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English: Green, yellow and red bell peppers fr...

English: Green, yellow and red bell peppers from the capsicum annuum plant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone knows that chicken soup is good for a cold.  I don’t really know why although I’m sure if I Google it, I could find out what qualities it contains that help alleviate some cold symptoms.  Maybe it’s just because it’s hot and warming, maybe it’s because we believe it will help or maybe…

  • Chicken soup. Chicken soup might help relieve cold and flu symptoms in two ways. First, it acts as an anti-inflammatory by inhibiting the movement of neutrophils — immune system cells that participate in the body’s inflammatory response. Second, it temporarily speeds up the movement of mucus, possibly helping relieve congestion and limiting the amount of time viruses are in contact with the nose lining.

Ok so I did do the Google thing and now we know why Chicken Soup is just what mother and the doctor ordered.  Therefore let me do you one better;  I have a recipe for Red Hot Chicken Soup, a guaranteed cold buster.

1 head of garlic

2 TBS olive oil

1 large yellow onion, chopped

2 green bell  peppers ( I used orange and yellow – I hate green peppers), chopped

2 red bell peppers, chopped

2 jalapeno peppers, seeded and minced

3 TBS grated fresh ginger

8 cups of chicken broth

1 whole poached chicken breast ( poach breast, remove skin and pull meat from bones)

1 bunch of cilantro, chopped

Salt, Pepper

4 TBS lemon juice

Preheat toaster oven to 350 degrees, separate unpeeled cloves spread on baking sheet and roast for 10 minutes.  Cool, then press garlic out of skins and mash.  Put aside.

In 4 Qt heavy sauce pan , heat olive oil, Add chopped onion and cook over low heat, stirring for 10 minutes.  Add green, red and jalapeno peppers, mashed garlic, grated ginger root and cook stirring for a couple of minutes.  

Add chicken broth, simmer for 3-5 minutes.  Add chicken pieces and cilantro and cook a couple of minutes.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

Add lemon juice just before serving.

I can’t remember where I got this recipe otherwise I would give credit where credit is due!

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After a Sunday afternoon  parade of friends and family stopping by to see the new baby, life settled down a bit and Belle (Chiara’s nanny and household helper) and I made Eggplant Parmesan.  After dinner and baths (see photo) and thankfully bedtime for the girls, I sat myself down to watch all my favorite Sunday night TV shows;  Amazing Race, The Good Wife and The Mentalist.  I had to miss Masters of Sex and Homeland because they don’t have Showtime.  What does this have to do with the title of the blog? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

YES Daddy has a bathing suit on!

YES Daddy has a bathing suit on!

Day 1:  Up at 7am (ungodly hour) and the girls have to be dressed, fed and Finley starts school at 8am, Francesca at 8:15am.  Who’s driving them?  Me? What? I drive a Rav4 and a vintage Metropolitan (tiny) and they want me to drive a Tahoe!? Are you kidding me?  I am terrified of that car (and I use that term loosely since it is like a truck), not to mention I am now in Boynton Beach and uh, you want me to drive where?  Tom said he’ll ride shotgun and direct me and then we can get Starbucks.  A deal and I will learn how to use a GPS.

The rest of the day seems to just sail by, the nanny had the day off and the girls wouldn’t be back till 3pm. More friends dropped by and we heated up lots of leftovers for everyone for lunch.  What could possibly happen?  Well….when I was cleaning up I noticed a small square white ring on the dark wood table in the furnished rental house!   Nobody was around so I tried mayonnaise – didn’t work.  I tried furniture polish – didn’t work.  Google said mix ashes with water and rub gently BUT no one smokes here!  I tried vegetable oil-didn’t work.  I made a paste of salt and water and it darkened a bit. Google said  baking soda and water but I couldn’t find any in the house!  Who doesn’t have a box of baking soda in their house? or their  refrigerator??  The mark is darker but still there so I’m going to try to work on it again today.  Thankfully she doesn’t read my blog so she won’t know I did it and right now Fletcher is taking up all her time and energy, Whew!

I tried to master the Rainbow Loom;  You know the toy that 5 years olds can work – I couldn’t  get it right, perhaps you have to be 5 years old.  My first bracelet had a loop hanging, my second one didn’t quite come together so I gave up for a while anyway. Time to pick up ‘Cesca  and I was on my own – well that is me and Siri.

Dinner was later than usual and the girls were a bit on the wild side.  The many throw pillows from the couches seem to make their own version of a yellow brick road.  Foreshadowing!!  Tia called and Finley wanted to do FaceTime with her and I guess she had to pee too!  AND THEN, she came back into the living room and uttered seven words every parent dreads to hear; “I dropped your phone in the toilet”  OMG, OMG, OMG the iPhone5!?!?  Horror!  I have to hand it to Chiara, she was calm, she did not scream and she did not faint.  QUICK to the computer, what does Google say to do?  The phone was patted dry and immersed in a bed of rice, sealed in a plastic bag in less than 2 minutes!  Time to make a novena to St. Jude because seriously I think this is one of those impossibles! 

St. Jude Patron Saint of Things Impossible

St. Jude Patron Saint of Lost Causes and Things Despaired Of

Bedtime proved to be challenging; who wants another book read, who doesn’t want their water in a paper cup but rather must have a BIG glass, then the other also has to have a BIG glass, who needs to go downstairs to see Mommy – you’re getting the picture.  15 minutes later, Frankie is out of bed and coming down the stairs BECAUSE I made the mistake of telling her Mommy would come upstairs and then I never told Mommy.

I finally went to bed myself after trying once again to master the rubber band loom.  I did manage to produce what I thought was a pretty cool creation.  Sometime while it was still dark,  I heard Frankie calling out for Mommy.  Ay yi yi, I surely did not went get up, but I did.  I trekked up the stairs only to find Frankie with her father who was trying to convince her that now is really not the time to play.  I could not go back to sleep!  So I’m writing this under the influence of a very large Grande Americano – caffeine is a wonder drug!


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English: Six-Word Memoir book cover image

English: Six-Word Memoir book cover image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey I’ve tried a couple of times and so far have failed to ignite my readers to just think about things; like life, love, kids, work, places, people, death, relationships and to put it down in just six words.  You know what I always say, “Just Six Words, No More, No Less”.

I thought of a few today so I’ll post mine and see what comes forth!!!

1.  I thought this week was over:(

2. Full moon, frost, flock of robins!

3. A new beginning began today. YES!

4. Renewed in spirit, refreshed in hope.

5. Craks, dots, Damn! I need Bams.

As you can see there is no real thread or theme here.  Just emote.

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Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

If you’re a regular follower of this blog, you know that in the past, I often posted a blog entitled Six Word Memoir Monday.  Today’s Six Words are part of today’s new lexicon.  Instead of writing the words in a semi-sentence form, I’m going to give you the meanings also.  I also sometimes post a blog that features words and phrases that have passed out of our language or are on their way.  Generation X and Y are clueless when it comes to the meaning or origin of these phrases.  But the tables are turned today, these words are best understood by those under the age of 35.

Googlejuice – What your website has if it appears naturally at the top of a Google search (without having to pay for it).  

Google Politics – To make a thousand accusations, none of which are substantiated.

Google Stalk – The act of using a Google search to research a potential  boyfriend or girlfriend with the hope of obtaining information about his or her interests.

Googlephobia – The fear that Google is taking over everything and is threatening to become another Microsoft.

Googlewash – An effort by bloggers to change the meaning of a new word, term or phrase by peppering their Web logs with an alternate meaning. RESULT: A search using Google will turn up thousands of pages with the altered definition, while the pages carrying the original and intended usage get buried.

Googleverse – Another sign that Google is dominating our world.  It’s the collection of Web pages, images or content indexed or otherwise connected to Google and therefore now part of the Google universe.



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91/365 Happy April Fools Day!

Hi, I'm Joe, your blind date

Continuing along with my 52 reasons to celebrate this year (and why not, life is so short), this is one of those holidays you can choose to celebrate all day long.   I don’t think we will be having any special April Fool’s Day dinner although I do have a recipe for a desert called Raspberry Fool and if you want it, just let me know.  MMmmmm I suppose I could make Peter a martini and use vodka instead of gin, but he wouldn’t be fooled much past the first sip and then…well I guess I would have to drink that one.

When I was a kid, I know I loved this day to pull the classic April Fool’s pranks on my family.  You know, the salt in the sugar bowl or the sugar in the salt shaker.  You can try really loosening the cap on the pepper shaker and hope it comes off when someone tries to sprinkle some pepper on their food.   Or adding a tiny bit of food coloring to the milk so it looks like it turned sour – yuk!!

Of course there are some more adult tricks to play on others today and if you work in an office you might find these helpful; When your co-workers have gone out to lunch, switch the wires on two phones on adjacent desks.  The phone will ring and they won’t be able to answer it!  Or place post-it notes on every item on someone’s desk, labeling the item. Or fool the whole office by placing a sign on each exit door (hopefully there are two) saying Please Use Other Door.  And here’s a nasty one. Photo copy a paper clip several times and then load that paper back into the copier and when the next few people go to copy something they will go crazy trying to find the paper clip stuck in the copier.

And for those of you who just want to have fun anywhere all day try these classics;  Get a piece of cloth that you can tear easily drop  a dollar bill and then get out of sight but close by and wait for someone to bend over and pick it up. Then rip the cloth!   Or glue a quarter to the floor and watch as people try to retrieve it.

And there’s more classic pranks to play on members of your household;  You can put salt on their toothbrush or wrap a rubber band around the spray-nozzle in the kitchen sink and when someone turns it on they will get sprayed (make sure it is facing forward).   We all know about putting a paper cup full of water on top of a door that is slightly ajar but to make the prank not quite so nasty, try filling the cup with confetti instead.  An icky trick is to replace the hand lotion in the bottle with some mayonnaise – how about a ham sandwich?

Take some pages from yesterday’s or older newspaper and replace a couple of pages in today’s paper! Also not nice is to put a cotton ball or two in the toe of someone’s shoe and watch as they wonder how and when their feet grew.   Or you can put a note on a car in the parking lot saying “Sorry about the dent, call me so we can swap insurance information”  Use a fake name and number and watch from a distance while they frantically search for the dent.

And this last one is definitely in the nasty category;  add yellow food coloring to small amount of water and sprinkle on the toilet seat – this one is good for home and work, ha ha ha.  Or you can set the TV to an obnoxious channel, turn the volume way up high and turn off the TV and wait for the next person to turn it on and jump out of their shoes.

I’d like to credit for these many April Fool’s Day jokes and pranks but I can’t.  We live in the World Wide Web and it is chock full of these and hundreds more practical jokes.  You know you can find anything on the internet!!

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And they call it weed.

We used to call it Mary Jane and they call it dope.

We used to call it reefer and they call it smoke.

We used to call it Maui Wowie and they call it Superman.

We used to call it Blue Heaven and they call it Blue Dream.

We used to call it Jamaican Gold and they call it spliff.

We used to call it Texas Tea and they call it herb.

We used to call it Ganga and they call it hemp.

We used to call it a joint and they call it a dubby.

We used to call it loco weed and they call it orange cough.

And generation after generation has, does and will call it grass!

marijuana,mary jane, weed, grass, pot, cannabis

What do you call it?

Soooo, tonight as we got ready to go to the movies and as an enhancement to the viewing of The King’s Speech, we thought just a couple of drags and it would be like the old days…. I mean WHO didn’t go to see 2001 Space Odyssey stoned out of their minds or as we liked to think – totally into our minds.  Well as you know (or may not) grass just isn’t what it used to be!

Those were the days… when sitting around someone’s living room passing a joint around, first one, then another, and drinking a little, munching a lot, talking a lot and maintaining a serene high was a pleasant way to spend an evening.  Nowadays, if you tried to do that, in less than  30 minutes you’d be in the ER hallucinating to the point where you might even end up in Bellevue.  This new “stuff ” is really strong; if I ever got stoned on something this strong years ago I ‘d be sure it had been laced with PCP.

Two good drags later and in no time we were in the no-time- time-warp.  First there was a request from Joel for a scarf and/or a hat – like I didn’t tell him it was friggin freezin here before he left San Diego!  He wants a hat with ear flaps but maybe a scarf will do.  Now when he says scarf, he is conjuring up something long, soft and capable of wrapping around your neck and knotting.  My husband being from a whole other generation (or generations!), his scarves are shorter, woolier and meant to be worn inside a coat laying over the lapels of a jacket;  you can see where the gap is going….

Soon every scarf and hat were laid out on the piano like a habadashery banquet.  Ear muffs couldn’t be located, I think they’re at the Shore.  What about gloves?  Well it is the coldest night of the year.  Just about the time when all the necessary accessories had been accumulated, Peter leaning casually against the door frame states. “I don’t think it’s practical to go to the movies anymore, I mean it’s not in the cards”.  WHAT are you saying? The time warp widens and uncontrollable laughter ensues.  I mean he already bought the ticket, for God’s sake and now he just didn’t think he could make it up the street and into the theater and certainly not sit there for any great length of time.  So much for The King’ s Speech!!!

Believe it or not, I still made dinner although there are parts of it that seemed to cook themselves, lol.  Needless to say, everything tasted soooo good and we ate everything on the plate, quell surpriz!!  And of course this most definitely seemed like a dessert night;  but alas not a cookie in the house!  Ah ha, lucky us, this is New York City and whatever you want whenever you want it, you can get it.   Mmmmm good…ice cream sundaes feel like the thing to have.  After much deliberation, Joel and I decide on coffee ice cream sundaes with fudge sauce, wet walnuts and whipped cream and make it light on the cream since we know it’s not whipped but rather aerosoled! Actually we didn’t have a lot of choices since the only close ice cream place is pricey and it was too cold to go up a block or two to Ben & Jerry’s , so it was to be the coffee shop for our dessert. Joel returned with the ice cream sundaes and just what do you do when you’re still high and before you is a mass of ice cream, nuts, whipped cream and a cherry?  You melt peanut butter and pour it on top and then you are in heaven and if you’re lucky like we are tonight, TCM is showing I Love You Alice B. Toklas.

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