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Tonight’s the night when the Westminster Dog Show will choose the Best in Show.  Word on the street (that would be Seventh Avenue) is that Sadie the Scottish Terrier is a favorite to win BUT is it possible that this year a Golden Retriever, named Treasure,  a long shot could win? Welllllllll the word on the street on the other coast (that would be Hollywood Boulevard) is that Jeff Bridges is going to win the Oscar for Best Actor  – Why? ” Because it’s his time.”  So maybe maybe…..Personally I’m not enamored with Goldens or Labs – I like smaller dogs – like when is a Brussels Griffon going to win? So here we are with the Golden Retriever being the most popular breed in America but can it be a WINNER?  AND for your consideration a Whippet, a Puli, a French Bulldog and a toy Poodle are in the winner’s circles for their own breeds and classes.  It’s a dog’s world!

HI I'm Sadie (well not really)

I look like Treasure at least I think I do.

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