flowing and the adults are happy.  The kids are eating whatever they want  and sitting outside in the sunshine it surely doesn’t seem like Christmas.  We are going to take it easy for awhile before we have to be at Laura’s house for Christmas dinner.

Stay tuned for Part II.


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BLACK FRIDAY is one crazy, clever retail gimmick.  Get up at 4:00am to push your way into an overheated department store so maybe you can snag what? – the sought-after toy of the moment? REALLY??  The day after Thanksgiving IS the day to go shopping for Christmas presents according to a popular manipulative tradition dreamed up by the retail community.  This day which is orchestrated to create consumer frenzy is a store’s way of making up money lost through the normally slower summer season.  Add the proximity to the Christmas gift-giving holiday and you have the makings of a retail perfect storm.  They hope to end up in the black and you might just end up in the red.

Personally, Black Friday holds no appeal to me and never has.  I haven’t shopped in a Mall for a present or for that matter myself in a very long, long time.  Of course when you live in New York City, going to a mall is not really an option but I stopped shopping for Christmas presents in a mall years ago.  I like to give either really unique personalized gifts or unusual gifts.  I don’t buy sweaters, hats, ties, shirts etc as gifts.  I assume most people buy their own clothes, their own perfume and for the most part their own jewelry.  However,  jewelry is the exception to the rule;  I might purchase a ring, necklace or bracelet for someone but it won’t come from a department store and it probably will be vintage.

Tomorrow, I’m going to Walmart ONLY because it seems to be the ONLY store in my area that carries an item I need, not want but actually need. It’s not a gift, it’s a repair item.  Other than that one foray into a retail store, I hope to avoid the maddening crowds. 

English: DC USA, Target, Black Friday

Target, Black Friday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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I’ve been checking my blog stats and have noticed a really strong uptick in the number of people visiting the blog that are looking at a previous blog post about Easter Hats.  In New York City, every Easter Sunday the Easter Parade takes place on Fifth Avenue and hundreds and hundreds of people come out to walk (parade) along the Avenue.

It is a day of colorful, creative, beautiful, outrageous, big, small, funny and fabulous hats. chapeaus, bonnets, derbies, top hats and straw hats!  I make my own creations, sometimes re-cycle them with new flowers and ribbons.  You have no ideas how difficult it is to store these broad-brimmed hats in an apartment!!

As Easter is literally around the corner and if you’re going to make your own Easter bonnet, the time would be NOW!  So here are some inspirational creations for you look at and if you’re successful, you’ll be all set for a Kentucky Derby Day party.

Lavender Lady

Lavender Lady

Red Roses

Red Roses

Sun Flower Sue

Sun Flower Sue

Black & Cream Dream

Black & Cream Dream

Pink on Pink on...

Pink on Pink on…

Dramatic Plume

Dramatic Plume

Aren’t these stunning? Hats can be so flattering. For more Easter Hat photos click on the link below.


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I love Valentine’s Day! Everybody (mostly) is happy and smiley and if you’re a kid in Grammar (lol) erh I mean Elementary school, this is a fun day.  Don’t you remember how carefully and thoughtfully you looked for just the right package of Valentine’s cards to buy at Woolworth‘s or W.T. Grant‘s?  Teacher said you really have to give a card to everyone in the class.  And there was always one card in the package just for the teacher.  I LOVED THOSE 50’S VALENTINE CARDS! To my delight I found several other Vintage Valentine fanatics on Pinterest.  What a great fun trip down the nostalgia road looking at all of those clever and colorful little cards.  I  have a bunch myself  but you’re not surprised about that I’m sure.  You know it’s just another collection!

As much fun as those cute clever cards are, I really like and collect much older Valentine greetings.  Over the years, my husband has given me some and each year I love putting them out.  I started collecting them because I loved the old Victorian frilly 3-dimensional cards.  I learned along the way that Valentine cards like any other collectible have value based on the creator.  In the case of old Valentines, cards produced by Raphael Tuck & Sons of Germany are more valuable than others.  Often Tuck cards were hinged and opened up to reveal a character with moving arms and legs.  I own a couple; a big brown dancing bear and a funny-looking character whose face is a grimace of all things!

So today is a day of red roses, pink carnations, red velvet candy boxes, diamond rings, pearls and pendants, lobster and steak dinners, mushy romantic cards, candle light and cocktails…but for me I’m hoping for just another old Valentine.

Vintage Valentine in my collection

Vintage Valentine in my collection

Detailed 3-D Vintage Valentine.

Detailed 3-D Vintage Valentine.

Tuck Valentine Card

Tuck Valentine Card

And here are some of those cute ’50’s cards.

Amorphing objects into Valentine Cards was very popular

Amorphing objects into Valentine Cards was very popular

'Round the World

‘Round the World

Love the pink rollers

Love the pink rollers

Happy Valentine’s Day to All! Hope your day is a sweet as a Candy Heart.

Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts

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IT”s BAaaack! The miracle magic make-up of the 80’s.  I actually thought it came out in the 70’s but I can’t seem to find the correct answer.  Indian Earth and I go way back, I mean waaaaay back.  As I said I don’t really remember the exact year, but when it did hit the market, all my friends and I bought it and were using it.

The premise of Indian Earth is that it is a natural product, I don’t know if that means it’s ground up dirt or clay although the company claims it is made up of minerals.  And the other amazing attribute is that this ONE color works on all complexions!  It may be true, however, you do have to be prudent in using it.  I remember some fair-skinned friends who looked a little ruddy bordering on orange some days!!

About a month ago, I was leafing through some magazine and there it was…An ad for Indian Earth claiming it was the original.  I couldn’t believe it.  I mean really???  It looked just like it did, decades ago;  A small clay bottle with a wide mouth and its stopper is a big fat round cork.  The original Indian Earth came with a puff that looked like lambskin.  I know because I had it AND yes I still have it!! Oh yeah, well not the puff, at some point I must have thrown it out.  But I never threw out the cute little clay pot.  I don’t know why, I just kept it.

I ‘m SO GLAD I still have my very own original Indian Earth.  Ever since I saw the ad, I’ve been using it every day.  I rarely wear foundation make-up, usually just a tinted moisturizer and now I finish off  using a large make-up brush on the bottom of the cork.  Of course you need to shake up your clay pot first.

So not only can everyone use it to get the look of a sun-kissed face, there’s more!  Indian Earth can be mixed with a little water to make eyeshadow, lip liner, lipstick, even nail color.  This is getting a tan without the harmful UV rays.  Sounds like a miracle magical make-up doesn’t it?


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English: Brad Paisley at the 45th Annual Acade...

English: Brad Paisley at the 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This great quote is from Brad Paisley, country song-writer and singer. AND I should have posted this yesterday and the title should probably read “Today” instead of tomorrow.  Well, hopefully the rest of the year won’t be filled with overlooked tasks and posts!

Since this is A NEW BOOK, no point in rehashing the 2012 version.  I’m looking forward to a better year;  A year marked by several changes…As per some sage advice given on ABC NEWS this evening, I’m not posting or announcing my resolutions.  I’m keeping them to myself and that way although I won’t be able to boast or brag or take undue pride in some accomplishment, I also won’t have to weep with shame at some predictable failures

That being said, of course I would love to hear from some readers as to what their New Year’s Resolutions are.

Out with old, in with new! How many times did you hear that today?  So out with all the old bills-I empty out the folders, staple those monthly invoices/bills and put them aside for IRS preparation.  Cleaning up the top of the desk too, clutter, clutter, clutter.  Re-arranged the hundreds (only kidding) of wires and plugs in the two power strips under the desk because I have to have an outlet to re-charge my phone.

I got an addition to my Alice in Wonderland  book collection which necessitated a major shelf switch.  AND that was a good thing because  now we have some books we need to relocate (out of the apartment I hope).

Not going to listen or watch any more ASPCA ads because they are too heart-breaking and disturbing.  I wonder how much money the ASPCA raises with this ad?  Everyone I know tunes it out.

Not hung over and only a little tired, but I think this post should end right here.  

Wishing all my readers from all over the world a wondrous, healthy, happy New Year.  I think the number 13 is going to be a lucky number after all!

There is an updated 2014 version of this post at:“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” 2014

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Christmas postcard, 1911

Christmas postcard, 1911

T’was the day before Christmas and all through the morning

No one was talking but I could hear all the groaning.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, not a good day to be mad,

‘Cause Santa knows who’s good and who’s bad!

No breakfast to eat, no paper to read,

Please go get me the Starbucks, I so desperately need.

Oh my how the years have come and gone by

No turkey to roast, no baking of pies.

The tree is much smaller and actually pink

Because we’re in the cottage, what did you think?

One or two gifts litter the floor

Hardly like Christmases years before.

It’s quiet around here, no sirens or noise

And of course no grandkids and noisy toys.

The cats hung their stockings in hopes that St. Nick

Will show up tonight and bring them  cat nip.

A different Christmas eve’s about to begin

Left-over pastas and martinis with gin.

Not trusting the programmers of commercial TV

We stocked  the house with Christmas DVDs.

First on the list is The Bishop’s Wife and 

Soon to follow, It’s A Wonderful Life.

Only the classics for us old folks you know

We like what like from years ago.

Last year was a gala ugly-sweater event

Tonight  a few friends but there’s no lament.

Although there’s no sitting by the fiery log

Or getting tipsy on killer egg nog,

None-the-less, we’ll enjoy the leftover food

And glasses of wine put all in a good mood.

As we clink our glasses filled with good cheer,

We wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I’ll put out the cookies and milk with a wish

That tomorrow morning I’ll find an empty dish.

Then I’ll know that dear Santa Clause stopped by to see

How clean the house was and how pink the tree!

I sent him my letter early on in the season

I wanted him to know I had a good reason.

It would take him some time and certainly some doing

Some planning, some cutting and lots of gluing.

I hope, I hope,  he thinks I’m not  too absurd

For wanting a “55 pink Thunderbird!

Oh YES!!!

Oh YES!!!

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