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“All my life’s a circle…” Sunday morning I got up and went right to work in the kitchen.  This was my day to make some soups.  As soon as the sun is low in the sky, the leaves are tinged with gold and red and there is a chill in the air once the sun goes down, I start thinking about cooking and more cooking.  

My neighbor in New York left a big butternut squash at my door last week so I brought it with me to the cottage and decided to make Roasted Butternut and Chicken Soup.  I knew I was going to want to post this recipe because it is good, heart healthy and hearty too.  The more I thought about it, the more I began to remember making this last year and probably posting it.  Sure enough, last October 5th I made the soup (on a Sunday!) and posted the recipe to my blog.  

Here’s the link with the recipe – I hope you’ll check it out. I can’t believe it was a year almost to the day that I made this soup and here I am again.  I left a container with my friend, Alice, who gave me the squash.  I’m looking forward to her comments. 

ENJOY!  The recipe link is below the photo.

Cucurbita moschata 'Butternut'. Original descr...

Butternut Squash photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roasted Chicken and Butternut Squash Soup and…


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If two weeks ago when I last wrote a blog, I thought it would be two weeks before I sat down at the keyboard again, I would have said, “Oh no, not me, I’m committed to blogging”.  Well so what happened?  I’d say one part life happened, one part physic overload and one part computer game junkieness.   I just made up that last word.

Work has been feeling like 24/7 and I have to get a handle on that.  I’m letting a client/customer run my life and she/he has me jumping through hoops.  Of course I’ve had enough therapy to know that can only happen with my permission.  Oh those intelligent sounding, pragmatic answers are just so…..what?  I don’t know, just so true? hard to do? Yup all of that and more.

And then the worst thing is this new word game that I started to play on Facebook.  If Steven Covey could only see me now, spending hours in Quadrant 4 – time wasting and my numbing!  My Scrabble addicition was bad enough, Lexolous was getting intense and now this – Word Wonder or something like that.   All I can say is it’s a good thing I can’t seem to go any further without paying, something I refuse to do.  Hey even us junkies have our limits!

Lots of things have been going wrong too lately – time-consuming and annoying.  We’re not talking life or death here, just annoyances that seem to piggyback on one another.  Here’s how Monday went:  My intention was to pack up the cottage as quickly as possible and get back to NYC because I knew I wouldn’t be around on Tuesday all day.  That’s a perfect example of my neurotic guilt and sense of obligation.  Gee do you really have to be at someone’s beck and call every day, all day?  OK, well I hustled around and got food packed, windows closed and locked while Peter filled the bird feeders and gave the squirrels fresh corn.  Now for the record, I did strongly suggest we put the car into the garage on Sunday night as well as drop off some stuff with Jane at the hotel.  Didn’t happen – now it’s Monday morning and I’m short-tempered and curt barking orders as to what needs to be done to get this show on the road!   BAD KARMA!  The Metropolitan would not start…. Are you frigging kidding me? We drove it Saturday night to Spring Lake and back. Now it’s raining and it won’t start.  Of course I didn’t know it wouldn’t start because I had already left for the garage to pick up a picnic basket I was lending to a friend in Manhattan and to put away the booster seat we had to purchase when Finley was with us for 3 days!

I realized that the basket would not fit in the car the way it was packed now and you know I didn’t pack it that way!  So I unloaded the whole car and re-arranged everything and put in the picnic basket.  Still raining and where is he anyway?  I called his cell phone and he informs me the car won’t start!  Ay yii yi!  I lock up the garage and zoom back.  He’ll have to call our auto mechanic who just installed a new starter last week.  That’s right, last week.  We’re leaving it out in front of the house and the mechanic will see to it – we leave.  I realize that I’m wearing soaking wet shoes.  Why am I not wearing my usual flip-flops?  Well because I was thinking ahead and wanted these espadrilles to be in NYC so I could wear them on the bus tomorrow to West Hampton.  Do all espadrilles have roped soles?

BAD TRAVEL KARMA is an all day thing I guess, because by Monday evening when I have to get myself to East 50th Street to meet my Mah Jongg group, things are still going badly.  I left the apartment in plenty of time with the intention of taking the cross town bus to 2nd Ave and then switching to the 2nd Ave local to go south.  But as I walked out of my building, I saw the cross town bus heading up the block – I had just missed it.  I waited a while and no bus came.  So I walked to 2nd Ave and one block south to the bus stop and waited and waited and waited.  Not one but two Select (express) buses went by but no local. I kept looking at the time and said to myself “take a cab”.  I hailed the cab down and just as I was about to open the door I realized that I did not bring my handbag with me and had only my Mah Jongg money and no credit cards.  “Sorry” I say to the driver, “I made a mistake”.  This being New York, he’s probably used to a lot of crazy people.  Still no bus.  The Select bus stops two blocks north so I take a long look up the avenue and don’t see any buses coming and decide to walk north to that bus stop.  Walking as fast as I can in my flip-flops I scurry northward.  As I am approaching the block, I see that a local bus has stopped there and if you can picture a woman of a certain age and somewhat overweight trying to run in flip flops down the busy block then you are probably laughing your you know what off right now!  The bus pulls away.  Buses wait for no man or woman either by the way!  The express and local stops are both located on this block.  I’m sure another bus of either type will appear on the horizon soon.  WRONG! Almost 10 minutes later, an express bus pulls up, I get on and thank God for the air-conditioning because I had clearly worked myself up into a physical and mental frenzy.  

Yes I made it there, late of course and missed the first round, oh well no big deal.  However,  bad luck follows you around stuck to your shoe like a piece of toilet paper.  I sit down and start to play.  My hand looks pretty good.  I’m not going to go into the strategies of Mah Jongg here but you must always be careful not to throw someone else’s winning tile.  Because if you do you have to pay double.  Well you know where this is going…I threw the tile.  Now I had to pay her double her hand.  Oh but she was also East and therefore she gets doubled again, and Oh she threw doubles so she gets doubled again!  And Oh the bettor bet on her so she also gets the same amount of money.  When I tell you I lost $8 in one round, you can believe I was ready to pack it in for the night!  I actually had to owe the bettor $2 and pay it off as I won other hands!  

I sure hope tomorrow is much less uneventful!

English: blue espadrille from Los Espadrilles.com

Espadrilles ARE NOT water proof

May the craks and bams be with you!

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Interior of John Leavitt's Tavern, Joseph Warr...

Interior of John Leavitt’s Tavern, Joseph Warren Leavitt, Chichester, c. 1825, American Folk Art Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my most popular blog posts is the one about the top ten things to do in New York City at Christmastime.  So I decided to try writing one about what to do in The City during the summer months.  The City is filled with tourists all summer, well you don’t have to be a store owner to know that, just try walking along Madison Avenue, or try to do an errand in SoHo.  However, that’s just the thing, tourists come to New York City and just do touristy things like Broadway and Times Square, maybe go to the Empire State building, rush to Canal Street thinking they’re getting a deal (only now they can be arrested too) or get on one of those god-awful double decker sight-seeing bus tours. Geez!!!

Listen people, there are SO MANY things to do in New York City, your vacation won’t be long enough;  These are free and if you’re staying in one of our hotels, you need to go to a couple of free events!


During the months of June, July and part of August, you can enjoy watching a Shakespeare production in Central Park.  To obtain a ticket, most people get in line in the morning and at 1:00pm the free tickets are distributed (two per person).  This summer they are doing A Comedy of Errors, and Love’s Labor Lost.  You can bring your own picnic supper or order one from the Public Cafe located near the Delacorte Theater.  For complete information go to www.shakespeareinthepark.org/about.aspx


From dusk to 9:30 or so on Tuesdays, from April to October, amateurs and experts gather for an evening of seeing the stars from one of the nicest parks in Manhattan. Folks from the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York are on hand to help you focus the telescopes, explain the difference between a supergiant and supernova, and understand the night sky. When you’re finished gazing, you can do some grazing at one of the nearby food stands, including barbecue from SmokeLine and pretzels from Sigmund’s.


The Lawn
New York, NY
Grab something to eat at ‘wichcraft and stake out your favorite spot on the lawn because this popular summer series is back through August 19th. Get ready to watch Academy Award-winning actresses like Sally Field star in Norma Rae (8/5) and screen legends like Bette Davis play the lead in Hush…Hush, Sweet Caroline (7/15). Gates open at 5 p.m. and admission is free.


Whitehall terminal
4 South St
New York, NY 10301
(718) 876-8441
Sure, the Staten Island Ferry’s primary purpose is to transport residents to and from the Island of Manhattan. But just think about this: The boat ride is a free, 5 mile (or 25 minute) ride around offering views of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty — and booze. Kind of romantic, no? Bring a date or bring your friends for a night on the water.


2 Lincoln Sq
New York, NY 10023
Admission and tours are free at the American Folk Art Museum. Opening June 11 is Bill Traylor: Drawings from the Collections of the High Museum of Art and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Bill Traylor was born into slavery c. 1854 and lived on the plantation even after emancipation. Late inhis life, he created more than 1,000 works of art — now considered some of the most iconic works of 20th century art. The museum also features Free Music Fridays with performances from folk, indie-pop, and other performers.


Catch the ferry at 10 South St
New York, NY 10004
More: 10 NYC National Monuments
Chock full of history and spots to sunbathe, 2013 highlights at Governors Island include Army Heritage Day and the traditional walking tours. Catch the ferry, leaving from the Battery Maritime Building, to the national monument and spend the day relaxing at the park. Hit the water for kayaking from Pier 101, or stay high and dry with bicycle rentals, music concert, nature exhibits or hiking tours through former military outposts. Check out our guide to Governor’s Island for a look at the exhibits, restaurants and sights available at this city gem.


1 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019
Admission is free for all visitors at one of New York’s most recognizable museums during UNIQLO Free Friday Nights, held every Friday evening from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. Tickets for UNIQLO Free Friday Nights are not available in advance. The ticket gets you access to to all of the historic museum’s galleries, exhibitions and films.


One of Lower Manhattan’s most fascinating, and controversial, stories of recent years circulates around the new African Burial Ground National Monument site. It began when a construction project in 1991 uncovered a burial ground of slaves – more than 400 caskets were found – from an age when New York had more slaves than any American city outside Charleston, South Carolina. Outside you can see part of the site now enveloped by buildings, and the compact visitors center does a masterful job at retelling African-American history in the city. See our 76-Second Travel Show episode on the museum’s opening. 290 Broadway between Duane & Elk Sts, Lower Manhattan.


New York’s most concentrated area for a gallery crawl is in Chelsea, mostly in the 20s Streets between 10th and 11th Avenues. Check westchelseaarts.com or Gallery Guide for listings. All are free, no pressure to buy. And try timing for wine-and-cheese openings on Thursday evenings.


The lobby galleries of Forbes magazine have some various curios from the late Malcolm Forbes’ collection, most notably early versions of Monopoly boards. (Or watch our tour of Monopoly sites around the properties’ namesakes at Atlantic City, New Jersey.) 62 Fifth Ave at 12th St, Greenwich Village.

I hope you enjoy your visit to our fabulous city.  You too will be singing “I Love New York”

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Today is a very hot and humid day in The City!  I know because so far today I have walked about 25 blocks, in TEVA wedge-hi flip flops and carrying what I call the typical NYC handbag.  Today it only had 2 folders in it and no Kindle (thank God).  I could itemize the numerous objects and necessities in my pocketbook but I bet there are thousands of woman all over the country carrying the same home away from home – what if I need…. bag!  Although many of them have it on the front seat while they drive around and are not carrying it in the asphalt jungle. Let’s just say, it’s always heavy and on a day like today, unwelcomely heavy.  With each block, my mood darkened.  Peter wanted to know when I would stop complaining about how hot I was and my response was….well that remark is probably better left unsaid in print. I arrived home (finally), stripped off my clothes and hopped into the shower.  What a fabulous feeling.

If you are wondering what that first paragraph has to do with the title of this blog, it’s actually a precursor to why sometimes living here gets you down, beats you up, changes your outlook on life and makes you wish it was Friday so you could run not walk to your weekend getaway.

So how do you know when you’ve lived in New York City too long?

Dinner – hitting up your slice place at 1:00am



2. Nothing fills you with more rage than getting on a crowded subway car and hearing, “It’s showtime”

3. $12 cocktails and $20 yoga classes seem normal now!

4.You’ve considered moving into your office to save on rent since you spend so much time there.

5. You’ve Seamlessed lunch and dinner in the same day  and not given a shit.

Who cooks anymore?

Who cooks anymore?

6. In the summer you consider the wind coming from an approaching subway to be a nice breeze.

7. You’ve flipped off a tourist bus.

WHAT are they looking at?

WHAT are they looking at?

8. When you visit the suburbs and try to sleep, the silence scares you.

9. You wear ear buds to the grocery store.

"Stayin' Alive," - I Need Endive

“Stayin’ Alive,” – I Need Endive

10. You walk faster than most people run.

Thanks Gail for sending me this hysterical web link.

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My company, TOWN RESIDENTIAL, has launched an exciting, unique and engaging marketing campaign.  Our company slogan is: “Our neighborhoods define us as much as we define them”.  Taking this to heart and to a higher branding level, TOWN has embarked on a 90 day campaign: LookUpNY.

TOWN is encouraging the public to interact with the company’s website by posting photos of interesting buildings, facades, street scenes, anything that speaks New York to them.   We have so many landmarks, so many pre-war buildings with amazing sculptures, setbacks, cornices and spires.  However, do most visitors and for that matter denizens actually see this beauty.  The answer is a resounding NO.  You have to look up, as in LookUpNY.  That’s not to say that New York is all about what’s up in the air.  I have been scrolling through the hundreds of photos already submitted and there are snippets of neighborhoods, parks, statues, landscapes, seascapes and more; After all New York is a pretty big city!

I strongly suggest you visit http://www.townrealestate.com/lookupny/ and look at the fabulous photos, check out the daily quiz question about the photo of the day in the Gallery.

This is MY blog so you can guess this is heading someplace other than the TOWN web site.  I asked Murray to give me some photos I could submit to TOWN and who knows maybe he would win.  All I wanted was to go on the helicopter ride around the City which is part of the first prize.  I picked the ones I wanted to enter and was about to file all of them on my computer when it occurred to me what would make a better FAB FOTO FRIDAY than several of his spectacular shots of The Chrysler Building This striking landmark, this icon of the City deserves a blog post of its own.

I did some quick research and just a couple of remarkable facts are:

Ground breaking:  September 1928

Built at the pace of 4 floors per week – no workers died on the job

Originally designed to be 975 ‘ – 125’ added when the spire topped off the building.  The spire was built secretly inside the building and then hoisted onto to the dome and lowered into the 68th floor .  The remaining sections of the spire took a mere 90 minutes to bolt in place.

Built to house Chrysler Headquarters, there are many homages to the auto industry;  radiator caps, hub cap design, setbacks with abstract images of automobiles, gargoyles like hood mascots anchor the upper corners of the building.

Briefly the highest building in the world until the Empire State building eclipsed it.

BUT enough words, take a look at the pictures!

Art Deco Architecture

Art Deco Architecture


The Chrysler Building at Night

This is MY CITY

This is MY CITY



Hood Ornament in the Sky

Hood Ornament in the Sky

Two Iconic Figures Nacho and the Chrysler Bldg

Two Iconic Figures
Nacho and the Chrysler Bldg

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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Most of the country thinks New York City is just one big asphalt jungle.  Well they are so wrong! We have lots of parks, lots of trees and as you know a fair share of wildlife living the good life in the Big Apple.  It’s Fab Foto Friday and I have a picture story for you; This is the tail, tale of the City Squirrel and the Little Blonde Girl.

"Look what I have"

“Look what I have”

"Yes I'm serious, it's for you"

“Yes I’m serious, it’s for you”

"It's right here, can't you see it"?

“It’s right here, can’t you see it”?

"There's more where this came from"

“There’s more where this came from”

"Hey, see ya"

“Hey, see ya”

All photos courtesy of Murray Head


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New York City Smells

New York City is a treasure trove of sights, sounds and smells. The sights are impressive, the sounds often jarring and the smells…well, let’s just say, summer in the City is not a rose garden. Intense heat intensifies the random odors.

A walk past a sewer drain or a pile of garbage and trash can be overwhelming. But tonight, climbing up the subway steps, I caught a whiff of something cooking. It smelled like hamburgers grilling – in NYC?? A few more steps and I found myself standing in front of The Shake Shack. Yum, dinner tonight. Thank you Danny Meyer!

Shake Shack Burgers and Fries

Shake Shack Burgers and Fries (Photo credit: Minimalist)

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When my daughter and her husband moved to Florida at the beginning of this year, I was devastated.  Well actually I still am because I miss my little Finny so much.  I enjoyed having them nearby even though I didn’t see all that much of them, they were still close , and often I would pick Finley up from school or take her there.  

My husband and I took her to the Metropolitan Museum and were looking forward to immersing this bright little girl into the culture that’s so readily available in The City. Alas, she’s gone to Florida and is now taking tennis lessons and learning Spanish.  She was just getting to the age where the adventures were about to begin.  Finley is intelligent and curious and very observant so any little outing with her was exciting. 

Her parents certainly exposed her to the theater while in NYC and took her to the many child-centered events held in Manhattan.  She went to see Mary Poppins, Annie and shows like Pinkalicious and some show where the performer created monster bubbles.  There were more too. We went to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show together every year since she was two!  I even made her a hat to wear in the Easter Parade! Her other grandparents took her to the Empire State building and other wonderful sites in the City.

I knew that if we went to the Village she would find it fascinating or Chinatown….so many places, so much to see and now she’s gone.  I’m hoping we can bring her to New York for a week sometime soon and keep the City alive for her and not have it become a distant childhood memory.

And where is all this leading up to?  Well actually I didn’t sit down to write a lament about how much I miss Finley Ray, it sort of just came out on the keys.  Chiara, my daughter, sent me a photo yesterday and it prompted me to want to muse about life after New York City – See for yourself!!!


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English: Corner view, Marine Air Terminal, LaG...

English: Corner view, Marine Air Terminal, LaGuardia Airport, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, quiet and at peace, sitting on the hotel bed watching the News.  If you’ve never watched the News in Florida, you don’t know what you’re missing! Every car crash, kidnapping, murder, robbery, hate crime and jaywalking is reported in glowing terms, vivid color and dramatic overtones.  Ahhhh

Of course I digress, what I learned today at LGA – LaGuardia Airport to those of you who do not live in New York.  It all began a few weeks ago when my daughter informed that she and family were spending the holidays in San Diego with her brother.  Not having them around for Christmas was a bummer but to top it off, she said they would fly from San Diego directly to their new home in Florida!  The movers would come on the 19th and 20th and empty the apartment and they would spend two nights in a hotel before they took off on the 23rd for San Diego and they would arrive in Florida on January 2nd.  “OH” I said.  “What will you do with the cat?”, I wondered.  “THE CAT” “OMG”, she shrieked.  Did she think she could leave the cat in an empty apartment for 12 days?  Someone could come in and feed it? GEEZ I hope not.  Mom to the rescue-I said I would find someone to take the cat and I would bring  Pasha (the cat) to Florida with me when I went to help her set up her new household.

Just a bit more digression….I found someone who said yes they would and my daughter was going to pay the person and of course provide for all of the cat’s needs and since he was de-clawed, he hopefully would be easy to house.  TWO days before the woman was to take the cat, she knocked on our door and said she couldn’t and Peter didn’t tell until about midnight.  OMG now what??  I literally had one day to find the cat a home before it spent a night in a vacant apartment.  Mind you this is a Siamese who talks and I could only imagine how his yowling would echo through the empty rooms.  YES we found a second willing soul to keep the cat.  Poor Pasha saw all the furniture in his house dragged out by strangers, then his mother put him a cat carrier (not his) and brought to my apartment where he sat cowering in the crate while my two resident cats hissed and stared at the intruder.  Then he went to his foster home where he had never been and with people he never saw or smelled before!

Fast forward to today;  I had called the cat keeper last night and said I had to pick him up at 12:30pm.  She informed me that she wouldn’t be there, but her Dad would.  I asked her if she would make sure he was there, “yes’ she said. What do you think?  NO ONE was home at 12:30!  Frantic phone calls and 1/2 hour later, we were able to scoop him up, shove him in sherpa bag and hail a cab to catch a 2:30 flight.

 Lesson One-Check and then double-double check that everyone is on the same page about the time.  Also I specified that all of the equipment and supplies could be tossed or donated but instead they were piled outside the door!

Lesson Two – Always check (somehow) which terminal your flight departs.  Apparently Delta has 3 terminals at LaGuardia!  We instruct our cab driver to go to Terminal D.  Upon entering the terminal I am SHOCKED! There are hundreds of people in line to check in AND I have to check in because I have two suitcases to check and a live cat with me.  I feel myself getting warm because although I’m headed to Florida, I am still in NYC and so I have a couple of layers on and carrying two MAC computers, a handbag loaded with stuff including a Kindle and a 12 1/2 lb. cat in the other. I had no idea where to go and thank God, I literally blocked the path of one of those airline facilitators who wander around the perimeter of the roped off line area.  He noted I was traveling with a friend as he referred to the red bag hanging from my right hand.  Oh so I can go to Special Services check in and he tells me to follow him as he leads me to a line that is miniscule but then he inquires as to where I’m going.  West Palm?  Oh well in that case, I should go back out and get into the blue bus and it will take me to Terminal C!  Not to worry, he says, plenty of time as I protest that the cat has to be checked in as well as baggage.

Lesson Three – Not a good idea to attempt to go through security with TWO computers, a handbag, a blazer, running shoes, a computer case AND a live cat who most apparently was NOT given the holistic calming tidbit in the morning as instructed ALONE! I methodically filled 3 bins and was inching the cat in the bag towards the X-ray machine.  I was waved over to a metal detector arch and told to remove the cat from the bag.  Easier said than done as Pasha had decided it was safer to stay in this cosy bag than to come out into a huge space filled with hundreds of people and SO MANY smells-NOT.  Hissing at me I yanked him out and reluctantly went to the metal detector.  Reluctantly because now I have lost sight of both computer and my handbag.  Pasha and I sailed through BUT then were told to wait here.  WAIT, is she crazy? The cat is squirming and wiggling and twisting and turning and trying to jump out of my arms as I stand there barefoot struggling to hold onto him. I announce I cannot stand here because he is going to jump and run.  I was lucky, a kind TCA agent took pity on me and called me over to a cubicle and snatched Pasha’s bag off the rollers and I put him in.  Now why was I in this cubicle? Because she had to do my hands!  I had no idea what she meant as she swabbed my hands with some pad.  I asked if this was some random thing but no, anyone bringing a live pet with them has this done to them because they are checking for residue.

Lesson Four – Make sure you look at BOTH sides of your Boarding Pass so you can find out what gate your headed to instead of walking in the wrong direction while carrying two MAC computers, a handbag and a cat while wearing a cashmere sweater under a wool blazer and a silk scarf around your neck.

Lesson Five – Do NOT attempt to administer sedative pill to cat who is already quite disturbed, just before boarding. The instructions are to give the cat the pill at least 45 minutes prior to boarding.  By the time I got to the right gate most everyone was already on board.  I realized the futility of my attempt and so I went up to the desk to get on the plane. Thank God it was cool in the jetway.

An aerial view of LaGuardia Airport

An aerial view of LaGuardia Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lesson Six – Smile and be charming to your seat mate while the non-sedated cat continue to thrash around and cry.  Have you ever hear a Siamese cry?  They sound just like a baby and don’t we all love to  be on a plane with a crying baby?  Irwin was a delightful seat mate and LUCKILY no one was seated in the middle so with his agreement I moved Pasha up to the seat once we were in the air.

Lesson Seven – Once you realize that the cat is NOT going to settle down, muster up your courage and stick you hand down the cat’s throat and drop the sedative down his gullet!  Then hold his mouth shut so that he’s forced to swallow it and then once you have wiped the sweat off your forehead, order a cold drink from the Flight Attendent!

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Today is the last day of my photo week, however not the end of my photo posts!  It’s just been a great week for me as Murray has been sending me shots every other day or so.  So even though I did feature a magnificent owl yesterday, today is devoted to birds of a different feather altogether.  Nice play on words don’tcha think?

A Young Red Tail Hawk

A Young Red Tail Hawk

A Slate Junco Sitting Pretty

A Slate Junco Sitting Pretty

Mallard Triplets

Mallard Triplets

Cardinal Triplets

Cardinal Triplets

Hey how did you get in the picture?

Hey how did you get in the picture?

Blue Jays Are Known Thieves!

Blue Jays Are Known Thieves!

He's Really A Beauty!

He’s Really A Beauty!





All photos by Murray Head

Some people think New York is an ugly city, dirty and without beauty.  They are SO wrong- There’s so much beauty in The City, it’s all around us.  Central Park alone is replete with beautiful flowers and wildlife;  The birds are wonderful, the ponds full of turtles, frogs and visited by egrets and herons alike.  If outside art is not your thing, we have amazing museums and art galleries filled with every genre and period of art and sculpture.  AND of course not to brag too much, MANY of the most famous artists original work hangs here.  

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