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I love to celebrate any holiday, I really do….my ideal is to always have a party or dinner significant to the holiday or event.  We’ve had Mardi Gras parties, Oscar parties, Martini parties, Super Bowl Sunday dinners with dishes from the team’s home states, Valentine cookies and cakes, Easter brunches, July 4th picnics…you name it and we’ve had it at one time or another.

Some holidays are about a lot more than the food and fun.  I understand the importance of the religious aspect of Christmas and Easter, the historical significance of July 4th and other national holidays.  So in that vein, and before we start to down those Magaritas and eat chips and salsa and dine on Mexican food tonight, I thought I would re-post a blog from a couple of years ago.  It’s the story of Cinco de Mayo.

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This is Why We Celebrate Victory

If you’ve noticed a sudden dearth of avocados, limes, Corona Extras and Jose Cuervo at your local grocery store over the past couple of days, don’t panic — no one is conspiring against you. Instead, your neighbors are simply stocking up to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a holiday celebrated in Mexico and all over the United States with delicious Mexican cuisine, far too much alcohol and plenty of fanfare.

But Cinco de Mayo (“the fifth of May”) is much more than an entertaining way to forget an entire day’s worth of events. The holiday owes its origins to the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, when the Mexican army overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to defeat invading French forces from conquering the state of Puebla. The victory remains a cause for commemoration nearly 150 years later.

Interestingly enough, Cinco de Mayo isn’t celebrated in Mexico nearly as much as it is in the United States, as the country’s most widely recognized national patriotic holiday is actually the Mexican Independence Day on September 16. But Cinco de Mayo gets plenty of attention in the U.S. not just from Mexican-Americans, but also from anybody interested in seeking out new forms of cultural exposure — largely due to the efforts of liquor companies and Mexican restaurants.

Last year, MTV Tr3s sent comedian Cristela Alonzo to Los Angeles’ historic Olvera Street to report on the community’s deep understanding of Cinco del Mayo. While the holiday has historic roots, Alonzo acknowledged that many participants view Cinco de Mayo as “an excuse to get drunk and party.” But as Alonzo learned, enjoying the rowdier aspects of Cinco de Mayo doesn’t have to come at the expense of forgetting the holiday’s cultural significance.

“What’s important is to remember the meaning behind the holiday,” she reported of her findings. “It’s about freedom and to celebrate those who had the courage to defend it.”

So as you immerse yourself in today’s festivities, make sure to put your ice cold cerveza down for long enough to acknowledge the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo, a holiday built on the foundation of freedom. ** This article is from the MTV website

And today!  

Corona, Dos Equis, beer, fiesta, Mexico, Battle of Puebla, cinco de mayo, jose cuervo, tequila, limes, margharitas

Cha Cha Cha It’s Fiesta Time

Corona, Dos Equis, beer, fiesta, Mexico, Battle of Puebla, cinco de mayo, jose cuervo, tequila, limes, margharitas
Cha Cha Cha It’s Fiesta Time!
You know what they say: Drink responsibly, Drive safely – OH WAIT, we live in New York City, we can be totally irresponsible – BUT then again there is May 6th to think about!

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So who do you think is going to win this year?  Unlike some other years, there isn’t just one picture which will run away with all of the top awards.  The field is open and the predicting is hitting fever pitch.  Is it anybody’s guess?  Maybe.  I have my own predictions and I’ll post them before Sunday evening.  Feel free to write in your own choices for Best Picture, Best Actor and Actress, Best Director, and any other BEST you want to pick.

Sometimes a dark horse emerges and at the last moment, streams past all the other contenders and snatches the top prize.  Do you remember these well-known Oscar upsets?

1. 2006 Crash beats out Broke Back Mountain for Best Picture! WTF? Crash was interesting and full of racial and social tension but when it was announced that it won Best Picture, there were some audible gasps and best of all, do you remember that Jack Nicholson, who announced the winner, raised one of his famous eyebrows in a betcha didn’t see that coming!

2. 1943 – What were they thinking???  Paul Lukas won the Best Actor Award for his role in Watch On The Rhine.  And Humphrey Bogart LOST for his role in Casablanca.  OMG!!

3. 1999 – Shakespeare in Love  was a fine movie, with great costumes but did you expect it to beat out Saving Private Ryan?  I mean really? Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Edward Burns????

4. 2002 – Who beat out Nicholas Cage, Jack Nicholson, Daniel  Day-Lewis, and Michael Caine for Best Actor?  Adrien Brody! He was relatively unknown compared to the heavy-hitters he was up against.  If his win was a surprise, imagine what Halle Berry was thinking when he grabbed her and planted a great big kiss on her mouth and when they tried to stop his acceptance speech, he said NO. Then gave an anti-war speech and received a standing ovation for it.

5. 1994 – Schindler’s List won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Editing and 5 more Best categories, BUT Ralph Fiennes did NOT win Best Actor.  Tommy Lee Jones took the top prize with his role in The Fugitive.  Jones was good as a cop but seriously?  Fiennes was Oscar-worthy as the odious Nazi, Amon Goth.  I can only imagine how awful that night was for him as Schindler’s List racked up win after win.

6. 1991 – It was not a good night for Goodfellows!  Dances With Wolves snapped up the Best Picture Award.  The other nominees were Godfather Part III, Awakenings and Ghost.  And yet another “you lose” for Martin Scorcese.

7. 1942 – Only time will tell and it did…How Green Was My Valley won Best Picture over……are you ready? Citizen Kane!  Consistently on the top of greatest movie lists for years, in 1998 AFI declared Citizen Kane to be the number one greatest movie ever! Better late than never??

8.1977 – Should we have been surprised when a feel-good-loser-wins-in-the-end-against-all-odds movie punched its way to Best Picture and in doing so knocked out Taxi Driver and All The President’s Men? YES! OMG, Taxi Driver? DeNiro?

9. 1993- This was the night the wild card entry won! Marisa Tomei played the sassy and saucy Mona Lisa Vito in My Cousin Vinny.  And Vanessa Redgrave and Miranda Richardson went home empty-handed.

10. 2010– No list of Oscar upsets would be complete without mentioning Kathryn Bigelow.  She was the first female to win Best Director for The Hurt Locker and truly upset her ex-husband James Cameron who was the favorite to win with Avatar!

Academy Awards night has been full of surprises and upsets many times over and this list is by no means complete.  Perhaps I can post another list before the big night!

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Inglourious Basterds

Countdown to the Academy Awards.  With 7 days left I have seen 7 of the 10 films; the latest was Inglorious Basterds.  I thought Hurt Locker was intense, and this was similarly nerve-wracking.  A little too violent for me -you know scalping scenes tend to be bloody! Brad Pitt was the big basterd and he was okay but this certainly was no stretch for him and you notice he was NOT nominated for an Oscar.  The accent/voice he was obviously directed to use,  was horrific.  And talk about a stretch – did any one of the characters  or anyone in the audience actually think his character was going to be able to pull off a believable Italian? Sounding like that?  That being said, I can’t imagine this movie winning Best Picture, BUT I am sure that Christopher Waltz will dance away (pun intended) with the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.  Now that character was really the biggest basterd of all. Portraying a viciously exacting and and clever SS Colonel, he was outstanding! God it was so easy to hate him..

The probability of seeing the remaining three; Precious, Up, and The Blind Side are slim to none.  However, I am hoping to catch Crazy Heart before Sunday because I do want to see Jeff Bridges in this role.  Check in later this week if you’re interested to hear my predictions.

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Countdown to Oscar night is underway and wow – TEN??!! This year the Academy in its infinite wisdom or rather a knee jerk reaction to last year’s uproar over the omission of The Dark Knight from the nominee list has nominated TEN that’s right TEN movies in the Best Picture category.  Lest they overlook anybody or any film whether it’s REALLY deserving or not, to be in that vaulted category.   Think about Up in the Air and then think about A Gentleman’s Agreement, In the Heat of the Night and All Quiet on the Western Front.  Compare if you will Blind Side to All About Eve, Rebecca or Midnight Cowboy.  Believe if you will that Up was nominated but ET never was!  A Serious Man or Ghandi or Marty??  An Education in the same class as Gone With the Wind, How Green Was My Valley and On the Waterfront?  Having just watched The Hurt Locker which was extraordinarily realistic and thankfully lacking in major amounts of computer generated special effects and really was intense – it was not quite Mutiny on the Bounty, Lawrence of Arabia or From Here to Eternity.  And then there was The Godfather, Schindler’s List and Casablanca!!!!  For all of our advanced steps in technology which allow a director to have an indigenous people  fly on blue banshees, I think we’re going backwards in the overall caliber and quality of movies today.  Re: the title of this blog – out of the TEN, I’ve seen six and hence………

Hi I'm Oscar

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Tonight’s the night when the Westminster Dog Show will choose the Best in Show.  Word on the street (that would be Seventh Avenue) is that Sadie the Scottish Terrier is a favorite to win BUT is it possible that this year a Golden Retriever, named Treasure,  a long shot could win? Welllllllll the word on the street on the other coast (that would be Hollywood Boulevard) is that Jeff Bridges is going to win the Oscar for Best Actor  – Why? ” Because it’s his time.”  So maybe maybe…..Personally I’m not enamored with Goldens or Labs – I like smaller dogs – like when is a Brussels Griffon going to win? So here we are with the Golden Retriever being the most popular breed in America but can it be a WINNER?  AND for your consideration a Whippet, a Puli, a French Bulldog and a toy Poodle are in the winner’s circles for their own breeds and classes.  It’s a dog’s world!

HI I'm Sadie (well not really)

I look like Treasure at least I think I do.

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