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If you’re a regular follower of this blog, you know that in the past, I often posted a blog entitled Six Word Memoir Monday.  Today’s Six Words are part of today’s new lexicon.  Instead of writing the words in a semi-sentence form, I’m going to give you the meanings also.  I also sometimes post a blog that features words and phrases that have passed out of our language or are on their way.  Generation X and Y are clueless when it comes to the meaning or origin of these phrases.  But the tables are turned today, these words are best understood by those under the age of 35.

Googlejuice – What your website has if it appears naturally at the top of a Google search (without having to pay for it).  

Google Politics – To make a thousand accusations, none of which are substantiated.

Google Stalk – The act of using a Google search to research a potential  boyfriend or girlfriend with the hope of obtaining information about his or her interests.

Googlephobia – The fear that Google is taking over everything and is threatening to become another Microsoft.

Googlewash – An effort by bloggers to change the meaning of a new word, term or phrase by peppering their Web logs with an alternate meaning. RESULT: A search using Google will turn up thousands of pages with the altered definition, while the pages carrying the original and intended usage get buried.

Googleverse – Another sign that Google is dominating our world.  It’s the collection of Web pages, images or content indexed or otherwise connected to Google and therefore now part of the Google universe.



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