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Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Sam Shepherd


There was NOTHING safe about being in that house!

SAFE HOUSE, a spy-thriller-action-packed film starring Denzel Washington, Vera Farmiga, Sam Shepherd and Ryan Reynolds is scheduled to be released this coming weekend. 

If you like espionage, especially on the international level, this movie is for you. 

If you like unlikely heroes  rising to the occasion and beyond (not exactly a foreign concept), this movie is for you. 

If you like conspiracy theories (I do), this movie is for you.

If you like fast and furious editing that heightens the drama, this movie is for you.

The acting is fine, not Academy Award winning, but the characters were portrayed as believable and Ryan Reynolds is great.

Action-packed is a word often carelessly tossed around by studio public relations and marketing personnel;  However in this case it seemed as if the action never stopped.  Between the frequent,  almost constant car chases and the shoot-outs every 10 minutes or so,  I found myself cringing in my seat and gripping the arm rests for the entire 115 minutes of the movie.   The bombing of the safe house was particularly intense and loud -ACTION galore!

Trust no one.  Suspect everyone.  Believe no one.  Enemies make strange bedfellows.  Watch your back.

SAG showed Act of Valor last night;  A movie full of heroic acts, team work and a lot of  “I’ve got your back”.  Tonight’s movie had a lot “I’ve got your back” too except there was always a knife in it.

Like the movie poster says, NO ONE IS SAFE

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