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Yesterday’s snow storm which didn’t even have a name I believe, certainly caused enough havoc in some places.  New York which is famous for its iconic landmarks  such as the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building and many, many more also has a few new icons.  One of which is the glass APPLE cube entrance to their Fifth Avenue store.  

A snowblower plowed into one of the walls and shattered the glass all the way from top to bottom!



Photo by Christina@christinagignac

Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York is encased in a beautiful 32-foot-tall glass cube near Central Park.

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My company, TOWN RESIDENTIAL, has launched an exciting, unique and engaging marketing campaign.  Our company slogan is: “Our neighborhoods define us as much as we define them”.  Taking this to heart and to a higher branding level, TOWN has embarked on a 90 day campaign: LookUpNY.

TOWN is encouraging the public to interact with the company’s website by posting photos of interesting buildings, facades, street scenes, anything that speaks New York to them.   We have so many landmarks, so many pre-war buildings with amazing sculptures, setbacks, cornices and spires.  However, do most visitors and for that matter denizens actually see this beauty.  The answer is a resounding NO.  You have to look up, as in LookUpNY.  That’s not to say that New York is all about what’s up in the air.  I have been scrolling through the hundreds of photos already submitted and there are snippets of neighborhoods, parks, statues, landscapes, seascapes and more; After all New York is a pretty big city!

I strongly suggest you visit http://www.townrealestate.com/lookupny/ and look at the fabulous photos, check out the daily quiz question about the photo of the day in the Gallery.

This is MY blog so you can guess this is heading someplace other than the TOWN web site.  I asked Murray to give me some photos I could submit to TOWN and who knows maybe he would win.  All I wanted was to go on the helicopter ride around the City which is part of the first prize.  I picked the ones I wanted to enter and was about to file all of them on my computer when it occurred to me what would make a better FAB FOTO FRIDAY than several of his spectacular shots of The Chrysler Building This striking landmark, this icon of the City deserves a blog post of its own.

I did some quick research and just a couple of remarkable facts are:

Ground breaking:  September 1928

Built at the pace of 4 floors per week – no workers died on the job

Originally designed to be 975 ‘ – 125’ added when the spire topped off the building.  The spire was built secretly inside the building and then hoisted onto to the dome and lowered into the 68th floor .  The remaining sections of the spire took a mere 90 minutes to bolt in place.

Built to house Chrysler Headquarters, there are many homages to the auto industry;  radiator caps, hub cap design, setbacks with abstract images of automobiles, gargoyles like hood mascots anchor the upper corners of the building.

Briefly the highest building in the world until the Empire State building eclipsed it.

BUT enough words, take a look at the pictures!

Art Deco Architecture

Art Deco Architecture


The Chrysler Building at Night

This is MY CITY

This is MY CITY



Hood Ornament in the Sky

Hood Ornament in the Sky

Two Iconic Figures Nacho and the Chrysler Bldg

Two Iconic Figures
Nacho and the Chrysler Bldg

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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When my daughter and her husband moved to Florida at the beginning of this year, I was devastated.  Well actually I still am because I miss my little Finny so much.  I enjoyed having them nearby even though I didn’t see all that much of them, they were still close , and often I would pick Finley up from school or take her there.  

My husband and I took her to the Metropolitan Museum and were looking forward to immersing this bright little girl into the culture that’s so readily available in The City. Alas, she’s gone to Florida and is now taking tennis lessons and learning Spanish.  She was just getting to the age where the adventures were about to begin.  Finley is intelligent and curious and very observant so any little outing with her was exciting. 

Her parents certainly exposed her to the theater while in NYC and took her to the many child-centered events held in Manhattan.  She went to see Mary Poppins, Annie and shows like Pinkalicious and some show where the performer created monster bubbles.  There were more too. We went to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show together every year since she was two!  I even made her a hat to wear in the Easter Parade! Her other grandparents took her to the Empire State building and other wonderful sites in the City.

I knew that if we went to the Village she would find it fascinating or Chinatown….so many places, so much to see and now she’s gone.  I’m hoping we can bring her to New York for a week sometime soon and keep the City alive for her and not have it become a distant childhood memory.

And where is all this leading up to?  Well actually I didn’t sit down to write a lament about how much I miss Finley Ray, it sort of just came out on the keys.  Chiara, my daughter, sent me a photo yesterday and it prompted me to want to muse about life after New York City – See for yourself!!!


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Cary Grant

Cary Grant (Photo credit: twm1340)

I just walked into my apartment after having dinner with  a dear friend who told me all about her wonderfully romantic vacation.  My husband had left the TV on in the den and of course it was tuned to  ONE OF THE ONLY TWO stations he watches – TCM (Turner Classic Movies).  

And what did I see? OMG I had the good fortune to walk in on the last scene of An Affair to Remember!!!! OMG (again) that scene just rips your heart out and then puts it back in its appropriate place…

Cary Grant was beyond gorgeous in this movie.  Perfectly groomed, hair with a part as straight as I-95, impeccably dressed in his own clothes always sporting French cuffs and there he is pacing nervously around Deborah Kerr‘s living room.  She is posed and poised on the couch dressed in red (after all it is Christmas) and a red coverlet covers her lower body.  Well I’m crying as soon as he starts carrying on about how he never went to the Empire State Building  and she plays it so cool yet conveying through some facial expressions the tumult of emotions at play in her mind and heart.

Tears are dropping down my cheeks and I know that the crescendo of this emotional scene has yet to unfold but it definitely on its way.  The shawl, the confession of waiting and waiting, the deep looks exchanged between the two former lovers….He moves to the door and in true Hollywood pull-at-your-heartstrings style, he stops and turns for one last look.

And then slowly in perfect timing, he explains to Terry why he didn’t take money for the painting…I’m bawling now, sobbing at each passing moment.  The climax is heartfelt and Nickie’s face is a road map of discovery, pain, realization and heartbreak.

What movies make you cry? I have some more, but I think An Affair to Remember is my all-time-guaranteed-to-make-you-cry movie.   Would love to hear from some of my readers which movies cause their eyes to fill up!

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If you live in New York City, you have seen this!  A ginormous blow up rat squatting in the middle of the sidewalk or on the street (taking up a parking space!).

I saw this photo and comments from my friend, Greg Moore on Facebook.  I asked for permission to reprint it because first of all, I wish I had thought of posting a blog about it myself and secondly, it seemed so perfect a contribution to my ONLY IN NEW YORK category.  Now here’s my question, does this only happen in New York City?  Please comment and let us know if the RAT has relatives in other cities.

union rat, Greg Moore, New York city, contractors

I’m the City Mouse!

This thing is about as “New York” as the Statue of Liberty…or the Empire State Building! I have a feeling this is one of those “only-in-New-York” kinda things! It’s the giant, inflatable “strike rat”! Whenever there’s a labor dispute or a strike where they feel that a business is hiring workers unfairly, they (I guess) call “Rent-a-Rat”, this huge, hideously ugly, inflatable rat, which they park on the sidewalk in front of the offending business. This guy has been outside my office building all week. I’m DYING to interview this guy who sits next to the rat all day long. I have so many QUESTIONS for him: What is your job title? What do you tell your family you do? What do you put on your resume? What is the rat’s name? What would differentiate a “good” day from a “bad” one? I saw him pack it in, right at 5PM. He deflated his rat, shoved it in a bag along with his folding chair and headed toward the subway. (this one, by the way is the SMALLER one! They also have one that’s about 3-stories high! I know that, because the apartment building next to mine apparently hired non-union doormen and they hauled out the HUGE rat…and its head appeared right outside my third-story window for about a week! Rather alarming…but very New York!).

Thanks to Greg Moore for his astute observation and comments.

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One is Silver and the other is Gold.”

Two nights ago the Empire State Building was lit totally in green to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the Girl Scouts of America!  Some things you just never forget and I always remember that Girl Scout saying about silver and gold friends.

Tonight I had dinner with a Gold friend, Janet.  We worked together when we both lived in Connecticut and we played together when we were both divorced moms with young pre-teen girls!  Tonight was a night of reliving fond memories, catching up on spouses, kids and grandkids.  There’s song that New Found Glory recorded; Right Where We Left Off and dinner tonight with my old friend was just like that!

This blog is a virtual hug for you, Janet and also a big Thank You to Murray, Pbenjay’s staff photographer.  Now what does one have to do with other?  Tonight Janet asked me, “Who is Murray?” After I explained our relationship grown out of a life-long friendship between Murray and my husband, Janet exclaimed and extolled the merits of Murray’s photos!  Well you don’t have to convince me, that’s for sure.  She mentioned that through his beautiful, artistic, striking and personal photos of New York City, she feels like she lives here (which is about 3,000 miles away from where she resides).

So this one’s for you Janet through the lens of Murray’s camera.

Girl Scouts, 100th anniversary, Manhattan, NYC

Celebrating Girl Scouts of America 100th Anniversary

Central Park, March 2012

Pink Blossoms-Manhattan in March

Central Park, New York city, volley ball
Central Park, stone bridge, two ducks, mallard, New York City

Strolling Ducks in the Park

Red tractor trailer truck,

This is Manhattan in March

Red tail hawk

Yes, A Hawk in Manhattan

AAll photos courtesy of Murray Head

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Fridays are for Fotos and as you know I have several recurring themes.  I love RED is Where You Find It which is really a sub-category of ART is Where You Find It and then there’s ONLY in NEW YORK because my city is an ever-changing canvas replete with people who live or visit New York City, truly the Capitol of the World,  as well as art installations, parades, tourist attractions and above all (no pun intended) the City itself with its Skyscraper Skyline.

My favorite photographer, Murray, was out and about down in the Flatiron, Madison Square Park area the other day and yes he does leave Central Park once in a while lol.  Anyway, he took some very interesting photographs of some of the more distinct and unusual buildings in that neighborhood.  Or maybe other than the Flatiron Building (one of my two very favorite buildings in NYC), the buildings are not so unusual BUT you know where I’m going with this….the eye of the camera as seen with the eye of the artist produced some beautiful shots and here they are.

Flatiron building, New york city

The Flatiron Building

photo by Murray Head

new york city, madison square park

It's White at Night

photo by Murray Head

new york city, skyscraper

Building with a Gold Crown

photo by Murray Head

new york city, skyline, skyscrapers

STOP - Water Tower

photo by Murray Head

new york city, skyline

Gold Dome

photo by Murray Head

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