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Hase kurz nach der Eiablage

I did NOT hatch these eggs

Easter is yet another religious holiday that has been appropriated by the general secular public aided and abetted by Hallmark and Russell Stover!  But what the hey-fun times to be had by all; the Easter bunny is non-discriminating.  I just wish Yom Kippur was a universal fun day too lol.

There are at least 10 fun things about Easter we all enjoy, well some more than others.

  1. Chocolate Bunnies – White chocolate, Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate and even Strawberry chocolate.  Those little rabbits multiply in all flavors.  Which kind do you prefer?  Every kid hopes to get a solid chocolate rabbit or chick in his or her basket but most get the hollow kind- you know the Easter bunny finds shopping in Stop & Shop so much easier these days.   When I was a kid (and didn’t know any better) I always wanted a white chocolate rabbit and often got one.  My God, what was I thinking? It’s like eating Crisco and sugar!   Last question;  Do you bite off the ears first?
  2. Peeps – Oh just admit it, you like them?  I think most people are willing, I mean want to pop one into their mouth.  Bright yellow dye #5 sanding sugar over sweet white elastic; why wouldn’t you want to eat them?  Or you can wait an hour or two when even their multiple chemical compounds can’t keep them pliable and they harden into plaster chickens.  Biting into one of those hardened yellow critters either affords you a rock candy-like mouthful of marshmallow or a chipped tooth.  AND NOW through an intricate process of cross-breeding the little yellow peeps can be had in shocking green,  electric blue or bright orange!
  3. Jelly Beans:  Gone are the days of the funny tasting white, bright yellow, green, red and nasty black.  Our kids get mango, cherry, coconut, green apple, and pineapple.  You gotta have jelly beans – how else could you weight down the basket so the kids think they’re full.
  4. Patent Leather shoes: When I was growing up, one of the best things about Easter was the anticipated purchase a new pair of shoes to wear to Church on Easter morning.  Patent leather was always our choice as we all knew you  only wore patent leather in the Spring.
  5. Easter Bonnets:  I carried the tradition of getting a new hat to wear every Easter for many many years.  Then there was about a 15 year hiatus; based pretty much on that I stopped attending Mass.  BUT now I’m back in the hat groove and have been for the last 10 years or so.  Why? Back to the Church? No-the Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue.  Now the hats are floral creations.   Look for me on the rotogravure.
  6. Easter Egg Hunts: When my kids were growing up, I used to make an Easter egg hunt for them at home with some of their friends and we parents drank Bloody Marys.  Lots of towns hold Easter Egg Hunts for the kids, the White House has a great one but you have to get an invitation to that one OR you can go to Central Park where en masse swarms of kids gather the thousands of eggs on the Great Lawn.
  7. Pizzagaina, Pizza Rustica: There’s a traditional Italian Easter dish my grandmother used to make.  I loved it and we only had it at Easter time.  It is also known as Easter Pie and is made with eggs, cheese, ham, proscuitto, bread dough, salami.  Maybe I’ll post the recipe next Tuesday.
  8. Corsage:  Too bad nobody gets one anymore for Easter but certainly having your Dad buy a corsage for both my mother and me was a great delight.   Pink carnations and baby breath and I thought I was a princess.
  9. Dyeing Easter EggsPaz, that seemed to be the only brand of Easter Egg dye made for the first 20 years of my life.  Now you can get kits that will give you sparkly eggs, confetti eggs, and sticker eggs.  Ahhh the smell of white vinegar and blue fingers, the hallmark of Holy Saturday afternoon fun.  Eggs half  pink and half green and so many that ended up kind of murky blue purple.  And did you ever master the wax crayon?
  10. Hot Cross BunsMy other Grandmother was a great pastry baker and she always made those yummy yeasty buns with the white icing cross on top and raisins inside.   And on Easter morning what a delicious breakfast treat they were!

And one more! Diorama Eggs:   Large hardened sugar or styrofoam eggs beautifully decorated on the outside and with 3-D Easter scene.

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The first photo was taken on Sunday March 14th, a bleak misty day at the shore.  The second photo was taken yesterday March 21st.  Mother Nature  is freaking amazing.  You see this is why living in a place where there are 4 separate seasons is so great.  Just when you think the doldrums of winter have robbed your soul of life, your spirit of a sense of well-being, Mother Nature rewards you a clouldless blue sky, crocuses and snow drops peeking their heads out from under dead brown leaves, the grass looking a shade greener, the sound of birds chirping the morning call to rise and signs everywhere of perrenials reappearing.

The rose bush has new growth buds all over it.  The forsythia, which on Friday had green buds appearing on its lanky branches, today had slivers of yellow peeping out on those same buds.  But best of all, I think the rate of growth of the daffodils is truly unbelievable.  Check out these photos.

Daffodils March 14th

Daffodils March 21st

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A Harbinger of Spring? Yes well supposedly that’s what robins are and do.  Usually  it occurs on a

Robin Redbreast

day in late March or early April and by chance I happen to look out the window and yippee I am so excited – a ROBIN is in the yard! Is there anything more beautiful than seeing that big plump rosy breasted bird pecking away at the ground – it’s not lawn yet but sure ain’t snow anymore!! Well that’s what usually happens. SO HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN the fact that yesterday after we shoveled, cursed, dragged downed tree branches to the side of the house, swore, rehung the bird feeder, moaned, chipped away the ice, whined, salted the walkway and finally went into the house to get out of wet shoes and warm up cold hands – – there they were!!  At first it was just one, and then three and then I looked up into the tree in the yard behind us and it was dotted with  what looked like black silhouette blobs in the branches.  ROBINS EVERYWHERE!  I grabbed the binoculars to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating or had gone snow blind and yes they were big, they had red breasts (although most of theirs were orange-red) and gray tail feathers with white corners SO they must be robins.  Even checked the Birds of North America book.  There was a robin on the fence between our house and Mary and Mitch’s.  There was a robin on the walkway in front of the trash cans, there were a couple of robins in the tree that dropped the big branches in our yard.  There were robins all over the place.  Nicky (the cat) was sooooooo excited.  He sat in the back window, eyes darting back and forth, fascinated by the activity going on in his backyard.  When he spotted the tail feathers of one who was in the gutter, I thought he would fall off of his perch on the windowsill.  There is a foot of new snow on the ground and about 20 robins are hovering around and only God knows why.  Either they made a wrong turn or consulted a goofy groundhog because they were definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time.  There would be no worms for them today.  I felt really bad about the fact we had just refilled the bird feeder, put new suet up and hung corn for the squirrels but robins prefer worms and grubs and although they also eat berries, we had nothing for them.  After all the tsuris seeing them was a lovely treat. I did find an interesting fact in the bird book about their habits;  apparently robins will flock together in a winter roost, sometimes in the hundreds and even in the thousands. And then later in the evening while I was relating the bird incident to my brother-in-law Matt, he mentioned that I already told him about this (which I hadn’t) and then remembered that his daughter, Dani who lives in Virginia had just told him about a flock of robins landing in her yard a day or two  ago – so what’s going on here? Are the robins migrating north too soon? With nothing to eat, what will they do?  Turn around?

See new post: Baby It’s Cold Outside! Hello Robin Redbreast!!

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