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Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Murray spent some time with us and he took a lot of photos of our cats, Nick and Nora.  They are brother and sister but don’t look at all alike.  Did you know that a female cat can be impregnated by two different males?  When you look at these two, it’s obvious their mom fell into that category.  Like any mother, I think my fur babies are beautiful and so today I decided to post some of Murray’s photos.

Nicky is my sweet boy, gentle, inquisitive, sleek and serene.  He lets me pick him up, roll him over, brush his teeth and clip his nails.  He’s the alpha cat in the house and he does chase his sister now and then.  He’s my handsome little prince and he likes to pose for the camera too.

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

What's Going On Over There?

What’s Going On Over There?

OK I'm Ready For My Close-Up

OK I’m Ready For My Close-Up

Good Lighting Is Essential

Good Lighting Is Essential

Love His Long Whiskers

Love His Long Whiskers

Nora is a moosh;  She sleeps with us every night, curled up between our pillows or snuggled between legs.  She is a plump softie, quiet, and a major lap-sitter.  Nora knows where all the warm sun spots are and naps in all of them.  She loves to sit in boxes, even those that are too small.  She isn’t as social as Nicky who always greets people at the door.  Nora is more apt to run and hide under the bed for a while.  She doesn’t like the grandchildren and has hissed at Finley and batted her hand.  Naughty girl.

I'm Not A Toy

I’m Not A Toy

Nora As Part Of A Still Life

Nora As Part Of A Still Life

Peek A Boo

Peek A Boo

Nora And The Mouse

Nora And The Mouse

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Nora Ephron (1941-2012), Thanks and Goodbye

Nora Ephron (1941-2012), Thanks and Goodbye (Photo credit: k-ideas)

The title of this blog post should be Where in the World is Pbenjay?  I’m sorry dear readers, I have been on a forced hiatus.  I’ve been working A LOT and haven’t had any time to write.  There have been so many posts in my head, just jumping to get out.  When Nora Ephron died I wanted to write something…when Ernest Borgnine  died, I wanted to write something, 4th of July party, Diana Krall…  so I’m hoping in the next week I can play catch-up and get back in the groove.

During one of the many tributes to Nora Ephron, I heard that she had written a list of what she would miss and what she wouldn’t in her book, “I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections”.

I found that idea intriguing and certainly  blog-worthy!  I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about this, however,  I’m sure I can come up with a sizable list.  Having read Nora’s lists, I found some that are also in mine -I’m not stealing, I will miss or not miss a few of the same things.

What I Will Miss   (in random order)


My grand-daughters, my daughter and my son

Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, ICE CREAM

Going to the movies

Writing my blog

Ocean Grove and La Vie en Rose

Riding in the “Met”

Nick and Nora

The Great Auditorium

Feeding the squirrels by hand, watching a Blue Jay take a peanut

The Chrysler Building and the Flatiron Building

Living in Manhattan

Popcorn at the movies

The Philarmonic and Carnegie Hall


Hydrangeas, Tulips and Peonies



How green Connecticut is

Hot dogs with sauerkraut and mustard

The smell of low tide

Receiving a letter

Full moons


Making Thanksgiving dinner

Peanut Butter


Decorating the house at Christmas

Jersey tomatoes and corn

Autumn leaves

Chocolate Malts

Starbucks Grande Americanos

Roses, Honeysuckle and Lilacs

Hot Chocolate

What I Won’t Miss

Periodontal cleanings


Bugs/flies in the house

Standing in line for anything

Paying bills

Dead/dying batteries in cell phones, smoke detectors, vibrators, remotes etc


Public restrooms

Pap smears

Dry scrambled eggs, over-cooked steak

Customer service based in India

Grocery store clerks who don’t know how to pack the bags

Movies interrupted by commercials

Alarm clocks

Contact lens issues

Fishy Fish

Mosquito bites

Standing in the subway

Slow computers, crashing computers, the blue screen of death

I think these lists could just go on and on taking on a life of their own BUT I think I’m done (for now) – lately Peter has been telling me I’m negative so I’m glad my What I Will Miss list is longer than What I Won’t Miss!

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Sometimes it’s just fun to hang out with your friends…Nicky drops by the guest room to visit with Quilty Cat and Sam and Serena Sock Monkey.  From the looks on everybody’s faces, a good time was had by all!

Nick, cat, vintage sock monkeys, quilted cat

"A Good Time Was Had By All"

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And so the shoveling began.   A knock at the door surprised us and it was a young man who offered his services for snow removal.  Everybody is a capitalist at heart and his prices were too high for us so we bargained for $20 worth of shoveling – which meant a path from the front porch to the car and single shovel wide clearance along the front sidewalk.  It was a good deal for both of us, the snow was very powdery.

I got dressed and went out to tackle the car.   After about 5 minutes I realized shoveling out the car was a task beyond me, the drifts almost covered the car and there was no place to throw the snow since there were drifts all around the car too.

AND behind me was the MONSTER snow drift leading to the back door – it was now or never…. all the time I’m thinking of my heart because Peter reminded me that I’m taking Lipator for a reason, Geez!!

Ocean Grove, La Vie en Rose, Monday snow storm Dec 27th
THE Drift Almost As High As the Fence
2010 Blizzard, Ocean Grove, La Vie en Rose

Working His Way Thru the Drift

Finally the Back Door!

Nicky Ocean Grove, December 27th

One Small Paw Print for Catkind

Nick and Nora, Ocean Grove, La Vie en Rose

Thinking About Taking the Next Step

These photos were taken about noon today. Now it’s almost 3:30pm and once again the wind is howling, predicted to reach 50 mph.  Soon all our work will be covered with snow again.😦

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Snowed in Also!

Then again there’s more than one way to pass the afternoon.  Nick and Nora took this opportunity for a well-deserved cat nap.  So while I was watching the movie, they were  warming themselves next to the radiator. Oh to be a cat for one day in this house!

We were snowed in also.

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