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Postcard: "St. Patrick's Day Souvenir&quo...

1912 St. Patrick's Day Souvenir

The twelflth reason to celebrate this year is connected to last week’s when I suggested we should celebrate going on a diet  so we could all eat and drink like it was our last meal.  Today’s suggested reason(s) for a celebration are two-fold; Breaking the Diet – we eat and drink like it’s our first meal in a week!  Silly I know, but if you really need a reason to celebrate this is as good as any.   Personally one of my main dieting issues is that I often fantasize about the meal that I’m going to have once I’m off the diet. And that is exactly how you lose 10 pounds and then gain 10 pounds and the yo-yo merry-go-round continues!

Ahhh, but wait this week is a double-barreled opportunity to enjoy yourself;  celebrate with friends, family, and even with strangers as this holiday brings us all  together in the spirit of Erin Go Braugh.

St.Patrick’s Day – Celebration begins around sunrise in Manhattan –  I swear that’s when I hear the first mournful sounds of a bagpipe.  New York City with its 5 boroughs is heavily populated with Irish residents as well as a lot of wannbe Irish (at least for one day a year).  Many of them converge upon Manhattan to march in one of the nation’s most well-attended and colorful parades.   The parade goes on all day and as it ends in the Upper East Side, that particular neighborhood is replete with New York’s Bravest, New York’s Finest, and New York’s Strongest;  bagpipers and marchers – celebrating Erin in a well-lubricated style.

This is the day of the “wearin o’ the green”; Shamrocks and  Sheleighleigh pins, Irish wool cable-knit sweaters, Tam o’ Shanters (originally a Scottish style cap but not when knit in Irish wool),  Tartans, honorary green sashes and the ubiquitous Kiss Me I’m Irish buttons!

It’s a night for partying hard well into the night and of course indulging in a great meal of Irish Stew or Corned Beef and Cabbage, Shepherd’s or Cottage Pie washed down with a pint or two of Guiness or Harp’s

This year I’m not going to be in the City on St. Patrick’s Day and will miss the glorious parade – I LOVE the bagpipes.  But Faith and Begorrah I’m sure I’ll find an Irish bar where I can raise a mug and toast the motherland and eat some corned beef and cabbage.

2010 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City.

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