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Fridays are for Fotos and as you know I have several recurring themes.  I love RED is Where You Find It which is really a sub-category of ART is Where You Find It and then there’s ONLY in NEW YORK because my city is an ever-changing canvas replete with people who live or visit New York City, truly the Capitol of the World,  as well as art installations, parades, tourist attractions and above all (no pun intended) the City itself with its Skyscraper Skyline.

My favorite photographer, Murray, was out and about down in the Flatiron, Madison Square Park area the other day and yes he does leave Central Park once in a while lol.  Anyway, he took some very interesting photographs of some of the more distinct and unusual buildings in that neighborhood.  Or maybe other than the Flatiron Building (one of my two very favorite buildings in NYC), the buildings are not so unusual BUT you know where I’m going with this….the eye of the camera as seen with the eye of the artist produced some beautiful shots and here they are.

Flatiron building, New york city

The Flatiron Building

photo by Murray Head

new york city, madison square park

It's White at Night

photo by Murray Head

new york city, skyscraper

Building with a Gold Crown

photo by Murray Head

new york city, skyline, skyscrapers

STOP - Water Tower

photo by Murray Head

new york city, skyline

Gold Dome

photo by Murray Head

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