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Yesterday’s snow storm which didn’t even have a name I believe, certainly caused enough havoc in some places.  New York which is famous for its iconic landmarks  such as the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building and many, many more also has a few new icons.  One of which is the glass APPLE cube entrance to their Fifth Avenue store.  

A snowblower plowed into one of the walls and shattered the glass all the way from top to bottom!



Photo by Christina@christinagignac

Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York is encased in a beautiful 32-foot-tall glass cube near Central Park.

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My company, TOWN RESIDENTIAL, has launched an exciting, unique and engaging marketing campaign.  Our company slogan is: “Our neighborhoods define us as much as we define them”.  Taking this to heart and to a higher branding level, TOWN has embarked on a 90 day campaign: LookUpNY.

TOWN is encouraging the public to interact with the company’s website by posting photos of interesting buildings, facades, street scenes, anything that speaks New York to them.   We have so many landmarks, so many pre-war buildings with amazing sculptures, setbacks, cornices and spires.  However, do most visitors and for that matter denizens actually see this beauty.  The answer is a resounding NO.  You have to look up, as in LookUpNY.  That’s not to say that New York is all about what’s up in the air.  I have been scrolling through the hundreds of photos already submitted and there are snippets of neighborhoods, parks, statues, landscapes, seascapes and more; After all New York is a pretty big city!

I strongly suggest you visit http://www.townrealestate.com/lookupny/ and look at the fabulous photos, check out the daily quiz question about the photo of the day in the Gallery.

This is MY blog so you can guess this is heading someplace other than the TOWN web site.  I asked Murray to give me some photos I could submit to TOWN and who knows maybe he would win.  All I wanted was to go on the helicopter ride around the City which is part of the first prize.  I picked the ones I wanted to enter and was about to file all of them on my computer when it occurred to me what would make a better FAB FOTO FRIDAY than several of his spectacular shots of The Chrysler Building This striking landmark, this icon of the City deserves a blog post of its own.

I did some quick research and just a couple of remarkable facts are:

Ground breaking:  September 1928

Built at the pace of 4 floors per week – no workers died on the job

Originally designed to be 975 ‘ – 125’ added when the spire topped off the building.  The spire was built secretly inside the building and then hoisted onto to the dome and lowered into the 68th floor .  The remaining sections of the spire took a mere 90 minutes to bolt in place.

Built to house Chrysler Headquarters, there are many homages to the auto industry;  radiator caps, hub cap design, setbacks with abstract images of automobiles, gargoyles like hood mascots anchor the upper corners of the building.

Briefly the highest building in the world until the Empire State building eclipsed it.

BUT enough words, take a look at the pictures!

Art Deco Architecture

Art Deco Architecture


The Chrysler Building at Night

This is MY CITY

This is MY CITY



Hood Ornament in the Sky

Hood Ornament in the Sky

Two Iconic Figures Nacho and the Chrysler Bldg

Two Iconic Figures
Nacho and the Chrysler Bldg

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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Nora Ephron (1941-2012), Thanks and Goodbye

Nora Ephron (1941-2012), Thanks and Goodbye (Photo credit: k-ideas)

The title of this blog post should be Where in the World is Pbenjay?  I’m sorry dear readers, I have been on a forced hiatus.  I’ve been working A LOT and haven’t had any time to write.  There have been so many posts in my head, just jumping to get out.  When Nora Ephron died I wanted to write something…when Ernest Borgnine  died, I wanted to write something, 4th of July party, Diana Krall…  so I’m hoping in the next week I can play catch-up and get back in the groove.

During one of the many tributes to Nora Ephron, I heard that she had written a list of what she would miss and what she wouldn’t in her book, “I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections”.

I found that idea intriguing and certainly  blog-worthy!  I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about this, however,  I’m sure I can come up with a sizable list.  Having read Nora’s lists, I found some that are also in mine -I’m not stealing, I will miss or not miss a few of the same things.

What I Will Miss   (in random order)


My grand-daughters, my daughter and my son

Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, ICE CREAM

Going to the movies

Writing my blog

Ocean Grove and La Vie en Rose

Riding in the “Met”

Nick and Nora

The Great Auditorium

Feeding the squirrels by hand, watching a Blue Jay take a peanut

The Chrysler Building and the Flatiron Building

Living in Manhattan

Popcorn at the movies

The Philarmonic and Carnegie Hall


Hydrangeas, Tulips and Peonies



How green Connecticut is

Hot dogs with sauerkraut and mustard

The smell of low tide

Receiving a letter

Full moons


Making Thanksgiving dinner

Peanut Butter


Decorating the house at Christmas

Jersey tomatoes and corn

Autumn leaves

Chocolate Malts

Starbucks Grande Americanos

Roses, Honeysuckle and Lilacs

Hot Chocolate

What I Won’t Miss

Periodontal cleanings


Bugs/flies in the house

Standing in line for anything

Paying bills

Dead/dying batteries in cell phones, smoke detectors, vibrators, remotes etc


Public restrooms

Pap smears

Dry scrambled eggs, over-cooked steak

Customer service based in India

Grocery store clerks who don’t know how to pack the bags

Movies interrupted by commercials

Alarm clocks

Contact lens issues

Fishy Fish

Mosquito bites

Standing in the subway

Slow computers, crashing computers, the blue screen of death

I think these lists could just go on and on taking on a life of their own BUT I think I’m done (for now) – lately Peter has been telling me I’m negative so I’m glad my What I Will Miss list is longer than What I Won’t Miss!

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