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We had a snow storm and although we were supposed to go to the shore, my husband vetoed the trip.  Bummer because we had invited company for the weekend, I want to go shopping and who’s feeding all of our little squirrel friends and feathered friends?  The rationale behind this decision is that life is much easier in the City when it snows;  Here are 5 reasons why:

Dinner's here!

Dinner’s here!

1. You can always order out-You don’t have to rush to the grocery store only to find that all the milk, orange juice and bread are gone.  They bring you food here! It’s so cool!

2.  You don’t have to shovel your driveway.

3.  You don’t have to drive in the snow, the buses and subways continue  to run day and night, rain or snow.

4. The sidewalks are basically kept clear.  The superintendent and his staff shovel the sidewalk in front of their buildings. The store owners shovel off their sidewalk.

5.  If your car is parked on the street like ours, when it snows the City suspends alternate side parking rules.  We haven’t had to move the car for days now.

Keeping the sidewalks clear!

Keeping the sidewalks clear!


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